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Mod Gotham says: Imagine Claire and Jamie, reunited, finally being able to process all the feelings and fears they had to face alone in 03x10…

“Hush,” she soothed, one hand buried deep in the curls at the base of Jamie’s skull, the other caressing his shoulders, his side, palm flat against the twisted flesh of his scars. “Breathe deep. Hush.”

“Claire,” he spluttered against her neck, breath hot against the exquisitely sensitive skin of her collarbone, arms locking her shoulders against the decadent feather mattress. Sweat glued their bellies together, hearts racing as one.

A bird called outside their window. Jamie shifted, swallowing Claire’s moan.

Finally, *finally* they had time alone together. Weeks of pent-up longing on the Artemis – ten long days of misery and anxiety and bone-deep fear – and then two days ashore, sorting out Marsali and Fergus and Father Fogden and all the associated ridiculousness of *that* situation.

Then a long, hearty meal – and they had retired to their room around mid-day.

Claire could barely make out the tall palm tree swaying in the breeze outside the window. The sunsets on Hispaniola were gorgeous this time of year, or so their hostess had said.

But nothing was more beautiful than Jamie’s eyes, watching her, shining in the light of the single scented candle he had lit before watching her undress.

Awe. Reverence. And then with the first touch – they had both gone absolutely feral.

Biting. Smelling. Scratching. Claiming.

Finding – soothing – the terror of separation.

They had not left the bed – or each other’s bodies – since that first searing touch.

“So much,” she whispered around his kiss. “I feel…so much…”

He bore down, knee pressing into the mattress, one hand cupping her bottom.

She shouted her surprise. Not caring who could hear.

“Never again,” he sobbed, increasing his pace. “I’m only alive…with you, Claire!”

Her right hand flailed in the shadows – cupping his face – her thumb brushing the tears from his cheek. Eyes locked with his.

“Love you,” she gasped. “Love you, love you, love you…”

“You would have liked him,” she breathed, sometime later.

The candle sputtered around the wick, then finally went out.

They had shifted onto their sides – still joined – her legs locked around his hips, his fingers tangling in the ends of her curls.

“I’ve heard of the young lads on such ships.” The rumble of his voice echoed through her flesh. His thumb traced her swollen lower lip. “Children of the aristocracy – second or third sons. Raised by sailors and soldiers, no’ their parents.”

“He respected me before any other man did. And he wasn’t afraid to lead.” She kissed his thumb, arching her throat as he traced the half-dozen marks he’d left since this morning. Listening.

“He – he never said it, but he needed a mother. And I gave him that, at the end.”

Now he kissed away her tears. Bussed his nose against hers.

“I miss her so much, Jamie. I miss being a mother.”

“What did ye say to me, once? That ye can never lose a child?”

“That’s not the same – ”

“Being a mother affects who you are as a doctor. Do ye no’ see that? Yer heart is open to so many, Claire. To yer patients – to wee Elias. How could he no’ love ye?”

She sighed.

“But I – ”

“*No,*” he whispered, pulling back just a bit. “Dinna think of that. Ye did everything ye could. And ye gave him comfort when he needed it. Ye arena our Lord, who could heal the sick wi’ a wave of the hand.”

Silence. He could hear her thinking – wanted to desperately to relieve her burden.

Slowly, thoughtfully, he snaked one hand down to where they were joined.

She knew –


“Give me yer pain, Claire. Yer heartbreak. All the loss, and sadness. Give it to me. For we are one flesh.”

And then her hand was there, too – fingers tangling with his.

Now their foreheads met on the pillow, eyes tightly shut.

“I want this – right now – always.” Light danced behind her eyelids. His mouth blindly found hers in a sloppy kiss.

“If I have this – here – now – wi’ you,” he murmured, “then I may die when we get to heaven.”

Its finally here, this is a gift from me to you. I hope you enjoy and i hope it helps in your Journey. :)

Taking care of your hair:                           

Natural Hair Care

Hair Tips

Hair Health 

Scalp Health 


Hair porosity 

Hair color

Method on how to take care of your hair.


LOC method

Max Hydration method 

Indian Oiling Method

Tension method

Instructions on taking care of your natural hair:

DIY hair

How to

Hair tutorials 

Styling your hair:

Natural hairstyles 


wash n go


Braid styles

Box braids


twist, flat twist, twistout, etc…



Faux locs


Natural hair accessories



Those wash days

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Cultural appropriation




The Good and bad

I love my hair

Hair growth


Natural hair problems

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The Ingredients

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Party (Ethan)


It was Cameron’s 19th birthday and the beach house was booming with chaos as everyone rushed around setting up party decorations and various appetizers and desserts. You had been up since 6 A.M. ensuring everything was going according to your plan and that your clumsy boyfriend, Ethan, wasn’t going to ruin the surprise like he usually did.

“You know your position right?” You turned to Ethan as you stood in the kitchen, co-ordinating where everyone would be when Cameron walked in. Grayson had taken her out shopping for the day and she had no idea you had a surprise planned for her. She thought it was just going to be an ordinary vacation not realizing you had invited all of her closest friends to join you — even the cute guy she had been crushing on for the past year. Cameron was your best friend. You’d do anything for her and honestly you had her to thank for introducing you to your goofy, dorky boyfriend. It was weird at first, dating your best friends brother, but you had become a member of the family and Cameron was happy to see her little brother with someone she already adored. You were a match made in heaven, she couldn’t deny that.

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Sun & Moon side tables by Henri Judin

Sun & Moon is a set of side tables created by the Finish design and Architecture student Henri Judin. By twisting the flat steel bars, that create the overal rectangular shape of this two tables, Henri Judin creates the illusion of a circular object in the horizontal and vertical lines.

Natural Hair Challenge || 6 Month Hair Therapy

In order for your hair to be healthy and retain length you have to care for it like it like you would a child. Some of you may have looked at that in confusion but your hair is something that can not care for itself and can only thrive and flourish it is trained and cared for in the right manner.

Here are the guildlines to the challenge:

● Use a ACV rinse once a month to get rid of product build up.

¾ water in a spray bottle

● Deep condition once a week for at least 30 minutes

Rinse with cool water

●NO EXTREME HEAT (constant blow drying and flat ironing at high temperatures)

●Protein treatment every two weeks

Protein strengthens your hair and promotes hair growth

●Drink at least 8 cups of water a day

Water is great for your body and is essential to your health. Healthy body, healthy hair.

●Trim your hair only when needed

Every 4 to 6 months

●Protective style at least 2 weeks out of the month.

Flat twists, mini twists, braids, and twists. Avoid keeping. Twists and braids in for longer than 3 months to avoid locking.

●Wrap your hair with a silk or satin bonnet/scarf every night for bed

Unless you have silk or satin pillow cases tie your hair down. Cotton can dry out and pop your hair.

●Low manipulation

Do not stress your hair by over working it with different styles and tools. Keep it simple.

●No shampoo

Shampoo drys out and tangles your hair. Co-wash instead.

●Moisturize with the L.O.C method ●DRINK WATER

To participate in the challenge just post pictures of your progress with the tag #NNPCChallenge