flat tailed gecko


Since I’m bed ridden for these passed few days and so on, I thought I’d take a few pics of my old doodles from my sketchbook, I’ve revised my warden mimikyu to be more supercell related XD and during work I’ve created a new oc to the family!!! A flat tailed gecko~~ named Regal he has muppet type face and wrinkly~~ (gonna slowly develop him more later on when my brain decides to work) and I doodled my poses I did in my warden costume and oh gog.. I can never let go of future wardens ties to burgers so… >____> have this burger warden and nugget Jared… and then ref sketches of my honey badger~ and lastly more loving for futurez and F cause I can :B


I visisted my friend James’ apartment today to see all of his lizards (he has over 25 geckos) and got to meet his Uroplatus Lineatus! Can you believe he found this guy at a Petco in Pennsylvania for an amazing discount? He’s got a very good home now. He’s so friendly, curious and eager to walk all over you! Comes right out of his cage too and doesn’t seem to mind handling at all!