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Hey guys :)

I’ve seen a few zodiac posts and a lot of you guys like my style so I figured i’d make one for you guys :)

All items are got from THIS WEBSITE. It’s my new favourite website because of it’s affordability and really super cute clothing :)

Aquarius: vneck jumper & white ripped denim jeans & faux suede shoes

Aries: pink dog tshirt & blue ripped jeans & black wedges

Pisces: blue off the shoulder sweater & grid pants & silver star necklace

Cancer: white off the shoulder & black stud flats & black bag

Leo: navy jump suit & pink tote bag & black tote bag

Virgo: beige print kimono & white tshirt & denim shorts

Sagittarius: burgundy choker top & a-line skirt & black chelsea boots

Capricorn: white grid blouse & black waist shorts & black buckestrap boots

Libra: sunflower romper & black shawl cardigan & black PU boots

Scorpio: pink ribbed sweater & black skinnies & white slogan tote bag

Taurus: white off the shoulder dress & black slip ons & golden leaf headband

Gemini: black strappy curve tshirt & white denim shorts & suede platforms

bolded items are my favourites, most items are 50% off

i’ve bought from this shop A LOT of times so if you want proof let me know :)


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Harry gave no indication of what to expect on this date. You weren’t even sure how to dress. So when a text from Harry came in a bit after seven asking for your address, you began to panic. Earlier in the day you’d gone shopping with your friends, hoping to find something to wear, but nothing seemed right. It might have helped had you told your friends about your date, but you didn’t want to mention it in case things didn’t pan out.

I’ll be there in 10


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The Japanese sawshark is a sawshark of the family Pristiophoridae, found in the northwest Pacific Ocean around Japan, Korea, and northern China. It has a flat snout, studded with teeth, which resembles a serrated saw. Protruding from the middle of the saw-like snout are two long, sensitive, whisker-like barbels. The sawshark uses these barbels, along with electro-receptors located on the underside of its saw (Ampullae of Lorenzini) to help it find prey buried in the sand as it cruises along the bottom of the ocean. [x]

Message in a Haunted Mansion [x]

Spring cleaning would be so much more enjoyable if I was able to clean or renovate an old mansion like The Golden Gardenia. I’d love to find clues leading to a treasure while cleaning out my closet! To create a look inspired by the game with the most semblance of spring cleaning, pair a vintage inspired pale blue dress with a cream cardigan, lacy flats, a studded purse, a pearl headband, and a sheet music phone case. Gardenia earrings, a skeleton key necklace, a charm bracelet, pearl bracelets, a cobweb ring, and a cameo ring complete the look.


My photos from our fashion piece for Belladonna Magazine. I had so much fun and look forward to doing more! Heart Dress: Asos Size 22/24. I bought this from a friend so I got a good deal, $25 Tights: Torrid, Size 4, $15 w/my discount Yellow Cardigan: SWAK designs, Size 5x, ? Black Denim Jacket: Torrid, Size 4, $15 on discount sale Scuba Blazer: Torrid, Size 4, $22 w/ my discount Studded Flats: Torrid, Size 12, $22 w/my discount Heels: Avenue, Size 12, ? Sneakers: Payless, Size 11, $20? Scarf: Torrid, $4 on clearance