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Awkward Encounter

 Summary : Just keep reading, its cute I swear ;)

 Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: Nudity , nsfw gif, swearing .


   Being close friends with wanda maximoff is a gift ; she’s sweet, caring , beautiful and so much more . You wish the world could see her as you do . You met in a book store , and instantly clicked . Now you spend most of your free time together , either at the avengers tower or at your apartment . You’ve gotten to meet the other members of her team, and got along with them just as well. You have almost as good of a bond with them as you do with wanda . So being around the tower isn’t abnormal for you , even when Wanda’s was busy. It didn’t take much for her to convince Stark to give you an ID pass for the tower. You have access to each of the teams floors, the gym and the communal floor; only Tony’s lab was off limits but he even let you come watch him work some days .

 Right now you’re in the gym, you had the urge to get in a quick workout before lunch with wanda after her meeting with Fury. You finally have a couple days off for work and plan and spending as much time you can with your friends . Nat ,Sam and Steve are also in the gym, but Sam and Nat exit about ten minutes before you and Steve . Your body is aching , i think I might of over did the elliptical today, fuck. You step into the ladies locker room, craving a hot shower to soothe your muscles , but as you reach the locker containing your bag , moan begin echoing through the room.

“ fuck Sam,”

“ you like that Natasha you -”

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No no no no . GROSSSSS . You grab your bag and bolt out of the Locke room before you can get too scarred for life . There is no way I can skip out on a shower, I smell horrible . Oh! He boys showers! If Sams in there then they should be clear! You walk across the hall to the men’s lockeroom , upon entering you hear water running .

“ hello?” You call out

  “ y/n? Is everything okay? ” Steve calls out .you peek around the corner, licking eyes with a very naked, wet Captain America . Holy balls.

  “ ye-yeah . Uh Sam and natasha are … getting friendly in the other locker room, mind if I shower in here?”

  The shower stalls aren’t full height , they come up enough to cover a little above your waist .

“ yeah, that’s fine . Sorry about them .” He chuckles turning back around . Fuck his back is just as fucking beautiful as his front , damn. You shuffle around the locker room, dropping your bag and grabbing your shower shampoo , conditioner and body wash. You jump into the stall mirroring Steves, so your backs are to each other . This isn’t awkward right? It’s not like he’s going to see anything . You turn on the water and let out a shriek when it touches your skin . “ WHY IS THIS SO COLD?!?” Steve bursts out laughing , watching as you cower in the corner of the stall . 

Your back is to him , you can feel his eyes on you .

“ tony wanted to piss buck off, and made it so only one stall can have hot water at a time . So whenever we are all in here bucky manages to get the ice water , I completely forgot. ”

“ real fucking funny” you mumble . You wrap yourself in your towel after shutting off the after and grabbing your things . “ scoot over Rogers .”

  His eyes nearly pop from his sockets “ w-wh-what are you -”

“ it’s not like you’ve never seen a naked girl Rogers. I gotta shower and be ready before Wanda’s done ! Eyes up here Captain.” You step into his stall, ripping your towel off your body and hanging it over on the edge . A deep blush Rises from Steves neck to his cheeks . You send him a wink before stepping around him to get under the water .

 You moan at the feeling of the hot water on your muscles . “ is this too weird for you steve ? I can-”

  “ no , it’s okay !” He replies quickly , making you smirk .

“ whatever you say .” You wink and turn back around . Don’t look at naked steve roger , don’t look at naked steve rogers. after washing your hair  you rotate, letting steve under the water while you grab your body wash . You cave, letting your eyes wander over his backside . The team makes fun of his for having a small ass, but damn, is it a sight . You watch as he struggles to wash his lower/ middle back .

“ uh steve , you having an issue there ?” You giggle watching his arms flail as they try to reach certain spots

  “ shut up, my arms are sore and I usually have my loofa on a stick to help.” You explode with laughter , the image of captain America using a loofa on a stick flashes in your mind and you can’t control yourself . You hear him grunt , you smile and smack his hands away from his back.

“ let me help .” You use your body wash , letting it mix with his as your hands carress his back , lathering it until his back is covered . You press down a little harder , almost massaging his back. You hear a small groan escape him after you apply a little more pressure .

  “ you’re back is tight Steve .”

  “ feel free to keep going then y/n. I ain’t stoppin ya.” I will gladly keep my hands on this man, God every girl in America would kill for this chance . Your fingers move to his shoulders, applying extra pressure there when you feel numerous knots . Steves leaning forward , his hands flat against the stall wall infront of him, letting the shower rain over him as you continue massaging him, moans slipping from him every so often. After about 10 minutes he turns , giving you a crooked smile .

  “ I knew there’s a reason we keep you around.” You scoff , then switch your positions again so you can finally use your body wash for yourself . You lather it in your hands before running them down your sides before move them to your ass . You hear steve suck in a sharp breath as your hands smoothe the bubbles over your ass cheeks, kneading your hands against the globes of it.

You look over you shoulder, sending him an innocent smile as you continue your movements .

  “ my eyes aren’t down there Steven .” You dont have to turn around to know his eyes snapped up . You turn, applying more wash to your hands before lathering it over your front . You make sure to go slower when you run your hands around your chest , paying extra attention to your breasts. Steves eyes never stop watching your hands as they travel over your body . You watch as he tugs his lip between his teeth when your hands cupped your breasts, then slide up your neck . You lock eyes right before you whirl around to let the water rush over you and remove the bubbles . this entire situation has made a new heat Form in your body, specifically your core . The thought of someone as handsome as Steve Rogers watching you sets you on fire . You turn once again, Steves mouth opens , but the sound of the locker room door swinging open stops him. Both of your eyes go wide . Fuck , no one will let us live this down .

“ Steves?” Fucking Sam. You did the only thing you can think of , you move so Steves under the water Now, and you drop to your knees so your hidden by the stall wall. Dumb fucking move , now in eye level with Steves fucking boner . Your mouth drops at the view you have , Steves rock hard cock bobbing against his stomach . He got hard from watching me ? Go me 

  “ yeah sam?” You hear the shakiness in his voice, and you send him a worried look. don’t blow this steve ! Your eyes fall back to his dick , that was a poor choice of words y/n.

“ wanda just called and asked if we wanted to go to lunch with her and y/n. You in ?” Oh wanda .

You look up to steve , biting your lip as you lock eyes with him. You nod ‘yes ’ at him .

“ uh- ye-yeah . Just give me a little bit to get ready.”

  “ alright man. Meet us in the lobby in20, wanda said she’ll grab y/n and see us there .” You hear the door shut and you release the breath you’ve been holding . Steve extends his hands, helping to pull you up . Now there’s not even an inch between you , and his boner is pressed against your stomach . You can tell by how his rapidly chest is rising that he’s just as worked up as you .

“ y/n-” his eyes are just blown and your absolutely sure yours are the same . You bite your lip once again , neither of you removing your eyes from the other . One of his hands go to your waist , the other cupping your jaw while yours lay flat against his chest . His hand tilts your face up, his head leaning to the side as your lips get closer, before they can touch FRIDAYS voice booms through the locker room.

 "Miss y/n , miss maximoff is requesting your location . Would you like me to inform-“

  ” no FRIDAY, tell her I’ll be on her floor in a minute . “ Steves eyes are still on you, watching your lips now as you respond to The AI . You shoot him an innocent smile , both of you knowing whatever was about to happen just got cut short . As much as you don’t want to, you pull away from steve . Stepping back and grabbing your towel . You leave the stall to throw on your spare clothes , before leaving the locker room

What the hell just happened?

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thursday evening

Fandom: Skam
Ship: Noora x William
Summary: Noora can’t remember the last time she felt this warm. (Set a few hours after William’s clip.)

It’s the first day of summer, and the sun is still beaming late into the afternoon, early into the evening. Noora can feel it heating her hair and warming her skin; warming William’s skin.

(She murmured as much to him just a few minutes ago after exiting the corner store with a bag of toilet paper for Linn. “You’re so warm,” she said, twining her fingers with his.

William leaned down to whisper his lips—also warm—across her earlobe. “I thought I was cold—” a kiss “—manipulative—” another kiss, pressed into her neck this time “—selfish.”

Noora shook her head, rolled her eyes, and turned her chin until she was kissing him back. “No. Just warm.”)

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Sonic Boom S2 EP7 - My Thoughts

I Can Sea Sonic’s Fear From Here

It probably goes without saying but this post contains spoilers (with some screenshots) so if you haven’t seen the episode yet you may want to keep scrolling.

In my time this episode aired on Christmas Day and it was a wonderful present, my favourite episode of the Season so far. I’ve always particularly enjoyed media that focuses on a characters fears / weaknesses and puts them in that situation, to test them if you will. So as soon as I knew this episode was coming I was in for a treat.

I loved this episode so much and everything within it. Knuckles actually genuinley made me laugh with his “Look at me, I’m a penguin!” Generally he makes me laugh anyway but sometimes he does get dumbed down too much. (Like in Season 2 Ep 6 when he couldn’t remember which one was Tails and which one Sonic…like…what?) I also loved Sticks’ badass moment where she brought Amy the hose from the plane’s cooling system to replace Sonic’s air hose. So nice to see great teamwork in a time of need like that.

The thing that I loved most about the episode were the small hints / gestures from Sonic regarding his fear of water. I’m mainly referring to his speech and body language here. When Eggman’s speaker comes out from the Ocean and they’re listening to his threats to flood the village, Sonic has his hand resting on the side of the plane.

But literally as soon as Eggman says “come down and stop me” his hand moves away and his expression changes quite drastically.

To top it off, when Sticks and Amy are ready to get on and stop Eggman, Sonic of all people is the one to not exactly be in a rush about it, suggesting they get food first so they don’t fight on an empty stomach. Only when he says that his voice cracks and gets a bit stuttery from nerves (which he even realises himself and repeats the last part, trying to make it sound more normal)

After the meal Sonic tries to come up with other stuff to do, anything to prolong the underwater battle, such as mastering every instrument in the Orchestra. When Tails says they really should go after Eggman, Sonic literally says the phrase “Safety First Tails. What is it they say you can’t swim for at least 3 hours after a meal?”. This is very out of character…Sonic is the last person who is ever bothered about ‘safety first’. And 3 hours is definitely longer than necessary (I think the correct time is 1 hour but I’m not too certain) Amy picks up that he’s stalling and flat out denies it by listing things he prefers over stalling. He talks much quicker and his voice pretty much screams 'I’m stalling but I ain’t telling you that’.

It gets even more out of character when Sonic admits he still couldn’t swim because he never took the swimming lessons he promised. The reason? They put him in the beginners class with 5 year-olds because “they can be so cruel when they sense weakness”. Since when does Sonic care what others think? He must feel very insecure over his aquaphobia if he’s worried how the kids would treat him. Also he must have felt insecure about it as he was lying to his friends so as far as they knew, he was taking lessons. I would assume his friends would ask every so often how the lessons were going, so Sonic must have been assuring them previously that all was going well.

Skipping to Sonic’s 'therapy’ with Soar in which the two are in a small boat in the middle of the Ocean, Soar’s saying with his step-by-step plan, Sonic will be in the water in no time (literally…since he pushes him in) But notice how Sonic is sat in the boat.

He looks around a lot, almost as if he’s worried the boat’s gonna suddenly sink or something. He’s not at all comfortable with his surroundings, it’s even more clear when you see how he normally sits.

It probably didn’t help matters that when the underwater battle does start, Eggman straight away reminds Sonic just how deep underwater he is and how there’s no air around him, apart from the tanks strapped to him, to which Sonic’s expression reverts back to an apprehensive one. To top it off Eggman shoots at the rocks behind him, causing several to trap Sonic and give one of the Crab-Bots the perfect opportunity to cut the air hose, leaving him to suffocate (dark much?)

Also I loved how at the end Tails asked if Sonic feels better now he conquered his aquaphobia. Sonic responds by saying that the experience only made his fear worse 'ten-fold’ and never wants to even look at water again. I actually really liked that he said that? In many things a character has a fear of something but by the episode it has been overcome, someway somehow. Taking into account everything that happened in the episode:
⦁ Friends try to force him into the Ocean alone
⦁ Gets pushed out of a boat in the middle of the Ocean by Soar, who then speeds off saying “You’ll probably be fine” leaving him with just a floaty ring
⦁ Has Eggman reminding him that water is all around and if anything happens there’s no air to breathe
⦁ Gets trapped underwater under several rocks unable to move, followed by a Crab-Bot cutting his air hose, suffocating him slowly (pretty sure this alone would send most people into a panic attack)

There is no way someone would lose their fear of water. It’s actually put me off scuba-diving to be honest. I’ll take freediving any day.
I’ll wrap it up here since this is getting long but yes, I enjoyed this episode more than I probably should have lol.