flat stage

Come to think of it… why do we even need to leave right now?

I’ll be honest, I had no idea what I was doing with him after I’ve gone past the lineart and flats stages. My brain kinda went, “Whoa, Wheatman is bad now! Better make 75% of this thing purple shadows and put some glow-y red crap on dem eyesssss!”

Although while I did this I was imagining how Musical!Wheatley looked like as he said the line stated above as he was turning towards Chell, glasses off. Maybe just think about that.

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Hammerhead 10.3 -
@danieldefense MK18 upper
@seekinsprecision SP223 billet lower
@spikes_tactical enhanced LPK
@cmctriggers single stage, flat faced trigger
@strikeindustries_si ambi safety selector
@executiveordnance stealth grip
@kak_industry buffer tube & shockwave blade
@primaryweapons enhanced buffer & spring
@vortexoptics SPARC AR
@magpul mbus flip up sights
@radianweapons x @griffonindustries charging handle
@strikeindustries_si Cookie Cutter Comp
@inforce01 WML gen2
@bravocompanyusa shorty VFG
@magpod magpod


Oliver: As for the Kagamines, um, well… I’ve only met them a couple times, back when I was younger. I did more duets with Len than Rin, though. Len seemed nice, but I didn’t really talk to Rin enough to get an opinion on her… her english seemed a little bit worse than her brother, so it didn’t help.

About a year and a half ago, I was approached to do a test project for the LDS church on how I would visually tell a story from the Book of Mormon. Everyone who was contracted was given the same passage of scripture to interpret- the story of King Noah and Abinadai. 

I chose to treat it like a comic and finished one page as my assignment. I recently dug this out of my hard drive to polish it up, because it only got to the inks and flats stage when I submitted it.

I don’t think I will ever actually do a comic, just because they’re so much bloody work. you guys who make them are insane, btw. 

Le Carnival (exh.1916). Dame Laura Knight (English,1877-1970). Oil on canvas.

Knight, referencing Diaghilev, noted “…a perfection of the dance, but with brilliantly designed décor and good music…“ The 1916 Le Carnival was among the earliest performances Knight witnessed. It was set in the wings of the theatre - hence there were no elaborate stage flats to distract the audiences from the cavorting Harlequine and Columbine.


Flatlands features paintings by five emerging artists—Nina Chanel Abney, Mathew Cerletty, Jamian Juliano-Villani, Caitlin Keogh, and Orion Martin—that conjure a sense of space that is dimensionless and airless, like the illusionistic scenery flats used on stage and movie sets. These artists create tension in their works that stems from competing sentiments of anxiety and desire, suggesting simultaneously the allure and discontent of our current moment. 

Dating luke would include:

-lots of handholding
-hugs from behind
-standing on your tiptoes to kiss him
-wearing his t-shirts and flannels
-cute couple selfies
-him playing the guitar for you
-forehead kisses
-being the small spoon
-hearing his raspy morning voice
- skyping until you both fall asleep when he’s away on tour
-off-key singing in the car
-taking baths together
- giving you piggy back rides
-wearing his beanies
-falling asleep on you because of jet lag
- “You look so perfect standing there in my American apparel underwear”
-cheesy jokes
-penguin documentaries
-stealing the sheets at night
-grumpy Luke
-neck kisses
-sitting on his lap
-late night talks
-sharing earbuds
-poking his dimples
-good luck kiss before going on stage
-flat haired Luke
-talking about you in interviews and to fans
-pillow fights
-“I wish I was, I wish I was beside you”
-needy Luke
-random ‘I love you’s
-movie nights

Tarte’s Tarteist Clay Paint Liner Review

Think outside the lines and unleash your inner tarteist as you define your eyes like a pro. Inspired by the ease of an artist’s palette, this one-of-a-kind squeezable cream liner takes the intimidation out of pigmentation with a no-tug, dreamy application that’s as simple as squeeze, line and define! The unique formula features fewer waxes, cushioned pigments and a special development process unlike other traditional liners, allowing for the creamiest texture and smoothest application ever. Thanks to the revolutionary artistic tube delivery system with a tapered tip and flat blending stage, anyone can easily pick up the ideal amount of product and blend to goofproof perfection. We’ve even included the sketcher angled bamboo liner brush to seamlessly glide the plush, triple-black, budgeproof formula across the contours of the eyelid, while avoiding the dreaded eyeliner tug of war. Featuring the same waterproof, 12-hour wear as tarte’s signature clay pot liners, this next-generation v”

Tarte’s newest eyeliner attempts to revolutionize gel liner. They’re new formula comes in a squeeze tube with a built in “well” at the top. They also include their own angled bamboo liner brush. The tube contains .21 oz of product for $24. It comes in one color which dries matte.

This tube allows it’s user to dispense product either into the well for personal use or onto a separate palette for sanitary purposes (Makeup Artists)

The liner itself is just a tad more liquid(y) than gel liner. It has some give to it. 

The first “layer” it’s not the blackest black. You can see close to the lashline that it didn’t completely cover skin. 

One more go around ( i normally do this to clean up lines and get my wing as big as I feel that day) It has a matte finish. I honestly feel that I myself did a crappy job at applying. It’s definitely buildable. 

Just for the hell of it, this is the liner in full effect. 

Would I recommend this: 


I wouldn’t recommend this to people who don’t like gel eyeliner. If you’re looking for something to just get a black line on your lid and out the door than this wouldn’t be for you. If you’re a gel liner aficionado, I do recommend this. I love this. It’s something I gravitate towards. I love the formula. I love matte black eyeliner. I want everyone to know that yea it doesn’t come out the way in the last picture right off the bat. You have to be willing to work with it. It’s not technically quick. The brush is actually a really good brush. My holy grail eyeliner brush is Sigma’s E05. I can’t use angled brushes for my eyeliner, but this brings the best of both worlds. I am a fan.

therapist: how are you feeling today?

me: *hands clip of kim yugyeom jumping up and down and yelling “dont hold me” while everyone holds him*

therapist: ?? okay but–

me: *hands clip of kim yugyeom standing on a stage and flat out screaming into a microphone*