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Jimin: Titleless Chapter 13 (Series)

Chapter 13

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a/n: I got the rest of the story planned out. Now just got to find the time to put it on paper. I apologize for the long booty wait, school’s a bitch lately.


It’s been a week since you’ve been since Jimin’s opened up to you at the beach. You and Jimin have been more comfortable around each other, though you were though you were comfortable before, you were more comfortable now.

You didn’t know what you were waiting for, what you were expecting but when you were around Jimin you felt excitement. You felt your blood ripping through your veins.

“Hey ________!” a familiar voice calls you from behind. “Sup oppa,” turned to Jin, handing him a glass of orange juice.

“Have you seen Yoongi?” he asks.

You shake your head in reply.

“You’ve been hanging out with him a lot less now, you know?” His question catches you by surprise. “Did something happen?”

“If something happened, you’d be the first one I’d tell oppa,” you reassured.

“Hey _______!” someone else called when the front door opened. It was Jimin. “Hey Jimin,” you waited for him to come into the kitchen to greet him. “Oh hey hyung, didn’t know you were home too,” he greets Jin. You hand him a glass of water, knowing his habit of drinking water everytime he gets home.

“Hmm thanks _______,” he smiles. “Let me change, then we can go.” You nod and watch him go leave to his room.

“In exchange, you’ve been hanging out with Jimin a lot more,” Jin continues from where he left off. Your eyes connect back with his in reply.

“You know Yoongi likes you a lot?” he sighs. You grew speechless. This was what you were afraid of. “You should pay more attention to him.”

“Oppa… you know I only like him as a friend. He’s just a bestie,” you explain.

“I don’t know _______. Best friends don’t sleep together.”


“What I’m saying is, Yoongi gave you a lot of things, you should appreciate that,” he pauses then continues, “I know Jimin has feelings for you too ______.”

Your heart drops.

“I’m understand where he’s coming from. I understand get your feeling tangled when you’re young. Jimin is still young, it’s his hormones acting, not his emotions,” Jin says.

You didn’t know what to think of Jin’s words. You always listened to him and he always trusted you. He always gave you advice and they were always the right advice.

“I’m not telling you to pick Yoongi _______. I’m just advising you that Yoongi is a more stable ideal. I can tell Yoongi cares for you a lot. Yoongi will be really wrecked if you chose Jimin over Yoongi. Jimin still needs time to mature.”

“Jin Oppa, I-” “And I won’t be heart broken Hyung? I’m not mature enough? What are you to decide who ______ should fall in love with? I thought there was no biased in this hyung, you promised me that!”

“Jimin, let’s just go. Jin oppa is having a hard time too,” you pull Jimin. He glares at Jin and leaves with you.

“Jimin, please don’t be mad at Jin, He was just worried for Yoongi,” you tried to calm Jimin down in the car. He doesn’t reply, and drives off.

You knew he was angry at Jin’s words and he had the right too. If you were in his position, you would be too. You wanted to say something but you were almost afraid to.

“Jimin…” you finally gained the courage to speak gently when he landed in the crowded parking lot of a big theater. People were flooding into the heart of the hall. “Let’s go,” he smiles. He leaves the car and opens your door for you, helping you with your purse while he was at it.

Jimin had invited you to Taylor Swift’s concert. You were really excited for it but now you knew Jimin was hiding his emotions for you, you didn’t feel as happy. You know Jin was worried about you, and worried about Yoongi but you couldn’t help but to feel upset as well. You wished Jimin never heard those things, you wished Jin never said those things at all. Now you didn’t know what to do with Yoongi either.

“Do you want anything souvenirs _______?” he asks contentedly. You nod. “Let’s get them before they run out,” he smiles. You were being pushed around by crowd like savages. YOu lost Jimin in the midst of the chaos. You were near freaking out, turning in all directions but he was nowhere to be seen.

So what was the perk of being short? Everyone was always towering over you. Even Jimin could consider as ‘towering over you’, maybe. People everywhere, it was nothing different than a battlefield, a stampede. If you fell, you would be flat at a squid when everyone was gone.

Just in your thoughts of fear of falling, a girl, more on the chubby side, pushes her way through the mob of Swifties. She charges at you, and you perish, falling into the pit of your agony.

But great arms outstretch around you, supporting you, breaking your fall. “Are you okay _______?” rang a charismatic voice. You looked up with glistening eyes, Jimin was holding you firmly.

“I can’t believe I left for two minutes and you’re already having trouble keeping your head attached,” he teases you. You pout. “This place is crazy!” you blame. “Haha, I know,” he ruffles your hair, “Guess what I got?”

“What?” you asked curiously.

He picks up a bag. “What’s that?” you asked. “Souvenirs!” he exclaims. You smiled, though you knew where he was heading. You knew he was trying hard to  forget Jin’s words, it was affecting him a lot. He was being more careful and trying harder.

“JIMIN!” you wail in thrill. One of the items was a Taylor Swift’s 1989 album signed.  

He had spotted them and he was in a hurry to get you one before they ran out. Lucky enough, when he got a hold of it, there were only 4 more left.

As you shuffled through the bag, though his face wrote that he was happy, he felt weary inside. He was still happy that you’re with him there was something else.


He feared this would end, feared that you would leave for Yoongi, feared that all this … he had with you would end.
You cheered wildly as Taylor Swift performed her hearts. She was singing every song from her new album and more. You were having the time of your life. You’d be screwed if you missed this chance.

It seemed like the time of your life had been happening more and more with Jimin. Sure Yoongi enabled you to meet amazing people but the time spent with them wasn’t nearly as great as it was now.

Jimin was grateful that you were enjoying yourself. The more he looked at you, the happier you seemed, the more pessimistic he felt. Images of you and Yoongi popped back in his head. All the hang-outs, everytime he hugged you, the way his eyes would sparkle when he looked at you. Even the sounds he had overheard from Yoongi’s room came back. Jin was right. You and Yoongi did have something.

Your attentions get stuck on Jimin. He looked so out of place. Everyone around him was whooping and hollering and he was just staring into space.  You sighed, you were well aware of what was going on in his head.

You really wanted to enjoy this concert. It was hard for Jimin to find such great tickets, you didn’t want to waste them.

“Jiminie oppa~” you cooed, hopefully to cheer him up. “Hm? I’m sorry,” he smiles and return to observing the stage. He was faking it for you but you had no choice to accept it for the time being.

Five, ten, fifteen minutes later, you caught him in a empty medium again.

“Is something wrong Jimin oppa?” you ask?

“No, don’t worry,” he lied. You sigh as he turns back to the stage, forcefully trying to enjoy himself. You had enough.

“Woa- _______! Where are you going?” he exclaims as you pull him by the wrist out of the building. You remained silent, it was about time you put an end to this nonsense. Both of you needed this.

“Where are you going ________??” you could feel resistance but you made up your mind and you weren’t going to give in.

“PARK JIMIN!” You bellowed in the parking lot, pushing and backing him up. “What is wrong with you? What happened to all your confidence?!” You were raging. “This isn’t who you are! Put yourself together! Are you going to let one person’s words hurt you like this?” You continued shoving him.

“How are you going to fight if you can’t keep your mind straight? You’re asking to lose! You’re giving up!” you yelled. “You aren’t ev-”

You were cut off by his sudden embrace around you. Your face was buried into his chest. He hugs you tightly, you could hear his heartbeat beneath his skin, skipping.

“I’m scared ________,” he whispers, gently, “ I’m scared I might lose you. We’ve gone a long way. I can’t lose all this.”

You remained silent.

“I don’t want to be this weak,” his voice was trembling, “But I’m scared. What can I do? It’s like every time I gain one, Yoongi, someone gains two.” He goes quiet. “I don’t want hyung’s words to affect me, but they were like a fail to my defense… I want to act like he never said those words, ________…. But I’m afraid _______.”

“I’m afraid that you’ll leave, that you’ll grow to hate me. I’m afraid that one day you’ll choose Yoongi instead of me… because after all, you and Yoongi did have something… Don’t be so harsh with me ________,” his voice was shaking, quiet, “Don’t be so harsh with my heart. Even if you don’t want me, please, I’m not ready to accept that yet. I promise to wish you happiness,,,,, even if you choose Yoongi,,,, But please, don’t walk away from me yet. I’ll understand, I will. Yoongi’s a great person. I know you’ll be safe with him. If- if you choose hi-”

“Jimin,” you cut him off, he was starting to be repetitive. “I already chose you.”

[To be continued]

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Wanted to draw my fave way to splat. Death is quick and usually from above. you end up as one flat squid! 

I feel bad that I failed at my own challenge (splatober) So instead I’ picking a few prompts to put more effort in that i usually could for a daily challenge. This was for Fave weapon. I have the hots for the gold dynamo roller too, but lately I’ve been maining the hero roller replica because i love the killer wail, and the roller itself looks hot as heck <3 Anything blue and glowey im all over it.

Wanted to try some stuff im not comfortable with too, which is action poses, and perspective.. 

her thumb is on the wrong side…kill me now and bury me quickly ;;..sigh