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Does anyone remember the 12 Days of Dinomas series I did for @a-dinosaur-a-day? Well guess what - now you can send them to your friends for Christmas!

I am now accepting Christmas card pre-orders for these five designs.  You will be able to get these cards packs as single designs or as multipacks with all five designs in them.  Envelopes will be red or green. 


Singles: 1 card $4 each, can be shipped straight to the recipient for $0.50 or shipped to you via first class for $4

10 cards: 1 design, or 2 of each design $20

20 cards:  1 design, or 4 of each design $35

Want more? If you want more than 20 please send me a message and I can quote you a price.

Shipping is additional at $6.80 within the US (Priority Mail Flat Rate!).  For my International friends, please message me and I can give you a quote.  Shipping is normally ~$14-15 US.  

Payments? You have until October 28 to pay the full amount due or your order will not be printed.  I will ship out cards the first week of November.  I accept Paypal, check, or I can set up a personal listing on my Etsy store. 

De-stash Giveaway: USA RESIDENTS ONLY

Hey all! I’ve got WAY too many deads cluttering my workspace, so i decided to re-home some things that have been sitting around my space for a while. 

I’m giving away TWO MEDIUM FLAT RATE priority mail boxes and ONE flat rate priority mail box. Both medium flat rate boxes are stuffed mostly with fur and a couple of bones. I believe I stuffed both medium boxes with a deer jaw each, one box with a cow jaw, and one box with a buck skull (antlers cut off). All of the bones are cleaned but could be whitened a bit more. The rest of the box will be stuffed to its capacity with scrap furs from various species. I believe most will consist of beaver, red fox, blue fox, and some coyote, but I can’t be quite entirely what’s in the boxes. Just kind of threw a ton of shit into each of them and taped them up. The ONE SMALL FLAT RATE BOX consists of FUR ONLY, no bones!

These boxes would be great for anyone who is new to the VC community and would like a starter pack, so to speak, to kind of give you an idea of what you’re interested in collecting! 

As far as the giveaway rules, the only rule is that YOU PAY FOR SHIPPING. Shipping is $13.45 for the medium boxes and $6.80 for the small! You don’t have to be following me to be entered to win, don’t even have to reblog! Just like this post and I’ll randomly pick who gets what box! WHO GETS A BOX AND WHAT BOX YOU GET WILL BE ENTIRELY RANDOM, please don’t request a specific box with specific items. This is kind of a “you get what you get” deal :p 

Pictures related! The deadline for the giveaway is March 28th!

Ebony is taking wig styling commissions!

”But Ebony, how do they work?”
The process is very simple!
1. Contact me here at vvioletnerd or if you would rather by email let me know.

2. Let me know what kind of style set you want (basic to mega masochist) or send me reference pictures for the style you would like

3. I let you know the price of your commission (possibly including shipping)

4. I get your wig and style it within a certain time frame, then get it back to you!

5. You look awesome and get lots of compliments on that hella wig of yours

I will keep you updated about your commission and how things are going with your wig.
On some wigs there may be a small fee on shipping if I am mailing it back to you. Your wig will be shipped via a flat rate, priority mailing in the U.S. (For international shipping, there may be a bit more of a charge)

If you are attending a convention that I will also be attending, I can pick up, style, and/or deliver your wig to you at the convention. This will save you on shipping charges!

Payment via PayPal only please. I will begin your commission once the wig is received and once I am fully paid.