flat piggie


Cuteness Alert!!! 😲❤🐹 Repost @bossybeans​ via IG ・・・
“I finally got my own Flattie!!!!!!” -Elsa  Welcome to the Flat family Elsa (it’s been way overdue!) 🐹💕
March is adopt a guinea pig month! So if you’re ready to take a plunge you could get the best, best-friend-under-five-pounds you could ever ask for! Also, if you’d rather adopt a flat pig that doesn’t require vet bills or care costs- @flatbonnie makes amazing flat critters to love (and support shelters)😍

This is my guniea piggy Safira, i had to leave her, and give her away because i moved far away, and i could NOT take her with me do to the transportation (airplane) I’m soo sad, every time i even look at a picture of her, or think of her, or write about her i just cry, because i can’t  take it,  that i will not see her, ever again… I’m just so sad, and i will never hear her wheeking again Ever, she will not lick me, climb around me,  lay next to me fall asleep next to me, look at me eat from my hand, oh my god i just can’t take it :(

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So sorry sparkleview!  That’s tough.


Video #16 Gus’ Pigloo trick (by GusandSnoopy)

Cute piggie trick starts at 1:30