flat logos

i couldn’t sleep last night so flatsound.

Now that I know what it means to be dead, I can start living again.

all those scratches on your little arms are spelling out i’m sorry…

But drinking cough syrup when you didn’t have a cough is ironic because in reality you’re sicker than you thought but like hearing new music and being to afraid to turn it up virgin blood told me to stop at the surface cuts and sometimes i wouldn’t eat more than a couple nights and sometimes id go a week and not sleep more than a couple nights.

I’ll go to sleep at a decent time when i find something worth waking up for

I get so lost in the thought of life that i forget to start living mine i can feel its weight on my chest like i am drowning.

I didn’t dodge your bullets i just denied they hit me so when my body is bleeding i wont admit that this hurts because admitting isn’t fixing so then what is it worth?

I exist. I exist. I exist.

And to all the self destructive people who feel they’ll never be themselves again just know i understand that self inflicted pain is self defense so don’t sell yourself short or label yourself as stupid because when you’ve hit rock bottom every movement is self improvement.

These monsters in my closet are watching over me the days are getting shorter and at night its hard to sleep.

citrontart  asked:

so kim!! wcif ALL the stuff on simvogue issue 1? i know you haven't even posted it yet but you're gonna be at work when it's scheduled to post so may as well prepare this in advance for the people :-)

sweats ok so this is from left to right - anything bolded is by the birthday girl!

look 1: hair // sunglasses // sweater // jeans // oxfords
look 2: hat // hair // jacket // abs (lol jk) // jeans // boots (ea)
look 3: hair // sunglasses // turtleneck // nude top // pants // flats 

simvogue logo font // happy birthday font // subtitle font (paid sorry!)

anonymous asked:

They changed everything already??? I'm like.... big hit why can't you warn us????? Ahh but I'm so excited at the same time? What do you think this all means?

Me too!! Suprised AF! but I think it is apt that these 7 Men move on to a new era… Not changing everything, of course. But maturing. They have even discussed in the past that they might be outgrowing the “Boy scouts” name since they are getting older now.

The animation looked like they were opening new doors? Ushering us in to a new era?
the BTS logo opens… we enter… and the ARMY logo looks like what we would see if we were inside looking back at the door we just entered

as a flat logo, they both look like shields… vests are no longer enough… we are shields