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Rick and Morty - Icon Design series #3

*Keychains and stickers coming soon! 

“EVAK: a minimalist love story” now available on redbubble / society6

so since i really liked how the last edit (here if you wanna see it) (that i made the other night in like half hour?!) came out and i’m currently overwhelming with evak feels i put them all together and uploaded it to my stores…hope you like them! :’) 


All for the Game: graphic design

Renee looked to Neil and said, “What do you need from us, Neil?”

It didn’t take much thought. Everything I needed, you already gave me. You let me stay.”

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I love power rangers! You love power rangers! Everyone love power rangers! yay!

GOOD NEWS! I just made an account on redbubble!

Here’s my account http://www.redbubble.com/people/gmorningnight

Now you can buy all my power rangers and other random stuffs there.

I just uploaded one product, but I’m gonna put a bunch of my works there.

Check it out, follow, and stay tune for more updates


Muchas Gracias :D