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Dirty, Pretty Things Part Two

Hi again! I sorta had an idea to continue the first half of this story, so here it is! I really hope you like it and I just want to thank everyone for the support and for just taking the time to read! I hope that you’re happy wherever  you are!

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Dirty, Pretty Things Part Two

Her legs were so shaky when she had first attempted to move up off the floor, that her knees buckled underneath her and she crumbled back into her position on the floor. A deep reddening crawled across her cheeks and down the rest of her exposed skin as Tom began to laugh. Hauling himself up, he offered her a hand up.

    During their time in the library, he’d had her read him half of ‘Dirty, Pretty Things,’ before she could no longer take it. Using both his fingers and his mouth against her, he edged her closer and closer to orgasm before eventually skirting around it by removing his touch.

    “I’d let you finish,” Tom mumbled against her neck, “But I doubt you could do it quietly, so you’re just going to have to wait until I think you’re ready.” He removed his hands from her and smoothed her dress back down into her lap. “I’m going to go and check this book out, which ones do you want?” He asked her, gesturing to her imposing pile of books.

Truth be told, Tom just needed to get away from her. If he kept looking at the soft sheen covering her skin, her soft, parted lips and her bedroom eyes, he was almost positive that he’d finish in his pants.

    After she had offered up half of the novels she’d picked out, Tom carried them to the checkout station where he slid his card into the machine that allowed the books to be borrowed. Even though nobody had seen what the pair had done, Tom felt as if everyone could tell how completely engrossed in her he was. If not, he suspected they could all see the almost painful tent in his jeans.

    Coming back to collect his girlfriend off the floor, he wrapped an arm around her waist to help lift her to a standing position. With a hand on the small of her back, he helped her through the library’s exit door and back to his car.

    Once they got to the car, Tom opened the door for her and placed the books in the backseat, all except for ‘Dirty, Pretty Things.’

“Darling,” Tom turned to her once he came to sit down in the driver’s seat. “I want you to read to me still.”

“Here?” She questioned, eyebrows furrowing in slight dubiety. She couldn’t imagine driving home with Tom, and saying the words of the poem out loud to him once again. She could barely believe that she could read the poems to him in the library, seeing as she was usually so shy.

Tom made her feel safe enough to do things that would normally be considered out of the question for her. She knew that when she was with him, he would never allow anything to harm her. Even when they went to events together and she would feel the all too familiar buzz of anxiety ache in her stomach, Tom was always there to hold her close to him and kiss the buzz away. She trusted him with everything.

“Aren’t we going to go home?” She quizzed, sliding a hand across the console to curl her hand around his.

    “Actually darling, I was wondering if you wanted to read to me here,” He gestured to the abandoned parking lot around them.

    Moving closer to him, she glided her hand across his lap to reach the book, making sure to rub her touch across the tented area of his jeans. Tom hissed at the contact as she began to read.

    “You have such a pretty mouth.” Tom’s eyes drifted down to the way her lips moved as she read. He groaned as she took a soft breath out loud and flicked her tongue across her lips. “To feed it only kisses would be a wasted opportunity.” With that, Tom lurched across his side of the car to hers. Tom would’ve liked nothing more than the feeling of her lips sucking him off, but she would always be his first priority.

    Smashing his mouth onto hers, he began to push the fabric of her dress up. “Is this okay?” He grunted against her skin, waiting for her consent to go further.

    “Yes, yes, yes,” She whispered, as if someone had put her on loop.

    With one hand, Tom grabbed the book from her, and with the other he began to stroke the inside of her legs. “I’m going to read to you now.” Spreading the pages of the book flat against the dashboard, Tom leaned back from her and pulled her legs open for him.

    She gasped before he even began. “I love to watch you touch yourself, on rainy afternoons. The wandering hands. The soft little moans.” Tom slid his fingers underneath the fabric of her underwear and yanked them down so roughly that he heard one side tear. A small noise of excitement escaped her lips, so Tom kept going without apologizing, instead making a mental note to just buy her new ones. “Hips twitching. Wet fingers fucking. A solo show, performed for one.”

    “You’re still drenched for me.” He groaned, biting her neck.

    As he turned to the next page, Tom slid a finger across her clit. “I love to trace your pretty lips with my fingers, and imagine them going down on me.”

    She wriggled in her seat. Tom smirked.

    “Please, Tom.” She whined, attempting to guide his fingers closer to where she ached for his touch the most. “I wanna,” She gasped out, thrashing in her chair.

    “I’m not quite sure what you want love, you haven’t told me.” Tom feigned innocence, wanting nothing more than to hear he tell him that she wanted to cum.

    Pouting her lips, she remained silent.

    Tom smirked and slipped a finger into her, causing her to writhe around him. “Some nights I close my eyes and imagine feeling your lips on mine, your whispered words slowly pushing my legs apart.”

    With that, Tom made his way over the car’s console to stop in between her unfurled thighs. She could feel the heat of his breath warming her exposed exterior. He kept tapping his thumb against her clit in pace with the finger curling inside of her. “Is there anything you want to ask me to do, m’love?” Tom asked again.

    “Tom,” She whined again, trying to make him to what she wished without being forced to actually say the words.

    He grinned, and began placing kisses up her legs.

    Her hazy eyes flicked up to the ceiling as her legs twitched in response to his mouth being so close to where she wanted him. “Please Tom. Please, please, please.”

    “Don’t be silly darling, you know what you have to say.”

    Throwing her hands up into the air, “Tom, please, can you pretty, pretty please use your mouth. I can’t stand it, I need you to, please, please, please.”

    Tom had to bite his lip to keep from groaning. He was aching for her to touch him, but he wanted to ensure that he had taken care of her first.

  Wrenching her legs further apart, he moved so close to her that she flushed with bashfulness. He was so, so, so close. “Pick up the book. Read to me again.”

    His tongue replaced his fingers and she nearly screamed in relief, automatically coiling her hands within his curls.

    “‘Unbutton, unzip, unclip, untie, undo, undress.’ ‘Understood,’ she replied.”

the art of the trade

day three of @platonicvldweek - lions/bonding

2694 words, in which keith and red share a moment or three. s2 spoilers. 

also available on ao3.

      Red believes in equal exchange or nothing at all. Trust for trust. Joy for joy. Hope for hope. But she also deals in wrath, envy, even despair. Whatever Keith can offer her, she will match it, and needless to say, he prefers trading lighter memories, few and far between though they seem. However, Red shows no obvious interest in the memories themselves, but in the act of the trade, and when Keith settles into her cabin to think, her presence presses all around him, heavy and warm. Expectant.

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