flat currency


Please listen to this young man’s well-informed and impassioned speech. You will not learn most of this in most colleges nor in courses on finance and economics. This is especially true at the two-year level.

He is right about everything he says. This is what our country has become and we are losing it. We permit this because because we have allowed ourselves to be corralled by the state and the mass media like easily herded mindless sheep.

By doing nothing, we are sending a strong message to the despots that we permit the federal and local governments to pirate our wealth through a central bank (corporatism) and taxation that really only benefits the public-sector labor unions (unionism); the hijacking of our representation with lobbying and campaign financing; and the growth of government at all levels that serves to deepen us under socialism. This is really a protection racket that endows the most privileged segment of society with even more wealth – government workers and those who control it.

Call it a necessary evil or a socialist safety net for those in need. It is still coercion of our labor with the use or threat of lethal force onto peaceful and unarmed contributing members of society. This is enslavement by the state and it must end. This is not us nor should it be. We are better than this but only if we act now.