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Tehuacalco is an archeological site located near the city of Chilpancingo, Guerrero, Mexico. It was the first archeological site associated with the Yope people to be excavated, in the 2000s. The site is on a hill surrounded by mountains, which were worshipped by the Yope. Four marked the cardinal directions and one, Compuerta, was used to mark solar events such as equinoxes and solstices as the sun rose behind it. Tehuacalco was occupied as a ceremonial site from about 400CE to about 1100CE. The site was opened to the public in 2008.


The name of the site comes from the Nahuatl phrase “tehuacalli” which refers to holes bored into stones to be used for ritual purposes. It can be interpreted various ways such as “place of the stone box,” “house of priests” or “house of the sacred water.”[2][4]

While mostly associated with the Yopes, it is not completely certain. There may have been Yopime or even Tlapaneca settlements here as well.[1][2] Occupation of the site began around 400CE with its height between 650 and 1100CE. At this time, the population center covered about eighty hectares and the ceremonial center covered twelve.[2] Most of the structures were built when the Toltecs were at the height of their influence.[3] The Yopes of Tehuacalco were sedentary farmers with different social classes with classes of rulers and priests on top, followed by warriors, merchants and artisans. The diet consists of meat from hunting and corn. The Yopes thought of the mountains as repositories of water and seeds. These mountains were worshipped as a way to ensure good harvests. The sun was thought to be devoured by a monster at the end of the day and had to fight in the underworld to arise the next morning. It was considered obligatory to “feed” the sun to help it return.[3]

The area around the site was named Yopitzingo in Nahuatl, and it was one of the few areas that the Aztecs could not conquer in the late Post Classic period even though by then the Yopes had become semi nomadic practicing intermittent agriculture.[2][4] However, after the Spanish Conquest, the Yope were decimated by European diseases. They did not submit completely to Spanish rule and had one major rebellion. However, this was crushed with the Spanish scattering the remaining Yopes to other settlements.[3]

Tehuacalco is the first site related to the Yope to be extensively explored, which was done in the 2000s.[5] Nineteen structures have been discovered so far, mostly by field work performed in 2006 and 2007.[4][1] Afterwards, forty million pesos were spent to ready the site for tourism and it was opened to the public in 2008.[5] It is one of twelve sites opened to the public during the Calderon administration from 2006 to 2012.[4] There is a welcome center with explanations about the site in Spanish, but the explanatory signs on the site are in Spanish and English.

Composition of the Site

The site is located on a hill surrounded by taller mountains. Four of these mountains, Compuerta, Capulín, Tierra Colorada and Gavilpan, mark the cardinal directions. The site hill was considered to be a “fifth” direction, where power was concentrated.[1]

The site has four aspects, areas with rock etchings, the surrounding mountain terrain, pyramidal structures and caves in the hills with offerings.[2] The rock etchings include the Piedra de los Pies Pintados, with markings of feet and Monument W which has circular patterns used to counts lunar cycles.[5] Fifty seven caves on the sides of Compuerta have been explored with findings of offerings such as braziers and incense burners. These caves were related to the worship of the sun.[4][3] The site possesses various characteristics related to archaeoastronomy .[4] The site is oriented towards the Compuerta Mountain. This mountain and smaller peaks on each side were used to mark equinoxes and solstices, as the sun rose from behind them.[4][3]

The site was a ceremonial center with a plaza surrounded by various pyramid bases and other structures.[2] The site has a distinct construction style, which consists of boulders with spaces between them filled in with layers of flat rock and red clay. This allows the structures to withstand earthquakes.[5] Of the discovered structures, eight are considered major complexes with the rest minor.[3] The most import of these is four large pyramidal structures and a Mesoamerican ball court. Some of the pyramid bases are in unusually good condition.[2] The four main structures are Encinera or Main Temple, the Palace, the Templo del Espejo de Agua and Platform W.[1]The Palace, also denominated as Building Five, is the largest on the site, with a base that measures eighty meters on each side. It has sunken patios and various courts.[3][4] The La Encinera is twenty meters tall and was the site for various rituals performed by priests and rulers. The ball court measures 37.8 meters long.[4]Platform W had residences for the elite with internal patios and drainage systems. However, the most sacred part of the site is a hill dedicated as sanctuary for the worship of water and rain.[4] Some of the minor structures include the Templo Verde, the Templo Rojo and La Anona. The last two form the Solar Group.[1]


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In the Alpine Glasshouse at the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Wisley Gardens, Surrey, UK, the Daubenya aurea was blooming with red or yellow flowers. Both colours occur growing in the wild in South Africa, on the dolerite clay flats in areas of winter rainfall. The species is pollinated by monkey beetles.

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Cleff With General Dating Headcanons

Request: Romantic clay x Jeff please!!


A/N: Is Cleff even their ship name? I don’t know, but anyway I hope you enjoy :)


Warnings: Implied sexual themes.


Cleff With General Dating Headcanons…

  • Okay so Jeff knows if he just flat out asks Clay out the boy will be a little shell shocked

  • So he builds up to it
  • They hang out quite often and Jeff becomes a little more affectionate, with arms over his shoulder, gentle nudges etc.

  • And then Jeff finally asks Clay out, and the boy turns into an adorable blushing mess as he agrees
  • Their relationship was literal goals

  • There’s just so much affection
  • Jeff will literally always have his arm around Clay’s shoulders

  • And Jeff loves to caress Clay’s cheek with his thumb
  • And Eskimo kisses

  • Jeff isn’t afraid of PDA, so he’ll absolutely run up to Clay and kiss him after they win their baseball game
  • Jeff loves to show off for Clay, he really cares about what the boy thinks of him

  • Jeff can eat, and Clay usually just sits there and watches him with a fond smile as he stuffs his face
  • Jeff also just loves to have what Clay has. If Clay’s eating, he just has to have a bite of it

  • Jeff likes to hold both of Clay’s hands
  • And have Clay cuddle up between his legs against his chest

  • And they try to study like that, but it usually just turns into tickles and kisses
  • They make out all the time

  • There’s actually a fair bit of sex
  • Jeff loves when Clay wears his jacket

  • Both of their parents approve of their relationship
  • Jeff giving Clay forehead kisses

  • Clay nerds out a lot, and Jeff pretends like he doesn’t understand any of it right until the end where he’ll say something nerdy back
  • Soft smiles and heart eyes

  • Jeff takes Clay on so many adventures and holds his hands at parties
  • They’re just so caught up in each other and love each other so much

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Rather neat - tide rapidly coming in and flooding a tidal flat, Kenya

anonymous asked:

Prompt: Webster takes a intro to ceramics class in college and struggles. He always sees Fine Arts Major Liebgott around the studio creating masterpieces. One night Webster stays late practicing on the throwing wheel and is startled by Lieb watching him fail miserably. Lieb offers to help and Webster isn't able to focus, instead he is distracted by Lieb's hands and the way they shape the clay.When Webster trys the clay gets everywhere while cleaning up they kiss and stuff ...

He’s got to be doing something wrong.

He doesn’t understand what he keeps screwing up here, but it’s obviously something. He should be able to get it – he’s gotten it before. If he couldn’t do something as simple as spin a piece of clay around on a wheel, no way would he be in a ceramics course in the first place.

(Not that taking the class was his choice to begin with. He needed to pad his schedule between English and Marine Biology courses, so Intro to Ceramics had seemed like the perfect, easy option. How wrong he was. He has no clue it was possible to be so wrong…)

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Great process and explanation.
From @rentonbishopric_ceramics - I thought I would share with u some studio footage of the process I have used to make my latest run of #tableware for @fomobrewing on the #sunshinecoast
These ‘slump molds’ were made a few months ago with the help of the wonderful @lizvidalceramics !
The first step is making a plate (that becomes the master) and then making multiple molded copies of that master using plaster. Once these have dried for a few weeks they are then sanded and cleaned up ready for use.

To make these plate I first of all use my #slabroller #inthestudio to roll out large flat sheets of clay that the flat plates are cut from using a #template . These are left to dry a little while I #extrude the foot for the plate and press it into the #mold .Next the plate is #slumped into the mold, compressed and smoothed out and left to dry.
Part#2 of this time lapse shows the plate coming out of this mold and being finished.

#potterymaking #pottery #ceramics #wip #handmade #craft #art

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