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What is America’s obsession with Bill Nye the Science Guy I once said in class that I had never seen it and this girl yelled YOU’VE NEVER WATCHED BILL NYE and in 5 seconds flat half the class was screaming HOW COULD YOU HAVE NEVER WATCHED BILL NYE while the other half chanted BILL BILL BILL BILL

I gave away three garbage bags FULL of clothes to Savers -because we’re moving soon and the amount of clothes I own is excessive- so naturally I went out and bought more! Why am I like this. 

  • JK: yeah the earth is flat.
  • RM: No it's not.
  • JK: Yes it is, look. *looks up a photo of the earth claims it's flat when it's not*
  • SG: Okay answer me this though, what's a planet.
  • JK: The sun.
  • SG: Now what's the sun?
  • JK: A planet.
  • -
  • JK: The earth is flat, right?
  • SG: *points to the door* get out.

Minimal flat avatars of Class 1-A students from U.A. High of My Hero Academia.

Izuku Midoriya
Ochako Uraraka
Katsuki Bakugo
Shouto Todoroki
Tenya Iida
Eijiro Kirishima
Tsuyu Asui
Denki Kaminari
Kyoka Jiro


Typically you loved college. It was light years better than high school. There was none of the drama and no cliques, you got to take classes on things you were interested instead of what was required by the state, and your professors were generally funny and interesting. Until you encountered The Class. At some point in their experience with higher education everyone has a class they flat out hate with a professor they can’t stand, and you were currently experiencing that. You were fairly certain your professor hated you and because of that you were afraid to go to office hours for help, it seemed like whatever you tried you kept getting bad grades and by the time you realized how much you hated the class it was too late to drop it. 

About halfway through the semester with your grade at a low C and a paper worth a large percentage of your grade that you were struggling with, you began to worry that you would fail and have a black mark on your transcript forever. Luke watched you stress about The Class multiple times, though when he asked what was wrong you gave a vague answer of “Just school stuff”. He’d never been to college, and you figured he wouldn’t understand. One day you were feeling a little worse than usual and when he asked if you were okay the floodgates opened. You spilled about everything that was going on while Luke listened and held you when you started to cry despite your best efforts not to. 

After talking about it you actually felt a bit better and that night you slept better than you had in weeks and the next morning you went off to your classes for the day (which thankfully did not include The Class) in a good mood. When you returned from your classes, your apartment looked very different from when you’d left it. It now resembled an art museum, pictures in frames occupying every spare inch of wall and Luke clad in black from head to toe resembled an art student standing among this. 

“What’s all this?” You asked confused. 

“The national museum of your achievements.” Luke spread his arms ta-da style. Still confused you stepped closer to the picture closest to you, realizing it wasn’t a picture at all. It was a spelling test from the first grade that you’d gotten an A on. Your handwriting was terrible, but spelling had never been your strong suit so when you’d brought home the test with a gold star on it your mom had put it on the fridge. You thought that she had thrown it away after awhile, but she must have kept it hidden around somewhere. “I called your mom and asked for any old papers or anything that she kept and she had tons. And I found the English papers you’ve kept since we’ve been living together and had it all framed.” Luke went on. 

You were touched. You knew that framing could be expensive, and you couldn’t imagine how much work finding all the papers and later hanging them up must have been. You threw yourself into Luke’s arms. “Thank you. This must have taken all day.” 

It probably had but Luke didn’t say so. “I thought you needed a reminder or how smart and amazing you are. And how you can do anything you put your mind to.” He whispered into your hair. You pulled back from the hug enough to thank him again and kiss him, letting the kiss go on a little longer than you normally would. When you broke apart, Luke offered you his arm like a proper Victorian gentleman. “Would you like the grand tour?” 

Luke led you through your entire apartment, where pretty much every good grade you’d ever gotten hung on the walls. You couldn’t believe that your mom had saved all this stuff and that Luke had took the time to sort through it all. The first A you’d received on a college paper, a paper you’d kept because of your professors nice comments that reminded you of why you loved writing so much, hung above the TV. The A on a chemistry exam on balancing chemical equations from high school, something you’d found impossible at first, was in the kitchen. Another high school exam from math on geometric proofs was in the hallway. Luke had even framed your lame awards from elementary school for learning cursive or getting an A in social studies-the ones they handed out on the last day of school so no one left out. Your high school diploma-which had probably been collecting dust in at attic of your parents’ house until now-was framed and in the place of honor above the bed. 

“Feeling better?” Luke asked once you’d circled your entire apartment and seen grades and exams you’d completely forgotten about until now. 

“Lots. Thank you.” You said again, kissing him again. 

That night you started your paper for The Class, making actual progress this time, determined to earn another A for the collection. 

What’s In Your Lair?

Wanna One’s Hwang Minhyun X Reader [ fem ver ]

TW: violence, blood, angsty

 wanna one masterlist 

produce 101 s2 masterlist

Bae Jinyoung ver.

Angst, fluff

Word count: 4168

• vamp! AU, college! AU
• it’s move-in day when you encounter your new neighbour who is welcoming and warm
• but his apartment is out of bounds, completely
• you’re determined to find out why, especially when he spends 95% of his time lounging in your apartment

it’s official
vamp! AU is going to be a thing
this is the second instalment
probably will do one for all the Wanna One boys ??? but do request for specific people/groups annndddd thank you @hamjji-kihyunnie for requesting and starting off this entire series yA YEET

- admin L 

The last of your boxes had just landed in your new living room, causing a pile a dust to fly. You let out a series of dry coughs, growling in annoyance. At least with the pile of boxes properly organised, you could have a good glimpse at your new home. You gaped at the interior. 

When you requested for your property agent of an aunt to find you a quality space for a reasonable price and discuss it with your parents, you didn’t exactly expect a high-class condominium flat within walking distance of your private music college. The price of the apartment probably cost the entire family’s savings! To your knowledge, both your parents worked extremely hard and had a fortune stashed in the bank. They also had a bad habit of spending an arm and leg on their only child, or rather, you. You grew up with a silver spoon in your mouth but always remained humble about it.

The marble of the kitchen island pretty much sparkled in the spotlights that hung above it. You weren’t even sure how much time you would spend in your new home you were sure of how much time you would actually reside here. You wanted to stay here until to married or something, there was no way you were moving out.

Another cloud of dust floated by and elicited a fit of coughs from you. A groan left your mouth when you realised the amount of cleaning you needed to do. Sighing, you unpacked your cleaning supplies and stacked them neatly in your storage room.

Might as well start now……

You tried to declutter the living room, slowly unpacking all the boxes and folding those that were empty, making a mental reminder to toss them out in the recycling bin later in the afternoon. First priority obviously went to your essentials such as clothing, toiletries and snacks. Those were shut in cupboards before anything else emerged from the boxes.

Do I really need this much space? It’s only going to be me living here, I don’t even have a roommate. You pondered, but after seeing the pile of things you had, you decided against inviting anyone else into your presence. Phew! It’s a good thing I have a week to unpack before orientation week. There’s…so much, too much almost. 

The doorbell rang just as you had finished putting away the last of your kitchen essentials. You thought your ears were playing tricks on you as there were only three other units on this floor and it was clear that no one else was moving in. Just in case it wasn’t a prank and that an actual neighbour was at your door, you ran a hand through your hair in an attempt to neaten it and hastily smoothened your shirt. Your eyes scanned your appearance in the full-length mirror that replaced the wall next to your front door.

You look…decent. It’s okay, just open the door.

When you peeped at the electronic screen that screened activity happening outside your house via a surveillance camera, you saw a woman and two men standing at your door. They didn’t look scary. You decided to open the door.

“Hello!” The woman chirped, beaming. “I’m Eunbin. Welcome to the neighbourhood!”

As she spoke, you noticed the distinct sharpness of her canine teeth and how there seemed to be a chilling underlying silver glow that lined her warm brown eyes.


It wasn’t like you were irked by them, you knew of a few friends who were supernatural and that never affected your friendship with them. So why should her peculiarity change your opinion of her? Eunbin seemed like a nice person, but you weren’t sure about the broody boys that stood next to her.

Eunbin gestured to the rather pale, almost translucent skinned boy to her right. He was oddly good looking as well.

You had figured it was a common supernatural trait.

When he smiled, you didn’t see any fangs unlike Eunbin, and confirmed that he was indeed a ghost. Well, something like that.  He also hovered a few centimetres off the ground. His voice was unusually melodious, it was like he was made to sing.

“Hi, I’m your neighbour. My name is Kim Jaehwan.” The ghost smacked his other friend on the back, encouraging him to introduce himself. Just by looking at his features, there was only one word to describe the man that stood next to Jaewhan.


His eyes held a universe deep within, completed with an underlying glow of purple. His face was sculpted, well-refined bone structure. You were somewhat envious, there was no denying he was insanely handsome too.

He looked tired, agitated and somewhat unimpressed by your arrival but you knew you could read his eyes to identify true feelings. He seemed closed off and cold but something inside of you nudged you to prove that theory wrong. All it took was for you to shoot him your best, Vogue-worthy smile for him to melt into a blushing mess.

Eunbin seemed to have a knowing smirk on her face.

“Sorry about my cousin,” she apologised but didn’t seem very apologetic at all. “His name is Hwang Minhyun, he just turned 1- 23 a few weeks back.” Eunbin seemed satisfied with introducing him on behalf.

Minhyun rolled his eyes and scoffed. He too had gleaming fangs and you weren’t sure whether to be intrigued or feel afraid.

“I-I… Jaehwan and I s-share the apartment to your left,” Minhyun informed, stammering slightly but otherwise remained in his cold facade. “Eunbin stays a floor below us.”

You nodded, thanking him for the information. In your head, you were scribbling down notes on who lived where in case of…incidents.

“Do you need any help with unpacking? I think I can help,” Eunbin offered as she shuffled a few steps forward.

You were too kind to accept her help yet too touched to reject her help. Jaewhan practically floated through your front door anyway.

When things go bump in the night, you thought as the ghost boy bumped into yet another box passing through walls. I know who to call to come collect their mans.

“Hey, Y/N. How are you?” Eunbin asked as she fell into step with you, trudging across campus together.

You smiled at her, enjoying being in her presence. “I’m good. You? I didn’t know you had classes this early.”

Eunbin groaned and muttered complaints about her professor. She was a Sophomore in college like Jaehwan while Minhyun was a Junior. It seemed like she was already struggling and you offered to help with any work.

“You,” she pointed you, snickering. “Could use some help.” Eunbin plucked about twenty-two textbooks from your arms and ignored your protests, flexing her arms proudly. “Vampiric strength, remember?”

It had been about two weeks since you met the group of gifted friends and you felt yourself slowly warming up to them. Eunbin finally confessed - more like confirmed - that she was indeed a vampire, just like her cousin and Jaewhan… you had seen enough of him floating into your kitchen to steal snacks at 2 am. Naturally, Minhyun was always on speed-dial to collect him back. Each time he came pounding on your door in his thin cotton shirt and sweatpants, bedhead and all. A sharp contrast to his usual wear of slacks and a white button up, sometimes he swapped it for skinny jeans but he never actually left the comfort of a collared, buttoned shirt. You swore he had all the colours of the same shirt.

Just thinking about him made you blush and you felt super guilty whenever he had to run to your apartment in the middle of the night. You would see Jaewhan out yourself but Jaehwan refused to allow you to walk him back.

You couldn’t understand it.

He insisted it was dangerous ( yes like two steps away is dangerous ) but honestly, it didn’t take a genius to figure out that Jaehwan liked Minhyun to drag him out of trouble. Minhyun had the trouble of constantly apologising to you as he tugged the cheeky ghost out of your house. His irises were always borderline red, just tints of them since he was controlling himself around you.

It was no lie that Minhyun was most definitely annoyed by Jaehwan’s playfully intrusive ways but just looking at how…domestic and innocent you seemed made him want to stray further away from you as much as he was tempted by the pull. He argued back and forth with Jaewhan about this issue.

“It’s inevitable, hyung. I’m just trying to help,” the ghost pointed out, he intended to only make the best happen. “You’re delaying it. Stop that. It’s annoying.”

Minhyun snorted and rolled his eyes. “And you think you aren’t?” He went into his room and slammed the door shut. Sitting on the edge of his bed, he shut his eyes and ran a hand over his face, sighing.

Jaehwan had a point and he hated to admit that.

Two solid knocks hammered on your front door, you frowned but heaved yourself off the sofa to answer the door anyway. You were pleasantly surprised to see Minhyun waiting on the other side. Immediately, your heart rate sped up. Whenever Minhyun was around, you felt…oddly complete, like it was meant to be. Sure, he was charming but you swore it was so much more than that. He had a likeable personality and always seemed to be a ray of sunshine with you, unlike his dead outer appearance. 

I suppose he is dead though…..literally.

“Hi, Y/N. Sorry, but can we borrow some shampoo? Jaehwan’s complaining about mine smelling too fruity,” he explained, cheeks tinting pink.

You blinked, not even sure if ghosts could shower but obliged regardless and went to fetch a spare bottle of your shampoo. You came back and found Minhyun in your kitchen, concentrating on examining your rack of spices. His actions caused a whirlwind of emotions to stir within you and you weren’t sure why. Perhaps you saw it as something unique to him or maybe it was a thing couples did?

Yes, inspecting the spices in the kitchen, what a romantic thing to do.

You snickered at your own thoughts.

He is the perfect man….Boyfriend material. What the hell?

“You use this brand too! I can imagine my life without spices. Did you know that-”

“You could’ve just called me if you wanted to hang out,” you cut him off, nearly giggling. “But you should probably get this to Jaehwan first.”

Minhyun blushed, a playful boyish grin appeared on his face as if his plans had been foiled in the best way possible. He used his vampire speed to whiz the shampoo to Jaehwan, who yelled in shock, ruining his shower sing-off. He scolded Minhyun but the vampire was back in your living room in the blink of an eye.

You lounged on your sofa as Minhyun shyly scooted closer. “So,” you started. “What do you want to do?”

“It’s up to you. It is your residence after all,” Minhyun replied, shrugging. He sprawled out on your sofa and grinned lazily at you, sporting his fangs. He toyed with the remote control of the television.

Your heart was going to burst out of your chest at the rate it was beating. You shook your head to clear it and to calm down.

Minhyun is your friend too! Though secretive and mysterious, he is your friend! It’s okay for friends to hang out.

“I have Netflix,” you suggested, flipping the channels on the television. “Let’s compare you to The Vampire Diaries, or Buffy The Vampire Slayer.”

Minhyun frowned, playfully smacking your arm. “Yah, we don’t actually resemble those shitty interpretations,” he grumbled sulkily. At which you laughed at but selected to watch anyway. He didn’t protest.

Y/N, if it’s you, I’d sacrifice anything.

It didn’t come as a surprise when you found Minhyun or Jaehwan at your door - sometimes the duo, other times alone - anymore. They made up lame excuses to hang out at your apartment, like ‘Oh, Eunbin burned dinner so it smells awful.’. Eunbin was an excellent chef, she was majoring in culinary arts. Another one, ‘Our house is currently under attack by lizards.’.

You stared blankly at them. “Well, isn’t that great that you’re both supernaturals. A ghost and a vampire. How perfect. Bye!” The door slammed on them but you opened it a few minutes later.

The vamp cousins visited so often, you had your own stash of plasma fruit juice boxes. You found those extremely adorable.

However, you also realised that you had never actually visited Minhyun’s and Jaehwan’s flat despite how nearby it was. Then again, none of you actually mentioned it and you would hate to chase away your new friends. Especially since you were growing quite fond of Minhyun, the unexplainable pull strengthening each day and you found yourself daydreaming about him in class. You never most focus in your classes.

It was strange.

Anyway, you were determined to enter the supernatural’s lair. A plan was hatched. Since they had been such amazing neighbours and friends, you decided to award them with coffee. Well, plasma fruit for Eunbin and Minhyun.

It was no trouble delivering it to Eunbin since you had slept over at her place a few times after late night study sessions. You were grateful she didn’t decide to take a bite out of you.

The Hwang and Kim lair was a totally different thing.

You stood in front of their door for a good ten minutes, looking for the doorbell before settling for knocking on their door. A series of complicated locks were dislodged before the dark wooden door creaked open to reveal Jaewhan. He was surprised to see you but tried to conceal it.

When you peeped over his shoulder, the whole house was rather dark and dreary which did make sense since Minhyun was sensitive to light. The interior seemed sombre and very deviant, you couldn’t quite place a finger on it. It was nothing like the bubbly character of the two inhabitants.

“Hi! I brought you guys coffee since it is pretty cold today. I could set it down on the kitchen counter-” you were interrupted by Jaehwan.

“Oh! Thanks, Y/N! We owe you one.” He narrowed the gap between you and the door. “I’ll take it from here. It must be heavy.”

“It’s fine! I can bring the tray in,” you pressed insistently, adamant on entering despite all the warning bells that went off in your head.

Jaehwan shook his head and swiftly scooped it away from you. “Thanks, sweetie! We owe you!” He chorused before shutting the door and bolting it firmly.

You were confused but that only sparked more curiosity.

Jaehwan let out a sigh of relief when the door closed with you on the other side, as terrible as that sounded. You couldn’t know what happened on the opposite side.

“Is she gone yet?” A husky voice growled out.

It belonged to Minhyun. The Minhyun of the Hwang and Kim ™ Apartment, not the one who ventured out into the world brightly, but the creature that haunted people’s nightmares.

“Yes,” Jaehwan responded and put a hand on his hip. “Hyung, you can’t keep hiding the truth! You know it’s getting worse!”

It was becoming increasingly difficult for Minhyun to hide his abilities. His eyes now gleamed a lucid red, claws and fangs fully unleashed. He couldn’t contain it and it was because of you.

All in all, he was a Minhyun that Y/N was unfamiliar with.

“You know I can’t! I can’t do this to her. She’ll never love me, an abomination! Y/N tolerates me because we’re friends but she won’t accept me for who I am. Besides, I’ll only endanger her. She can never know the truth,” he hissed, breaking open yet another blood bag to devour.

“Hyung, watch it. You’re drinking too much blood to quench your increasing thirst. It could kill you. Not even plasma fruit can calm it now. Random blood bags aren’t going to cut it either! You need Y/N, hyung. Don’t do this!” Jaehwan shouted, desperation evident in his voice. “Hyung, don’t hurt the both of you like this.” His voice was on the verge of cracking.

Minhyun could only glare back at the younger boy. He couldn’t let this into a fight. They were brothers, nothing good would emerge from it.

He tossed his now empty blood bag into the trash and groaned, still hungry. He knew Jaehwan was right. “I’ll see what I can do,” he said, giving in. Two slender fingers tapped his dark inked ‘W1’ tattoo just under his collarbone. “To be one.” He didn’t want to argue.

Jaehwan exhaled and copied his actions on his own tattoo on his bicep. “To be one.”

They spent the remaining moments in silence.

Friday rolled around and you were happily preparing to go to the new mall with Eunbin when she suddenly called to cancel. She sounded apologetic and explained that a family emergency had arisen. Eunbin seemed to be running, out of breath when she called.

“It’s fine,” you had said, collapsing onto your bed. “I’m really tired anyway.” You reassured her a couple more times before hanging up.

As you lay on your bed, your feelings for Minhyun began to sink in. You liked him more than a friend, maybe loved him and the urge to see him was even stronger than before. There was an ache in your chest that seemed more stabbing than before. You missed his kind words, you missed his strange sense of humour, you missed how he never failed to compliment you or how his smile could light up the entire room. You missed how he was confident even when his differences were apparent.

Where is Minhyun? Where is he?

Come to think of it, you hadn’t seen Jaehwan either. You had thought of him too but not as much as Minhyun occupied your dreams. Speak of the devil, you heard the telltale noise of clanging in the kitchen that the ghost had passed through your walls. This time, it was a different clanging. It was frantic and urgent. You burst out of your room.

“Y/N!” Jaehwan called. He looked terrible. His translucent form was paler than usual, purple bags had begun to form under his eyes and he looked emaciated. “You have to come with me! It’s Minhyun!”

That caught your attention and you chased after the Casper out the door, not bothering to properly slip on shoes. The pain in your chest seemed to intensify. You needed to see Minhyun.

“Where is he?” You demanded, clutching your heart in fear.

Jaehwan paused outside his front door, as if afraid to let you in. He appeared to be having an internal battle with himself which only made you all the more worried. He let out a string of curses and inhaled sharply. “Just promise me, you won’t run away.”

You nodded. “You could never get rid of me even if you wanted to.”

“I hope you keep the same mindset,” the casper flung open the door to his apartment which for once, had the windows open and curtains unveiled. “after this.”

You ignored how spine-chilling it was and focused on following Jaehwan. Roars seemed to be emitting from one room and you knew that it was Minhyun. “What happened?”

“It-it’s complicated. You may not like what you see. Minhyun’s sick, no, dying more like. Y/N, please don’t, don’t reject him.”

Jaehwan’s words didn’t register before he shoved the key into the keyhole and twisted the door open. You took a shaky breath before entering.

It was a painful sight indeed.

Minhyun was chained to a bed, his normally neat button-down ripped in various places, his hair tossed messily. His skin was inhumanely ghastly, it appeared as if he hadn’t fed in months. The animalistic snarls he let out was enough to send just about everyone running for the hills but strangely, you weren’t afraid, just shocked at his state. You shuffled closer, face almost to his though he faced the other way.


You gasped and stumbled backwards, nearly tipping over a bunch of bottles containing mysterious liquids. The trash bin fell over, countless empty blood bags spilling out.

The red-eyed vampire glared menacingly at Jaehwan, he looked betrayed. “You promised not to bring her here!” He yelled. Anyone other than his best friends would have crumbled to the ground at the amount of power in his voice.

Jaehwan shrugged, “You knew I had to.”

Now, the vampire concentrated on you. His tongue flicked over his lips. “Y/N, you shouldn’t be here. You weren’t supposed to witness this. You aren’t supposed to know what kind of monster I can really be. Oh goodness,” he chuckled dryly. “The number of herbal potions I drank just to be normal for a few hours so I could spend more time with you. Now, they don’t work and we need to be forced apart.”

He spotted the way your hand was constantly on your chest and groaned. “I wish you didn’t know. You think you love me, Y/N, but really, it’s the soulmate pull that’s attracting you to me. You don’t love me for who I am.”

Tears were threatening to flow down your cheeks but you pulled yourself together.

Minhyun lifted a clawed hand to cup your face. “It’s funny. I genuinely thought I stood a chance with you. You, you’re perfect, no burdens, no genetically modified problems. You can’t love me, Y/N. No one can,” he declared, hints of sadness in his voice but he was just numb as if he had successfully psyched himself into believing so.

“What do you mean? It isn’t true,” you cried. “You aren’t thinking straight because you haven’t eaten.” Your eyes scanned the room for a pack of blood or plasma juice desperately.

“It seems you don’t understand. I appreciate your optimism but my body is breaking down from the amount of blood I have downed. I now have an unquenchable thirst. It’s impossible. I’m about to die.” Then, he cracked a small yet genuine smile. “It’s nice to see my eternal love one last time before I die.”

Your hand enclosed his own limp one, ignoring how his elongated claws dug into your skin. “Don’t say that! It isn’t true!”

“But it is-”

“Yah! Hwang Minhyun, I’ve fallen in love with you!”

Time stood still once you blurted out your confession. The pain began to fade and colour slowly returned to Minhyun’s face yet he still didn’t believe it and that was what hurt the most. The tears you tried to hard to hold back now streamed down your face.

“What part of that do you not understand?” You sobbed. “Why can’t you accept the truth!” You threw your arms around his neck and let your tears dampen his shoulder. “Why can’t you understand!”

Why can’t he tell that I love him for who he is and not what he looks like? Are men so oblivious? ( yES thEy arE )

It was silent and cold if you may add.

Minhyun tore his handcuffs apart and slowly returned your embraced, his own tears leaking as well. Jaehwan stepped out of the room to fetch tissues.



He let out a chuckle but sighed in disappointment. “You love me, yes but how? I-I-I’m literally a guinea pig. I was used for experiments in the lab when I was child and I can’t regain full control over myself sometimes. You can’t love me. I’m hideous,” he whispered.

“Hwang Minhyun, I don’t care how you look. I don’t care that you aren’t as ‘complete’ as others. I care about you. Your laugh, your words, your quirky ways and weird antics. I loved you before I knew anything and I still do,” you admitted, face burning up when you realised your compromising position and the fact that you were literally pouring out your entire heart to him.

“I-I……..” Minhyun was at a lost for words, he never imagined that this would happen. That his soulmate would accept him.

“Hush. You need to feed,” you said, offering your wrist out, which Minhyun hesitantly clasped.

“A-are y-you sure?”


He sunk his fangs in, hungrily drinking but he made sure not to drain you. He let out a low moan purely out of satisfaction which made a different part of you ache. The slight and harmless prick was unexpected, so was the sudden excitement. It made you slightly giddy.

Minhyun locked his gaze with yours, his eyes now a glowing purple. “Are you sure you love me?”

You didn’t reply in words but swooped down and captured his lips in yours, effectively shutting him up. Though inexperienced, you channelled all your passion and admiration into that kiss. He knew what his answer was.

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Hey, please tell us the story of how you got asked to sit for a portrait. Such a exciting time for you right now. We're all very happy for you man

Haha ok, grab your popcorn. Because I feel like I accidentally fell into some crazy AU crossover between YOI and VC. It definitely feels like a fanfic. Artist AU edition. The one that starts with a propmpt: imagine X being an artist and Y being their model… You know, that one. Certainly not a real-life situation that actually happened.

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Anyone want to color a RAINBOW! comic?

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been really busy with school since the year is ending (plus depression is hitting me pretty hard all of a sudden) so I haven’t been able to update super consistently. I know I’m not gonna be able to do so until classes are over at the end of the month, but there is a silver lining! For one of my classes, I’m doing a 4-page comic featuring RAINBOW! characters! So you will get to see a RAINBOW! comic even though it isn’t the… RAINBOW! comic. lol. But I only need to do flat lines for class, and I won’t have time to color it myself. So I was curious if anyone else would be interested in coloring it?? Naturally I will give you the credit when I post it. If no one is interested, I’ll just post the line art. But if you are interested, send me an ask! And please give me an example of/link me to a place where I can see your art!! Please note that I’m not done with it or anything at the moment (I haven’t even started it yet). It will be done in 2 weeks or less.

Oxbridge becoming less diverse as richest gain 80% of offers

“Data released to the MP for Tottenham, David Lammy, under the Freedom of Information Act shows that 82% of offers from Oxford and 81% from Cambridge went to students from the top two socio-economic groups in 2015, up from 79% at both universities five years earlier.”

We see this shit every year and nothing changes. Just bulldoze the place ffs. I say it every year. Turn it into flats

While I knew Class was going to be cancelled, I’m still upset that it was. One of the reasons why the show became so close to me was that it got me out of my creative slump. I was able to write fanfiction again and I was able to edit again. I loved the characters, they all had their moments where I connected with them. Class was one of the only shows that portrayed teenagers in a positive light. Some shows treat their young adult characters as children or invalidate them, Class treated them as human beings who still had growing to do, and they validated their feelings. They spoke like human beings, they were treated like human beings, and I personally found them relatable. Besides Class, the only other young adult show I watched was Buffy. I struggle to watch other young adult shows because some shows portray teenagers for me in a less than great lighting (having teenagers speak in ways that NO human being speaks *cough cough* they continue to speak in hashtags, I’ve only seen teenagers do that for the sake of comedy). In young adult tv, there’s hardly any shows that have complex characters. Sometimes their characters are just flat. Class gave me complex characters, interesting situations, relatable and well written characters, and it often pulled at my heart strings. I’m upset to bury Class along with the other shows that have been cancelled this year. It deserved much more than it got. The cast and crew deserved better than this. I thank the show for helping me get out of this slump and for giving me characters I can relate and connect to, and I thank Patrick Ness and the cast for bringing these characters to life and loving them as much as we do.

Well that was.. abnormally fast. Turns out I had downloaded some shorter semester mod in fucking August and then forgotten all about it! Why would I download such an unholy concoction in the first place is beyond me. It’s back in hell where it belongs now so we’re getting the full college experience going forward but ugh, upsetting nonetheless..

I mean is there enough time in the world to enjoy this crazy bitch that was slapping Gunther yesterday (for ‘cheating on her’ even though they’re not even friends) heartfart over him now? Girl what is wrong with you.


Aren’t we all.


You also keep washing dishes that aren’t your own.

-A girl sees you voluntarily cleaning up, she starts to wonder what else you could offer without her asking ;)

Ew yea that’s definitely not a thing.



-Ah there you are <3 I saw you washing worm covered dishes earlier, you have to keep that for my eyes only baby <3



LOL looks like you got yourself a girlfriend, Gunther! Congrats, didn’t think you had it in you.

-Help. me.

No can do baby. And I actually mean that, I wouldn’t know how to break you two up even if I wanted to. I mean you slept with someone else in the middle of your date and she stood there smiling, there’s obviously no stopping this crazy train. See you at the wedding!  

Meanwhile Daniel is making a very important call that I’m sure is gonna fail.. but you never know if you don’t try..


LMAO see you never, nerds.

-Ooooh a love letter for me from a secret admirer <3

Yea that’s obviously for Gunther from a very special lady. I legit don’t remember which one but PUT THAT DOWN BRITTANY IS COMING, she’s gonna think you’re some kind of player. 

-Well 2 minutes of conversation are gonna take care of that misconception.

Yea you can say that again.

UUUUUUGH this can’t NOT work they’re perfect for each other I know it!!! COME ON BRIT DON’T LET ME DOWN


-UGH you could not be more wrong, comrade Brit Brit, but bourgeois college apathy has obviously crushed whatever critical thinking skills managed to survive the sorority confirmation process.

Good god. Ok that’s enough, time to see what we’re really dealing with here. GET UP.


FUCKING BYE I KNEW IT. I KNEW THEY WERE MEANT TO BE. I mean both popularity and both suck ass at it + polar opposites at everything else?? Romeo and Juliet who.

Marvin Gaye - Let’s get it on.mp3

Interrupting our wonderful time is the cow harassing the girl Gunther woohooed in the middle of his date with Meatballs. I love college <3

Time to move this party to the bedroom! Just us, Brit, and our new best friend. Judging from the positions in the above photo, Daniel’s first sexual experience isn’t going to be a conventional one.

Aw come on Brit, don’t be like that, there’s plenty of Dan to go around!

Ok now you’re just making Mr Cow sad. Stop excluding him!!

UGH he left, hope you pillowchested assholes are happy with yourselves.

That’s right, get them, crazy secret society blonde!




Hope you enjoyed the view, blondie!

The love juices have yet to dry as Wyatt rushes to occupy the bed. I feel the need to remind readers THAT DORMIES HAVE THEIR OWN BEDS. You literally wouldn’t know from looking at my game.

Case in fucking point, immediately after Wyatt awakens, another one of Jojo’s semi-lovers helps himself to our communal bed. Remember Ti-Ning? He’s stinking under the covers and as I suspected, Jojo ‘hates him’ aka is secretly into him. Good to see the Blue Meatballs stalking method gaining more fans!

WELL WELL WELL look who moved in. After Gunther ‘cheated’ on the redhead lunatic sis, the responsibility of getting us into the secret society has fallen squarely on Jojo’s frail shoulders. 


SORRY, on Jojo’s buff, well-defined shoulders. 

-Thank you.

You keep your eye on the prize, right?

-Of course. Every step she takes, every breath she takes-

-So as I was saying, it’s an absolute disgrace that there isn’t A SINGLE flat earth class in this college. Of course we all know who’s responsible.. Starts with -I, ends with -lluminati..

-Yea, I’m out.

NO YOU DON’T. Must I remind you what’s at stake here??

-Must I remind you I don’t care about resurrecting that stupid cat? I mean if it was Victor, we’d be having a different conversation.

Ugh fucking Victor istg. But NO, I’m talking about finally getting what your tiny, murderous heart has been craving all those years.. THE COWPLANT. Just think about it, Jojo..

-Oh god, the power, the unlimited power.. Fucking Ti-Ning is first on my list.

Yea we all know you want to fuck Ti-Ning but I don’t think you have to threaten him with a cowplant, he’d probably say yes if you asked him out-


-You know what repulses me, dear Jojό? Musique classique, is absolutely the worst, no? I mean who likes it apart from bores and killers seriàl? 

-Oh yea, you’re so right, Ti-Ning WYATT.

God Jojo are you so committed to this charade of denial that you’re gonna date someone who hates creepy classical music? What’s next? Does he hate bow-ties and oedipal complexes too?

-’Scuse me, my.. girlfriend.. is waiting for me.. When did life get so unfun :(

-Oui, I think it’s imperative that you sever all relationships with anyone wearing plaid pantalons, Jojό.. Très unseemly..

-Oh my <3

Well this stamp of approval is the fucking deathblow, JOJO GET OUT NOW. TI-NING’S DOOR IS RIGHT THERE


-My god, Wyatt, your manipulative criticism of my interests and family is attractive to say the least! 

NOP I don’t accept this, even you can’t keep this bullshit up!



Speaking of ‘</3′ looks like Meatballs hired a sniper to hit Gunther with the arrow of love. I extremely have other plans for him so this is obviously not happening but NICE TRY MEATBALLS


-HA. Watch and learn bitch, first I let him be his gross whoring self.. and now that I have him.. the era of Blue Meatballs.. BEGINS.