flat calm

young hanzo - reading, absent mindedly summoning a dragon friend as he gets into the flow of the story - being calm, being in control, being kind to himself

dedicated to my love

so idk if any of us have discussed this before but… how about Jack Laurent Zimmerman, the yoga master.

Rolling out his mat in his bedroom, stretching his neck and his arms and and his fingers alllll the way out, smiling slightly as the little cracks his bones make release the tension hidden away in his body. the tiny little aches in small unnameable muscles that hadn’t been worked in a while catch his attention before he shifts to to concentrate on how his breath contorts his chest instead of the thoughts that contort his brain.

he finds peace, not the rushed, sweaty peace that his skates bring him, or the fuzzy, gentle peace that his friends arms bring him either, but flat, soft, calm.

although no matter what he did, Shittys wolf whistles from the bed always made him laugh as he slipped into downward dog.


“What did you do?” you asked, standing with your back to the door, your hands almost white from the grip with which you held onto the kitchen counter. You listened as the door closed and Michael shrugged off his coat before walking across the living room. “What did you do Michael?” you repeated, turning to see his standing in front of a chair, digging into his pocket for his cigarette tin. He pulled one out, lighting it with deft hands. He took a drag before dropping the tin and box of matches back into his pocket, turning to sit without even glancing your way as you walked to the end of the counter when the kitchen began to transform to the dining room. “Michael, please.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about love. How was your day?” he asked, his voice calm and flat as he finally cocked his head to the side, glancing to you as he took another drag from his cigarette.

“Don’t do that, you can’t just brush this off. What did you do to Tommy to make him for fucking pissed at you?” you asked, crossing your arms over your chest as you took more steps till you stood only a few feet from where Michael lounged. He watched your, eyes never leaving your figure as his thumb brushed against his bottom lip.

“Why don’t we do something more fun than talking?” he suggested, smirking at you while you rolled your eyes, letting your hands drop in frustration.

“You are going to tell me what happened Michael.”

“Come over here and make me,” Michael growled, reaching out to grab your waist, pulling you roughly until you fell into his lap where his arms wound around you to hold your body hostage against his.

“Stop Michael!” you yelled, punching his chest with soft fistsuntil his hands grabbed your wrists, holding them down as he forced you to stare into his eyes.

“Don’t question me Y/N. Don’t do it,” Michael murmured, his vice low and deep as one hand left your wrist, letting the other grab it before his now free hand grabbed your chin, pulling you closer to him as he held you tight. “Don’t make me do something I’ll feel bad about later.”

You sighed, letting yourself relax against Michael as you dropped your head, falling into his chest as his hands let go of your wrists and instead gently began to rub across your back. As the fire grew dimmer and you felt your eyelids getting heavier and harder to keep open, you looked up at Michael, letting your hand reach up to cup his cheek. When he looked down, smiling at you, you clumsily pushed yourself up till your faces were almost even with your free hand. “If you ever threaten me like that again or put your hands on me when I don’t want them, I will slit your fucking throat.”

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James was definitely miserable, because when he saw the hitchhiker he slowed the car, rolled down the window, and asked, “Need a ride?”

The hitchhiker looked at him calculatingly from behind rain-streaked glasses, his expression calm and flat. His anorak was filthy, the battered rucksack over his shoulders no better. At least his hair looked clean. As did the laptop bag at his hip.

“Yes, please, that would be lovely,” the hitchhiker replied.

And that was how James found himself talking to a solemn-faced young man who listened, actually listened. Not that James didn’t return the favor (the young man was Q, he was on a cross-country hike, he had a family that he loved and didn’t mind bragging about), but it was an amazing relief to have someone listen to James for once.

He’d just come back from a company party, which he hadn’t been allowed to enjoy because he was the boss’s security for the duration of said party. He’d been treated like a deaf, dumb rock, not a human being with ideas and a brain and a soldier’s sense telling him that something was wrong. He’d been subtly insulted, openly discussed, and eyed for consumption by numerous people. He was done with it all.

“I’m turning in my two weeks’ notice tomorrow,” James growled, hands tightening on the steering wheel as he peered through the windscreen, the glass lashed with rain. The wipers could barely keep up. “No more of this. I’m done.”

Q was silent for a moment. Then he asked casually, “What’s your boss’s email?”


“Your boss’s email. I’m… something of a hacker. And I like to get revenge on people.” Q’s eyes glittered behind his glasses as his face turned hard and sharp and somewhat gleeful. “I can ruin his life for you.”

James was miserable. So he gave Q his boss’s email address, and listened as Q listed all the pros and cons of ferrets as pets. There was something trustworthy about Q. Something secretive, but friendly. Or maybe James was being an idiot again.

At the next hotel, James dropped Q off. It was still raining. Before he got out, Q whipped out a pen and a tiny notepad, wrote down a number, and handed it to James.

“Text me when he’s ruined,” Q ordered, with a hint of smile.

James nodded. “Thank you,” he said, because there was nothing else he could say.

“You’re welcome. And thank you for the ride.” Q smiled fully now, and something in James’ chest relaxed. Before he could say anything else, Q had exited the vehicle and was walking up to the hotel. James waited until he was inside, then drove away.


The next day, an important business firm was hacked, and the personal information of its execs and CEOs was leaked to multiple news outlets. Not to mention evidence of shady dealings, corruption, and a plot from within to assassinate the leader of the ring. The leader happened to be James’ boss.

James texted Q, and they went out for a celebratory dinner.

“I’ll make sure the police leave you alone,” Q promised James. “I’m good at that, too.”

“How? Why? Were you already planning on hitting them? Am I just a chance meeting? Or did you plan our meeting, too?”

Q gave a secretive smile and sipped his drink. “Maybe I just like you. Ever think of that?”

James grinned. “Alright, keep your secrets. God knows everyone has a few.”

Q smiled wider.

Let me show you (Chanyeol drabble)

Summary: Chanyeol wants you to know that he only has love for you.

Type: Barely angst, slight smut??? idk

Word Count: 1,311

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“Y/n, at least hear me out before you do something we’ll both regret!” Chanyeol yelled at you, his hand gripping yours, effectively stopping you from zipping up your suitcase. 

“Something we’ll regret? Like what? This relationship?” You spat at him, yanking your hand from his. A flash of something hit chanyeol’s face, before he composed himself again, looking at you in the eyes, your own slitted at him. 

“I’m gonna forget you said that.” His voice was flat, leveled out, calm. I scoffed. 

“Okay, so, I can forget about being with you these past 11 months.” You shrugged, hands mockingly coming up as you watched Chanyeol’s face twitch with a twinge of anger. 


“Yah! Why are you being so dramatic? Why won’t you listen to me?” Raising his voice, chanyeol waltzed up to you, his height seeming much more intimidating than it had before, his eyes burning with light rage at you.

“You think I’m being dramatic? You were kissing that girl!” You yelled at him, your arms stretching themselves at your side as you stepped back from his again, distancing yourself from his arms length.

“No I wasn’t, I already explained that to you, y/n.” You had your eyes casted downward, but his voice was much softer as you furrowed your eyebrows, thinking back to an day earlier.


“Chanyeol-ie~” you had sung, slinging your bag over a chair in the living room, your eyes had scanned the layout, devoid of Chanyeol. You had cocked your head to the side and decided to walk towards your shared bedroom, figuring he might have been in there. The long hallway echoing your light footsteps. As you had approached your door, you had begun to hear small whispers echoing in your hallway, ears pricked up at the noises. 

‘Is kyungsoo here?’ You had thought, figuring as much, since he was usually over. Smiling to yourself, you grabbed the brass doorknob, and had lightly pushed the door open, your eyes scrunching up as you saw another body sat with Chanyeol on the bed. Only, to find that it wasn’t kyungsoo,It was a girl, her arms wrapped around Chanyeol, her mouth attached to his, while he clutched at her arms. Her mouth moving against his as you felt a sharp pang hit you and cause you to gasp. 

Abruptly, upon your entrance, her eyes had bulged, she had pulled away, got up and ran past you, her black hair whipping you in the cheek, your eyes seeing red, tears brimming and threatening to fall, chanyeol’s mouth had opened and closed, he had attempted to grasp you, before you had viciously wiped your cheeks and ran outside, grabbing only your keys as you ignored his shouts at you. You had drove off, trying your best to not think and stay steady on the road, before getting to your friends house, her door opening as she enveloped you into a hug, collapsing into her and curling up on the couch, with a strong headache following from crying yourself to sleep. 

When you awoke the next morning, you glanced at your phone and saw 47 messages and 16 calls from Chanyeol, and you abruptly turned your phone off. Sighing loudly as you struggled to not relive last nights events, not even bothering to wash your face as you had cautiously made your way to your house, during the time Chanyeol was supposed to be at work. You had jingled your keys in the lock, peeking your head around the silent apartment, letting out a sigh as you had begun to collect some of your things. A hand reached out and caught you, causing you to yelp, as you flipped, your tongue getting caught in your throat as a tired looking chanyeol stared at you, his eyes red and puffed. 

“Let me explain, please.” Was all he had said.

And now, you sat on the edge of your bed, fingers clutching at the smooth fabric, thinking over what he told you.

 "She kissed me, I didn’t stop her, I should’ve. I was surprised.“ He had said. 

"She had said she had something important to ask me, I thought she needed some help with something. But, she just…kissed me."He fidgeted in front of you as you thought back to his explanation. Your breath calm and even. 

"I don’t know.” You finally said, brushing your bangs out of your eyes as you looked up to finally meet his. 

“I need time to think.” Barely above a whisper, chanyeol’s eyes bulged at your last statement.

 "T-time? How long will you need?“ He asked urgently, coming closer to your figure. You rubbed your arms, closing your eyes.

 "I don’t know, chanyeol." 

"I need to know.”

 "I can’t tell you right now.“ You leveled with him, opening your eyes and surprised at how close he had gotten. 

"Y/n, please.” He whimpered, squatting low on the floor, he placed his head on your knee, the sudden closeness causing you to tingle.

 "I don’t know what to tell you chanyeol.“ You whispered, barely audible to even yourself. Your eyes watering again. 

"Please, please…” He mumbled, over and over again, his lips starting to place butterfly kisses on the tops of your clothed thighs.

 "Chanyeol.“ You warned softly, your hands coming to push at his shoulders, gripping the soft fabric. 

"Y/n.” He breathed, letting go of your thighs as he suddenly pulled you into his arms, your body feeling weak as you hit against him. He mouthed at your cheek, your hands gripping his shirt even tighter as you felt a wet substance fall from his eyes.

 "I’m sorry.“ He’d murmur into your ear, his mouth kissing at it as you felt you arousal beginning to peak. 

"C-chan-ah.” Was all you got out, before he sat down next to you and pulled you onto his lap, kissing down your neck and massaging the tops of your ass from behind.

 "I didn’t mean to hurt you.“ Was all he’d whisper again, kisses dipping into your shirt collar as you shook your head, feeling yourself slowly melt.

 "Please, Chanyeol.” You’d half talk, half moan out at him, not really sure what you were asking for. 

“Let me show you, that I didn’t mean it, that I only love you.” He said, much clearer now, his movements now still as he clutched at the bottom of your tee, fingers playing nervously around the edge of it. His member was half hard and poked into you lightly. 

You wanted to say no, to stay mad and stubborn, but his wet eyes and rosy lips caused you to numbly nod your head yes, a smile gracing his lips a moment later as he pulled your shirt up, and your face down to him, his warm hand tingling up your skin as he begun to grind above into you, eliciting small sharp gasps.

 "I love you so much, y/n.“ His voice came from his place on the top of your breast, as he mouthed greedily on it, your face watching in awe. 

"Say you’ll forgive me.” He flipped you on the couch suddenly, laying you against it as he pulled off his shirt, exposing his toned body as he pricked at your jeans button, sliding your pants off as you assisted him. He placed his mouth at the very tops of your panties, your breathing even more ragged as he looked up at you expectantly. 

“I don’t know yet.” You breathed honestly, taken by his eyes as they dropped a little bit.

“Let me help you decide.” He began placing kisses on the top of your underwear, his warm breath and wet tongue massaging you through it as you shook lightly on the couch. 

Okay.” You breathed, and with that, he slid your panties off, to show you how much he really loved you, and only you.

We are waking up. We’re living in dark green cars, being blasted with sirens. And the piano is low and quiet like your midnight singing, and my ankles are weak from walking uphill every night. Here I am, outside of parentheses, the view is different, it’s cold and I feel exposed but it’s alright. It was a small space, a little room with no windows. I forgot what landscape was and what dirt smelled like and it will take a while to reacquaint myself. It’s uncomfortable and lonely, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done. There are traces scattered here. A body of water down the street, a coffee shop that closes in the evening light, a tower looming in the distance. But the well has dried up, the sea lays flat and calm, and with lungs so clear the air slips through unnoticed, you might hold your breath for too long.  

Pregnancy drabble #6:

6. Telling you & Justin’s family (full list)

You pulled the white flared dress over your tiny baby bump. Seeing Justin tug his shirt down in the reflection of the mirror. Your hands started to shake as you slipped on your white flats. “Calm down baby.” He cooed, wandering over to as you stood up from the bed.

“I’m so nervous.” You admitted, straightening out the creases in your dress. He wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling your back towards him.

“It’s going to be fine baby.” He reassured, pressing his lips against your neck, making your body relax at his touch.

“What if they get mad or something?” You countered, glancing at his hazel eyes.

“They won’t. We’re married, responsible, and stable. This was our choice and if they don’t like it…oh well.” He shrugged, letting go of you.

“I’m just scared.” You added, sighing. You licked your dry lips turning around to face him.

“It will be alright, I promise okay.” He said, pressing his lips against your forehead. You nodded, feeling a little better about telling everyone. Moments after you finished getting dressed, your family and his started to arrive. Justin had called them all asking them to come to LA for the weekend because you two had to tell them something. You watched Justin flipped the burgers on the grill. The hot sun shined down on his tattoos as you lounged in one of the chairs in your back yard.

“So are you going to tell us what this big news is?” Your mom asked, taking a seat next to you along with Pattie.

“Once we eat, we kind of want to tell you together.” You smiled, fumbling with the fabric of your dress. Justin placed the fully cooked burgers on the plate next to the grill, looking behind him and grinning at you. You gave him a shy smile, biting your lower lip as the rest of your family’s conversated with each other. Once Justin finished grilling, everyone fixed their plates, taking a seat at your glass outside table. You sat next to Justin, taking bites of your food, trying not to the throw up from some odd smell in the air. Justin took a sip of his bear, wine being poured around the table.

“Do you want some Y/N?” Your mother asked, pouring some of the red liquid into her glass.

“No, I’m fine.” You smiled, Justin’s hand gripping your thigh under the table. You looked at him, his eyes telling you it’s time. You nodded your head taking a deep breath. “Um, well I can’t have any…” You said, clearing your throat, Justin’s arm wrapping around you pulling you closer.

“Why?” Pattie asked, becoming intrigued. Everyone looked at you and Justin, nerves starting to run through your veins.

You opened your mouth trying to say the words but the fear stopped you, Justin gladly offering to tell everyone. “We’re having a baby.” He grinned, looking at you with an admiration in his eyes. You smiled instantly, his face making you at ease.

“You’re having a baby?” Your mom screeched happily, jumping from her seat, your nervousness being replaced with excitement.

You nodded your head smiling, “Yes, I’m pregnant.” You announced. She rushed over to bring you into a hug. You hugged her back, Justin getting pats on the back from your dad and his own, along with many congratulations.

False Pond: It is difficult to portray this creature in a single state, as it is most highly animated when given cause.  While such a striking creature might be easily visible against most biological surfaces, when calm, within the Darkening Wood, this creature is not easily spotted.  Flowing into low spots and appearing as a calm, flat black surface, we found this creature when one of our researchers unintentionally stepped on it.  Roiling into a froth of rolling eyes, this creature skittered off from underfoot, flowing over the path of least resistance to escape the source of its agitation.  We were fortunate enough to be able to observe other specimens of this species, and found its transformations to demonstrate a tremendous amount of flexibility in its shape.  We are most reminded of a slime mold, only one that exists in a far quicker frame of motion.

I always liked the idea of Percy’s powers being in tune with his emotions, (Such as when he made the piping explode on the Argo) And soo…

• Percy causing slight tremors or causing the earth to fully shake when angry

• Full on thunderstorms and rain when he’s sad, confused - Annabeth always knows to go and comfort him.

• The ocean going in to a frenzy, just because of a dream he had about losing her.

• When he sits by the beach, thinking or if he’s focused the waves mirror him, going calm and flat.

But the same with the other campers too..

• Jason accidentally calling down lightning, sometimes just when he gets surprised or scared.

• Just accidentally sitting in a mini tornado if he moves away to think when he’s angry/ sad.

• As Thalia did, shocking people accidentally, feeling so horrible about it especially if it hurts them.

Anyway feel free to add on to this because I am 100% here for it being slightly out of their control, or it just being such a big part of them.


‘Arenig Starscape’ - Llyn Arenig Fawr, Snowdonia by Kris Williams
Via Flickr:
The milky way arching through the night-sky above the flat-calm waters of Llyn Arenig in the heart of Snowdonia’s Dark Sky Reserve.

Music, like an ocean, often carries me away!
Through the ether far,
or under a canopy of mist, I set sail
for my pale star.
Breasting the waves, my lungs swollen
like a ship’s canvas,
night veils from me the long rollers,
I ride their backs:
I sense all a suffering vessel’s passions
vibrating within me:
while fair winds or the storm’s convulsions
on the immense deep
cradle me. Or else flat calm, vast mirror there
of my despair!  

- Charles Baudelaire.

Photo: Own.        

Flat Waters

Photo of the Day! GoPro Awards recipient Paul Bruckner scored big with this one! HE explained. “the wind blows from the south so the north shore of Grand Bahama is so flat and calm that you actually can’t see where the horizon starts and the water ends." So cool, great job Paul! Don’t be shy, submit your best content for the chance to be rewarded: gopro.com/awards