flat bottom


The 2017 Parker Enduro is next weekend and for those of you who are not familiar with this race it’s a (+-) 300 mile endurance boat race on the Colorado River in Parker, AZ. It takes it’s toll on man and machine so there’s a high attrition rate with many of the boats that started not completing the race.
This type of boat, a small, flat bottom V-drive is certainly not designed or built for endurance or long-distance racing so the driver and passenger take a real beating throughout the course of this race, not to mention the boat itself.
For those reasons it’s always been a favorite of mine, it’s a beautiful boat, it shoots really well and that’s my buddy Eric driving so I wanted to share these photos


So maybe I’m a little bit crazy but I’ve always thought that it would be pretty cool to take a trip down a river in an old-fashioned rough hewn flat bottom raft and just the current take you where it may. Just drift along, see the sights, and enjoy a little time with no iPhones or laptops or other distractions. Oh, and try not to get crushed by a barge or something.