flat belly

Everything about you is lovely.

Your hair (or lack thereof)
Your belly (chubby or flat)
Your eyes (dark or bright)
Your stretch marks (a few or a lot)
Your scars (from accidents or self-harm)
Your moles (big or little)
Your acne (a few pimples or a major breakout)
Your freckles (little ones on your nose or ones all over every single inch of your body)
Your birth marks (small light brown ones or huge dark ones)
Your height (short or tall)
Your weight (a smaller number or a larger number)

All of it.

All of you.

YOU are lovely.

(This goes for girls AND boys. I don’t know where this came from in my mind, it just seemed like something I should share because maybe somebody needed to read it.)

Question of the day: What do you guys thinking about a gluten-free diet? Message me all your thoughts because currently I’m reading a book about it and thinking changing my diet accordingly. 

Body Goals x Alexis Ren

Good morning everyone! It’s a beautiful day to be alive & i’m back on the field!

Today i’m gonna hit the gym and it’s been so loong that i can’t even…I’m gonna welcome it like a really old friend of mine 😄

So today’s posts will be about being both strong & skinny…if possible! I just want that tiny waist but with some abzies popping out here or there. Nothing much seriously! 😅

Today i feel so energetic although the weather must be kidding with us. 🍂 Fall is coming!

Have a beautiful day! 🤸🏼‍♂️