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  • I hope Sana fixes her relationship with Jamilla
    • Vilde you just don’t do that
    • you were meant to be friends
    • she has always been there for you
  • It’s official I hate Vilde
  • Send it, send it, the girls have to hear the truth
    • I love to see her like this
    • Like not her angry and hurting but she showing some emotions
  • I hope she turns to Isak totally because he is good for him
  • They didn’t beat Isak up? or does Isak refer that he didn’t get beaten up???
    • I hope we know tomorrow

@cataposa I was at the library today for like two seconds and was skimming the Tinkerbell comics and they were super gAY.

Happy birthday! A sad and poorly written fanfic!

Yuri Plisetsky had the unforgettable eyes of a soldier. That was a thought that had stuck with Otabek, even when Yuri hadn’t even known he existed.

It was what he had been thinking when they first made eye contact at the Grand Prix Finals.

What he had been thinking when he asked if they could be friends.

What he had thought when they kissed for the first time, four year later, on a rink in Saint Petersburg.

What he had thought, even when Yuri’s eyes filled with tears, when he proposed.

That was what he thought now, sitting next to Yuri’s hospital bed, watching his husband’s chest rise and fall.

“O… Otabek…” Yuri’s weak voice was voice was small in the sterile white room.

“Yes Yura? Are you okay? Should I call the nurse?”

“No… I ju-” A coughing fit overtook Yuri. After his body finished shaking, he continued. “I just wanted to say… I love you…”

“I love you, too, my kitten.”

“Beka, this is the end for me…”

Otabek couldn’t hear what Yuri said over his racing heart. “What do you mean, the end?! You’re going to be fine!”

“No, Otabek. I wasn’t asleep all the times you were talking to the doctors. I know what’s going on. Lying to me won’t do anything now.”

He didn’t know who he was lying to more, Yuri or himself. “Yura… you’ve always been an exception. You’re going to be an exception now as well, you have to!”

Yuri squeezed his hand. “Death is only… the next adventure…”

The Russian man’s green eyes were clouded with fever, but were still so strong. Even when faced with the last doorway, Yurio Plisetsky Atlin did not show a hint of fear.

“Beka… I love you…”

“I love you too, kitten.”

The heart beat monitor flat lined.


Years later, when Otabek lay in a white bed in a hospital, he looked up at the ceiling and remembered beautiful green eyes. And as lights shone around him, a young man stepped out of the glow. Yuri, looking as young and vital as ever, appeared before him.

Otabek reached a hand out to his beloved, and saw the wrinkles and liver spots fade away, becoming young again.

And as they stepped into the light together, Otabek loked into Yuri’s eyes.

The eyes of a soldier.

The eyes of his soldier.

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Orochi as 'zero fucks given' gender: Well, however you cut it, Orochi is non-binary and a pretty awesome character. Villainous, does terrible things, but he's a very interesting, complex character with at least understandable motivations even though he went too far. As an nb person, I'd rather have a nb, 3D villain with so many layers than a flatter, good nb character. What does it say (other than that I'm tired) that I can't name any other nb characters in media? Oh, Vaarsuvius from OotS.

Complex characters, even when they’re morally dubious, beat out flat obligatory-diversity characters every time. 

oh my god, tempted by mcu fic ideas for the first time in a million years

nope. nope, not doing it. not even gonna entertain it.


but just–darcy though; she’s not gonna be in the next thor movie bc tptb always considered her a vestigial jane attachment anyways. and since natalie’s not coming back (for good reasons of course) then why would they bother bringing back the snarky sidekick?

but like, imagine in-verse something similar-ish happens? it would obviously depend on the in-universe explanation of why jane has up and disappeared and isn’t in this movie, but say jane and darcy for whatever reasons split ways. necessity or misfortune or darcy wants to take another stab at her own career field again. 

only things don’t work out.

it’s a shit economy and she’s been noodling around for like five years AFTER completing her polisci degree, and let’s face it her resume in the interim is–well–eccentric.

she’d expected job hunting not to be EASY, but impossible? well that caught her off guard.

so she’s in some city of relative size, not even new york because she couldn’t afford the rent anymore. she’s barely hearing from jane these days because jane’s on a project and it’s a stroke of luck if jane foster remembers to eat or wash her hair when she’s in High Science Mode, much less respond to email and text. erik started corresponding with her less and less the more he started coping, and that was BEFORE he got some new fancy secret government job.

things have gotten rough and she’s working crap jobs, maybe waitressing maybe retail, just trying to pay bills and figure out how the hell her life came THIS CLOSE to superheroes and alien demigods and action and adventure and things Really Happening, and still ended up HERE of all places.

she reads the headlines on her phone and she watches clips of the action on youtube, and she feels like she somehow fell out of the life she really should have been living, if she’d just found a way to hold on to it, to be invaluable, to seize opportunity, to really MATTER.

and she watched with despair as the sokovia thing and then corresponding accords happened, (and not a little outraged ranting about the absurd political maneuvering of it all and oh my god tony stark what are you DOING) and then it all went a little bit quiet for just a little while.

and a while later she’s busing tables or restocking pastries at a cafe or diner that pays a third of her rent, and clocks two shady as fuck beefy dudes at the table in the corner (backs to the walls eyes on the entrances/exits).

they seem to think they’re low profile with their ballcaps and hoodies and giant sunglasses and newspapers, but darcy lewis got within five feet of that star spangled square jaw one time and even said hi, and he keeps coming in with a short muscley black guy or the mangy looking brunette with the unseasonably long sleeves and gloves and that godawful haircut, and she is Not Stupid. 

but being Not Stupid means knowing steve rogers and friends are considered international fugitives, though she thinks for a moment–a breathless, adrenaline-buzzing moment–that they might somehow be here, in her shitty little diner/cafe in her mediocre little city ON PURPOSE–because she is.

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good thing that happened in jazz band today:

i had an actual like… improv/jam session with two drummers, a tenor sax and a trumpet and it was fun

Bewitching rhythms and magnetic bass lines to drag you slowly into dancing deep in trance

[Vladivostok | Russian Far East]

Sepungski is a Russian musician and a DJ. He developed his taste in music by constantly visiting local parties with world famous d'n'b artists thus he could follow current trends in music. He’s a big lover of the dark atmosphere and hypnotic sounds. The main goal of Sepungski’s sets and his own tracks is to make listeners to get into trance rather than cheer them up. But he doesn’t forget about dance component of drum & bass with some positive vibes. Sepungski also makes ambient tracks, some of which were supported by the master of atmospheric sounding - Aural Imbalance and the owner of the Canadian label Stasis Recordings - Sanderson Dear. For the last 4 years he has been a participant of the annual rave event “Most rave” that takes place on the island 700 km away from Sepungski’s hometown. Besides that he is a member of the local electronic musicians’ project FLAT BEAT where his track “It All Went Down” was released. He always finds inspiration in films, music and live dj’s sets mostly on the local stage.

Loxy & Overlook - Harbour [Samurai Music]
The Untouchables - Blackout [Samurai Music]
dBridge - Trinity Ville [Cylon Recordings]
Mako - Let The Truth Be Heard [Samurai Music]
Mono - Consciousness [Shiro]
The Untouchables feat. Loxy - X-gene [Samurai Music]
dBridge - Dead Peak [Cylon Recordings]
Overlook, Loxy & Resound - The Lodge [Samurai Music]
Overlook - Clouds [31 Records]
M-zine, Scepticz, Distant Future & Makros - Bloodspread [31 Records]
Artificial Intelligence feat. DRS - Pass The Buck [Metalheadz]
Loxy & Isotone - Ancients [Cylon Recordings]
Survival & Script - Sahara [Dispatch Recordings]
Serum - Blood Red [31 Records]
Total Science, Digital & Spirit - Rumble [C.I.A. vs Phantom Audio]
Mark System - Don’t You Remember [Exit Records]
Nucleus & Paradox - T Breaks In [Esoteric]
Mukiyare - I Will Be There [Soul Deep Recordings]

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#1: hella punk, low-key bitch, hates everyone but subtle about it, eyeliner could cut a bitch and probably already has, does own tattoos, thinks she’s in the 70s, like a ghost but paler, freckles, fuCKing eYes man just the prettiest eyes ever, cats, fishnets under jeans, black&neon combos, horror movies, rocky horror picture show

#2: thrasher hoodies, space buns, pierces own ears and fucks it up, hella bi, doesn’t give a shit, ‘fuck the system’, personal space? what personal space?, 0 - 10000 in 0.05 seconds, legit is just joking and chill and then flat out beating the shit out of someone, frECkles, eye makeup is basic but cuTe, always drunk, always hungry, high key confusing

#3: dyed hair more times than actually completed homework, PDA, curly posh boy, fishnet not cishet, just slays, meme but also model, ukelele, beautiful voice, roadman af, blatant gayness, either super hyped or super sad, aesthetic without trying, arty photos, pop punk, dancing in heels, weird outfit combos that work ?

#4: old & mature, not that old but older than me so she’s scary, rugby, drums, stereotypical lesbian, is she even gay idk, posh boy

#5: benedict cumberbatch

the 11pm thoughts of a potentially poly heartbroken dude with way too much free time