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Inktober #18! I drew my favorites from the new Ducktales! I love this show and how they have given a new (and lovable) spin for the characters like Gyro and Flintheart (Keith Ferguson is the best as always). I want to draw more ducks, this was so fun!

Don't Be Afraid

Character: Newt Scamander

Prompt: 14 & 20

A/n: I was trying to get through my earlier requests, but I saw these two prompts and immediately had this in my head.

You always remembered your Care of Magical Creature class with great fondness. You excelled in the class and Professor Kettleburn became a trusted confidant as you advanced through the years. He wasn’t the most conventional teacher by any means, but he always had a fun story to tell.

You were facinated by the unique history surrounding each creature and how they have their own sense of character.

It wasn’t your best class by any means, but it was one you took a lot of interest in.

One student who took particular notice of this was, Newt Scamander. A hufflepuff that sat at the workspace behind yours.

He admired you for your knowledge for the class, and whenever he had small chats with Kettleburn, you were often brought up, as he thought the two of you would make good friends.

Newt had tried speaking to you several times, but he often had a way of repealing people away from him, so instead he admired from afar.

After being expelled, he didn’t hear much about you but he later learned that you also worked for the Ministry or Magic.

Newt was thoroughly surprised whenever you approached him, saying that you remember him from Hogwarts.

And thus your friendship was born.

Everyday you greeted each other on your way to work and spoke whenever you had free time.

Newt enjoyed speaking to you, and if he had known you were such an easy person to be around, he would have spoken to you much earlier.

Gradually, you had earned enough of his trust to let you see the inside of his case and meet all of his creatures, knowing you would appriciate them.

“This is wonderful.” You commented quietly as you looked at his collection of herbs lining the one shelf.

“Yes, a few of them were gifted to me, and then the some of them I find myself.” Newt explained, pointing to a few of them and telling you the names.

“I didn’t know you were into herbology.” You said, looking over your shoulder at him.

“I got more into it after school, though I still won’t go near a mandrake.” He said, his voice growing more distant as he walked away.

You were still admiring his workspace whenever he came back. “Just for arguements sake, you wouldn’t happen to be wearing any jewelry or anything particularly shiny?”

“No, I’m not really the jewelry type.” You said, unfazed by the out of place question.

“Ah, good.” He said with a sigh as he came towards you again.

“Any reason wh-” You cut yourself whenever you saw him holding onto a smaller creature with black fur and a flat beak. “Is that a-”

“A Niffler, yes.” Newt finished, smiling as you looked closley at him, your look full of wonder.

“So that’s what that question was about.” You said softly, reaching out and stroking the fur on it’s head. “He seems nice.”

“He is, extremely gentle though I wouldn’t let him loose inside anyone’s home.” He said, holding him out to you. “Would you like to hold him?”

You looked up at him and smiled. “Can I?”

Newt took a moment to appreciate the look on your face, recognizing the same expression he often had when seeing new creatures. “Of course.” He said, gently setting him into your hands.

The Niffler looked at your curiously, tilting it’s head from side to side as it tried to familiarize itself with you.

“He’s a dear.” You said, gently placing him on the table when it was obvious he wanted to move.

“I can show you more if you’d like?” Newt offered, smiling whenever you met each other’s gazes.

You nodded eagerly, and Newt took your hand before leading you into one of the other sections in his case.

He showed you the Bowtruckles and the Occamies, and a few other small creatures before leading you to where he kept Frank.

“Stay here for just a moment.” He said, dropping your hand and venturing to find him.

Newt found Frank already sitting upon one of the rocks in his habitat, lifting his head up as Newt approached him.

“Now you be in your best behavior.” Newt said gently, reaching and petting the large bird’s head. “She’s a very nice girl that means no harm.”

Newt smiled as Frank slowly stood up and squawked.

Newt gave him one last pet before running to fetch you again, slowly leading you into Frank’s habitat.

Your eyes breifly glanced at Frank before you had to do a double take, part from wondering how in the name of sanity Newt acquired a Thunderbird, and part from the sheer size of the creature.

Newt noticed how your grip on his hand tightened, and your movements started to become slower.

“Are you alright?” Newt asked, placing his other hand ontop of the one he was holding.

“W-Well, see I’m fine with small animals and all that.” You said, eyes leaving Newt’s to look back up at Frank. “But the larger ones tend make me a little nervous.”

Newt recalled how in class whenever Kettleburn had students feed hippogriffs, were stayed particular to back, something unusual for you.

He nodded. “I know he’s a little intimidating, but he’s very harmless.”

You laughed shakily. “I don’t question that, it’s just that I worry I’ll do something to distrupt it.”

“You don’t have to worry about that.” Newt said, slowly dropping your hands and walking back to Frank, who followed his movements.

“Do you trust me?” Newt asked, looking back to you.

“I’m sorry?”

“Do you trust me?” He repeated.

You thought about it for a moment, but slowly you nodded. “Yes.”

“Come here then.” He said, motioning you over.

You walked beside him, keepings your eyes on Frank who had turned his attention to you.

You finally reached Newt, moving close to his side.

“Now close your eyes and hold out your hand.” He said quietly.

You looked over to him. “Are you sure?”

He nodded. “Close your eyes.”

Hesitantly, you did as told, slowly holding your hand infront of you.

Newt smiled, taking a hold of your wrist and slowly lead it towards Frank’s head.

Regardless of Newt’s guidance, your hand still faltered before it could even graze his feathers.

“Don’t be scared.” Newt whispered, trying to calm you. “If anything happens, I’ll be right here.”

You let out a breath once you felt your hand on something soft. “Okay you can open your eyes now.”

You nearly jumped whenever you saw yourself petting the large bird, it’s eyes focusing on you.

“Easy.” Newt said, placing his hand on your shoulder. “You’re doing wonderfully.”

You laughed, keeping your breathing steady as you eased more into it.

“See, you’re a natural.” Newt encouraged, looking at the two of you fondly.

After a moment or two you dropped your hand, opting to admire the beauty of the animal.

You looked over a Newt, eyes shining. “Can we see some more?”

Newt laughed, holding his hand out for you. “Of course.”

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