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I currently need to raise $2000 dollars to move out to LA and I will do any commissions you guys want. Any amount helps seriously! Any commissions i undertake will be guaranteed finished by MAY 1st! Here is my list of my prices.

Rough Character sketch: $10 (+$5 for each additional character)

  • Rough Background $20

Detailed character sketch: $25 (+$15 for each addition character)

  • detailed sketch background $50

Cleaned Up Character with flat colors: $40 (+$25 for each additional Character)

  • Cleaned up Background with flats: $70

Fully painted character: $85 (+$60 for each additional character)

  • Fully Painted Background: $115


YOU CAN CONTACT ME THROUGH MY EMAIL: najjaporter@gmail.com


Trump’s approval ratings unaffected by action in Syria

  • Listen to cable news talk about the Syria strikes, and you’d think President Donald Trump was a changed man, born again in the cleansing light of serious decisions.

  • CNN’s Fareed Zakaria lauded the strike as a new inauguration for Trump, lavishing the president with praise for acting presidential. NBC’s Brian Williams recited Leonard Cohen lyrics to express how beautiful he found the footage of the attack. Even the Democrats golf-clapped the missile strikes, declaring it a righteous way to lead if nothing else.

  • But the American people aren’t impressed. Since the Syria strike, Trump’s Gallup poll numbers have remained entirely flat. His approval rating has remained at a flat 40% since the attack. Meanwhile, his disapproval rating also remained about the same at 54%, before dropping to 53% days later. Read more. (4/11/2017 1:00 PM)


Updated commissions!

No slots this time! 

Contact me here on tumblr or via fleshwerks@outlook.com!

Simple sketch: portrait, bust, half-body, couple

base price 14 EUR

Coloured portrait with a background: bust, half-body

base price 50 EUR

Coloured portrait with a flat background:

base price 40€

Tarot style card: single or a couple

- base price 90 EUR. Extra character (couple) + 15 EUR. Price may rise depending on the complexity of the card.


- nudity, erotica is ok. Explicit sex is not.
- please have your visual references ready either as links in your e-mail, a character page with appropriate visual references, or reference files. Sending me only a character tag will simply not do.
- I will not draw furry, mecha, or anything I’m uncomfortable with.
- no visible pregnancy
- no questionable consent
- I generally work quickly, but life can be unexpected. I will let you know if there’ll be delays.
- I will not allow my art to be used commercially. Editing the art you commissioned from me (as in graphics, aesthetic posts, avatar etc) is allowed, as long as credit is given.


 I will send you a rough sketch for you to approve if you’re commissioning tarot, and I will send a nearly completed thumbnail for you to review. If happy, then we’ll exchange currency. I will send you an invoice once you’re happy with the preview of your commissioned piece. I generally do not send progress pics of portraits and sketches, but I send out previews of nearly finished works that you can review and that can be edited.

Contact me: fleshwerks@outlook.com..


hey guys! I’m in an emergency at the moment and I need all the help I can get to make $222 by the end of the month. My car is going to be taken from me if I cannot make this money!! So I have commissions open and if you are interested please let me know!

My prices are:
$60 full color digital.
$40 flat color digital
$45 full color traditional
$30 monochrome sketch
$20 sketch
$10 per extra character on anything over a sketch.



The goal is $2000!

UPDATE: Goal has been met! Thank you to those who commissioned me. Commissions (aside from the YCH commissions) are now closed.

Stuff available:

  • Images
  • Character Designs
  • Comics
  • Animations
  • YCH-Animations

I also have discounts for special cases! Click below the break and find the appropriate section for details!

Contact info’s and important info’s at the bottom!

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I’m about to graduate San Jose State University in May and I’m opening up commissions for two reasons:

1) To have some steady cash to keep me afloat and pay my rent

2) Unfortunately, my Financial Aid went kaput in the last semester and I had to max out a credit card in order to pay for it! 

So my goal is $1000 USD to pay a portion of my card and my rent! 

Ideally, if everyone wanted painted backgrounds, I’d say I wanna do 10 Slots, but the reality of it, I may do 15-20 or more depending on what everyone asks!

So here’s a break down of the pricing:

For Mugshots (Shoulders Up): 

$15 USD for flats

$40 USD for cel-shading 

$75 for painted. 

Extra characters $5 for flats and cel-shade, $15 for painted!

For Half to Full Body: 

$30 USD Flats

 $80 Cel-Shaded

 $100 for Cel-Shaded or fully painted with a background! 

Extra Characters will be $15!

I’m willing to do just line work or black and white too for a cheaper rate!




Hate Speech

For questions and inquiries, submit to my ask HERE

Or send me an email to NetoAlonso510@gmail.com


Commissions are open! I’m out for summer vacation, so I’ll have more than enough time to take on some commissions! If you’d like a slot, send me a message and I’ll save one for you! As per usual, I will send you little progress shots of the commission as I work through it, and there will be no additional charge for corrections that need to be made! 

I am offering short gif commissions as well!

Line art gif = 25 USD

Black and white gif = 35 USD

Flat color gif = 40 USD

Full color + shading gif = 60 USD


My personal email and paypal email are different, so be sure to keep that in mind! I also reserve the right to reject certain subject matter for the commissions, so be sure to ask first! If for any reason you can’t make a full payment all at once, we can work out a plan. Payments must be made before you receive your commission. Although the piece is yours once you’ve paid, I will ask that you credit me properly for actually making it. Thanks so much for the support!


I just would like some extra savings for some upcoming life changes I’m trying to make and I figured why not take some commissions to help out.

above are a couple examples but here are all my prices and options:
busts - $5 sketch / $10 flats / $20 shaded
full body (1 person) - $20 sketch / $30 flats
full body (2 people) - $30 sketch / $40 flats

I don’t have slots because they’re open indefinitely so please don’t hesitate to contact me. You can message me here or on my art twitter (@kuujojos) or my email (fleurphoria@gmail.com)

please signal boost if you are able to!!! Thank u!!! 💕💖💜💕💖

ايه اللي جابك و بتشكي لمين عذابك | sana, gen, 1.5k

a bit of healing for my girl, post-imagine (we weren’t living in a racist, misogynist freak show). sana goes home.

title from enta tani by haifa wehbe.

Sana stands outside, halfway down the steps to the river. Halfway means that people are less likely to stop and look at her for too long, and she stares intently at her phone, switching between the walking and bus tab where she’s mapping her path home. The walk from SYNG to her flat is 40 minutes. The bus is 24 minutes, and there’s two transfers.

She slides her eyes up to the sky, where the sun is hanging halfway to setting. On her left, someone passes by with white blonde hair and light skin and a biting laugh and she jumps, flinches so deep that the girl looks back over her shoulder at Sana, eyes lingering on her turban, the way the black of her eyeliner has smudged around her eyes. Sana bristles, narrows her eyes, squares her shoulders, remembers who she is. The girl turns around quickly, curling her fingers around white forearm of the man she’s with. Sana thinks that they could pass as siblings, same round blue eyes and light, light hair. She wonders, without heat, how people who get sunburnt after 5 minutes of exposure came to burn and pillage the whole world.

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Flat-colored fullbody sketch & lineless chibi commissions are open!

Flat-colored fullbody sketch: 40$ (+1 rough wip)

Lineless chibi: 15$ for 1 character and 25$ for 2 characters (no wips)

Deadline - 1 week since payment date.

Payment via paypal.

Contacts are listed here. Write me if you’re interested!

Low on cash

Hey guys! Unfortunately, I’m a bit low on funds, and am struggling a little bit to get by.

With this, I am offering paid readings and art!  


I’ll be offering either a 5 card reading or a 5 minute scrying reading, both $5 each. For each additional card or minute, it will cost another $1. 

Tarot/Oracle Decks: The fairy oracle decks by Brian Froud, The Fairy Tale tarot, and the Fenestra Tarot deck. 

Scrying: Mediums used are either water, fire, or stones/crystals 

To reach me, please email me at littlewitchlizzy@gmail.com. Email me with the details of your request including the question and what method to be used for the reading.


Currently for the art, I am offering commissions for either sketches or flat colored pieces: Full body, half body, portrait. Examples below

Portrait goes for $15, half body goes for $25, full body goes for $35. It will be an extra $5 to add flat color: $20, $30, $40.

To reach me, please email me at littlewitchlizzy@gmail.com with the details of what you want. 

Translation: Kollektivet (The Flat Chat) - at 20:40 - 11.12

Who took my frozen pizza?

Not me.

It was me, had to fix some food.
I’ll transfer money, Linn. Sorry.

Okay, how’s Even?

How is Even doing?
Linn, you owe me a cold coke with ice.

Better, I think. Or, it seemed like it was going better earlier. I don’t fucking know. He’s sleeping right now. But I was texting with Sonja and she said he usually sleeps when he’s down. So, yeah. But he did eat half a pizza. So that’s good. 

Huh, I don’t owe you a coke? From when?

Ohh <3 Isak. To think that there’s so much care in that grumpy, little teenaged body of yours.


It’s just a saying, Linn.

But what are you guys doing tomorrow during the day? I’ve fucked up my 10% and have to go to school. But I don’t want Even to be here alone.

I’m home until 14:00 pm tomorrow, when do you finish school?


I’ll get home around one, so I can take over when Eskild leaves.


I can put together a week schedule. Report wishes and needs Linni and Nori, and I’ll add it in. Noora, you have Excel on your computer? 

It’s not certain he’ll stay the whole week, though..

Why doesn’t he wanna go home?

He might go home, but is it okay with you guys if he wants to stay here?

Yes, where there’s room there’s hearts.


Where there’s home there’s hearts.

Home is where the heart is.

Thank you

(sorry I’m late, my laptop crashed on Friday, having major issues with it 😞  )


Before making your purchase through Paypal, please read this as it is very important.

Prices in USD. Please note that there will be extra charge included to cover Paypal’s fees; so a $30 commission will be $31.20

Please note: I have the right to decline a piece for any reason.

Base Prices:


$15 Lines

$25 Flat colours

$30 Shaded


$20 Lines

$30 Flat colours

$35 Shaded

Full body:

$30 Lines

$40 Flat colours

$45 Shaded

Icons are $15

These prices are for one character, each extra character is the same price (so two full body, flat colour characters would be $80).

All of these come with any option of blank background, transparent, solid colour background, simple background (pattern for example). Currently not accepting commissions with more complicated backgrounds.

These are just base prices; The complexity of your character determines how much the cost will be. For example, a simple design would be base price; but if your character has six arms and wings, it’s going to be more costly. If you’re curious as to how much more it’ll cost, message me in private and I’ll give you a quote (this should be done regardless)! All commissions will be discussed before being accepted, and once I have I’ll give you my Paypal and I’ll send you an invoice. Invoice must be paid within 48 hours; payment increments may be discussed, but I will still not start your commission until full payment is made.

I’ll need a good reference(s) of whatever character/person/thing/etc. you’re commissioning; please provide them instead of making me look for references myself. Also! Please let me know if when it comes time for me to post the artwork, whether you’re okay with me linking to your blog/website or you’d like to be kept anonymous. Please also describe what you would like the commission be (pose, what’s happening in the piece, etc.)

Payment must be made before I start on your commission.

pxnxmbra  asked:

I have a question on your reference sheets. If the character is an MLP character that doesn't wear outfits, would the reference sheet get a little discount, since it's less work for you?

Hope you don’t mind me answering this publicly (in case anyone else had this question)

It would, yes. Though at that point it’d just be a flat color commission (with the back view of the character counting as an extra character), instead of a full reference sheet commission. So the price would be $40 ($30 flat color base price + $10 extra character aka back view of the character) instead of the full $50.

                ✧・゚:* Time for another updated commissions post! *:・゚✧

(link to my commission page >> link <<  but here’s the rundown!)

♥ payments are made through paypal 
♥ your commission can have a solid color or transparent background, but white/simple color is the default
♥ I can do furries but please no mechs or nsfw!
♥ the limit is three (3) people per image.
♥ I hold every right to not draw your commission if I see fit

messy sketch: only $5 for a full body grayscale sketch!!

bust portrait: $5 flat colors, $10 shaded

waist-up portrait: $10 flat, $15 color

full body: $25 flat, $40 shaded

if you’re interested please message me here and I’ll respond ASAP!!!!!