flat 3

i don’t understand why girls stay nice after a man can’t take no for an answer and i’m obviously not talking about safety reasons i’m talking about those cases where u can confidently tell a man to fuck off with no other consequences than being finally left alone… unlobotomize urself this isn’t about hurting their feelings cuz they’ll move on in 3 seconds flat after maybe cursing u a bit but who cares they’re demons and should be treated as such. this is about ur peace of mind sis just… let it go and be THAT bitch cuz he’s gonna consider u a bitch whether u like it or not. be the bitch that left his ass to rot :-) 


‘Don’t,’ said Laurent, ‘toy with me. I—have not the means to—defend against this.’

‘I don’t toy with you.’

;3; my sons. More fan art to come i can’t help it


stop being a punk Rogers


PICKLE: …miss guru? my super cute blue alien lover is over there and um, what’s the verdict? are we… are we gonna make it!?

GURU: hmmm… yes, i see a blue haired baby in your future! a baby, and maybe a dog and a cat if pets is ever released… yes, i think you’ll be just fine!

PICKLE: ehhhh?! that happens after we move to a bigger place, right?!



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In the last place, the winner gets to request a sketch drawing of up to 3 characters without background, no nsfw, kinda like how the drawings on this post are!

In second place, the winner gets to request a fully colored picture with a simple background (3 characters max, no nsfw, you know the drill), PLUS a small up to 3 seconds sketch animation!

And in first place, the winner gets to request a fully colored and shaded picture with full background, a small flat colored up to 3 seconds long animation, and a cameo in this blog!

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