40 Days of Positivity (Day 18)

The cars on this show are incredible. Emma’s yellow bug is such a big part of Emma … I can’t imagine her driving anything else.

Regina and Gold both have big, flashy, expensive cars. I couldn’t find a good pic of Regina’s Mercedes but I do love Gold’s big Cadillac:

And then, of course … Cruella’s car. This was the most incredible car ever to appear on the show. I think everyone wanted a turn driving this one:

But Emma’s bug will always be my favorite! Do you have a favorite car? Tell me about it!

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“Be Honest with Yourself”
I do hope this would help our Anon in figuring out what to do. I have friends who pursued their passion, making it their full-time job. But when they “forced” their passion to make them money, somehow the stress sort of kills the passion. And I think that is really sad. Another friend, however, got a job somewhat related to art (a layout designer at a national newspaper - not very creative, I gather). But he continued doing his own art consistently. He is now one of the most sought after street artist in the country.

One more thing I’d like to add: When you make money, save up early and lots. Then maybe you can retire early and really pursue your passion. Don’t fall into the usual trap - forget getting that flashy new car or latest phone. Once you have enough money for a downpayment, get a house. 

Here’s Moga’s original comic , though not the original post. I linked to this post because the replies.

27. whalebone boy

Genre: Smut.

Content: Kim Seokjin. Wealth. Unsureness.

Request: Rich frat boy lifestyle, lots of flashy cars, lots of drinking, money, big parties, not fitting in super awkward Kim Seokjin. “Do you like me for my money, or do you like me for me?”

The name Kim Seokjin was never unheard of. To say he had a spoon of silver poised between his lips would be an understatement, rather it were the finest whalebone, carved into articulated shape to rest daintily between the rows of pearl-perfected teeth. He grew up with meals served upon diamond platters. A mansion hollow of the exhalations by his mother and father as they were almost always on business vacations. Prim suits and silk ties that held the thick scent of ground tobacco. Dauntingly large mirrors that reflected the thin film of white on the bathroom basin left by his father’s buzzed colleagues. Never requiring to place a tailored shoe against an accelerator and instead being able to relax against the rich charcoal leather seats of a sleek crimson Lamborghini as the driver escorted him to the next big event. All of this dated back to the age of four.

He asked to be simply referred to as Jin, lifting the weight of his last name from his persona, as it never truly defined the personality that was more often than not overlooked by his rich surroundings. Although he grew up in the high-end business spotlight as a result of his parents, expected to take over their bigshot company the minute they threw in the towel, it was beyond the last thing that he wanted. The boy lived the lifestyle that late night office workers strived for, that the young men and women of the wealthy college that he attended desperately tried to grasp through offering acts of kindness; but mostly pleasure.

But Kim Seokjin was blinded by their attempts, for he was already in love.

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Ladies, here's How to Spot a Fake Big Boy, Especially in Abuja

Ladies, here’s How to Spot a Fake Big Boy, Especially in Abuja

External image

We are going to put the spotlight on fake Abuja big boys, FABBs. These guys are always well-dressed with

flashy cars

. Some of them are even from rich homes. You see them looking like a bag of money, meanwhile nothing in their bank accounts. There is nothing wrong with looking good and not having money to back it up. There is only something wrong when you are doing it for packaging.

“They use…

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anonymous asked:

I mean to be fair I'm the opposite in that I love the suburbs and hate cities but Harry in the suburbs does confuse me quite a bit.. He sticks out like a sore thumb compared to all the other preppy boys dressed head to toe in vineyard vines😂

Alright, to each their own. But at least we agree that Harry in the suburbs is a bit strange. Although somehow he’s also the most suburban dad ever, playing his golf and reliving his youth with his love for music from his glory days and being overly nice to everyone while secretly hiding his rage inside until it explodes out of him and he has a mid-life crisis and buys a flashy car and rides a motorcycle to show he’s still got some of that younger spirit left in him.

In this moment I can honestly say I am utterly and uncontrollably happy.
I don’t currently work in my dream job, Or have loads of money.
I don’t have an expensive flashy car, or a wardrobe full of designer clothes.
I do however have a whole army of family members whose love makes me feel full to the point of bursting.
I have parents and a brother who never fail to see potential in me that I cannot see myself.
I have the most hilarious friends who make me laugh until my stomach hurts.
I’ve never had to want for anything.
I have the best memories, from the most beautiful places.
I live in a beautiful house, in which I feel safe & loved.
I have an education, which enables me to have a voice and the ability to communicate.
I’m beginning to accept that it’s okay to be scared as long as you try.
My wealth is the life my parents chose to give me, and for that I am grateful.
—  Late night thoughts. Shoutout to the legends that made me 👫
OPRF Bulletin, Tuesday 9/1/15


Today’s lunch is the punchline to this joke:
A snail walks into a car dealership looking for a fast, flashy car. The salesman shows him to an incredibly expensive red sports car, and the snail says “I’ll take it! I just have one request. Could you paint a giant, white letter S on the side?” The salesman, who doesn’t often get to sell a car this expensive, agrees, and the snail says he’ll come in to pick it up in a week. That weekend, the salesman goes to the hardware store, buys a can of white, water resistant paint, and paints the side of the car with a giant S, trying his best to make it look clean and professional. The next week, the snail comes in and is very happy with the result. He buys the car, plus a big tip for the salesman’s trouble. As the snail is about to leave, the salesman overcome with curiosity, asks the snail why he wants a giant S on the side of his car. The snail is happy to answer, knowing the strangeness of his request, and says, “When I drive down the street, I want everyone to say, ‘look at that…’”

Get a side of fries for 1.99!

We’ve had several reports of Adam Sandler running around the school, hiding in bathrooms and trashcans. If you see Adam Sandler, DO NOT ENGAGE HIM. His intentions are as of yet unclear.

Strange Phenomenon of the Week

Last week, an anonymous student notified staff that there was an alligator in the third floor men’s restroom across from the stairs to the vestibule. Huskie Animal Control came to take care of the issue, but were unable to capture the animal because they didn’t know wether to fill out the paperwork for an alligator or a crocodile. One HAC agent said that the animal was far too big to be an alligator, but others pointed out that it lacked an a crocodile’s characteristic V shaped snout and interlocking teeth. Eventually, the reptile simply left the bathroom on it’s own, leaving the HAC to return to the staff cafeteria and finish their episode of Orange is the New Black. It is unclear where the animal went.

Club Corner


Gardening Club meets today after school in the Huskie greenhouse. In honor of the upcoming Little Theater musical, Little Shop of Lawyers, we’ll be planting lawyer seeds, which will hopefully be fully grown by the time the show comes out.

College Callers

Cambridge University, room 207, period 4

Oxford University, room 207, period 5

The Manitoulin Conservatory for Creation and Performance, room 207, period 6

University of Michigan, room 207, period 7


He knows the flashy European sports car sitting at the red light beside him is one of his kind. He knows, because he is hungry enough that he can smell the other’s energon. Now, what to do? Let it go and quietly head in another direction, or follow it, kill it, and drink its fluids? 

If rock bottom has a name, it has to be ‘cannibalism’. 

nizshiy asked:

❛ The real gift isn’t freedom. It’s what we get to do with it. ❜


( it’s almost funny, really, listening to whatever bullshit
  wisdom yelena is trying to drop today. and what have
  you done with yours?
she wants to say, but doesn’t.
  she doesn’t care what yelena’s done. flashy cars, a 
  penthouse in the city, slinky dresses that probably cost
  more than a month’s worth of rent at her own apart-
  ment. whatever enemies she’s made along the way.
  whatever it is she’s been involved in. it’s so inconse-
  quential to her she could laugh, would laugh, if she
  wasn’t so busy biting the inside of her cheek.

  she understands why yelena has more enemies than
  she does friends. she thinks people like yelena always 
  do. )

          – right.

( freedom, to her, has always been the gift; what she’s
  done after has only ever been a bonus. )

          I’ll keep that in mind.