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You will always be good enough, in bad times and in good. Stop being so negative about yourself, stop beating yourself up over the things of the past and focus on the things on the future. Believe in yourself and begin to love yourself. Your journey in life hasn’t ended, so stop acting like it has. Recovery isn’t impossible, being happy certainly isn’t either. You will make it through these dark times but only as long as you set your mind on the positive things in life, not the negative. Stop reblogging these black and white images of cuts and bruises and depressing quotes. Good things take time. Be patient and work for it. Your happiness will come. Your husband/wife will come. Your business, chosen career, flashy car, huge housewith a pretty back garden, IT WILL COME. 

Be positive. 


Village Diner in Saugerties, NY

It may be unassuming on the outside—no flashy chrome or rail car style here—but once you walk in to the Saugerties Village Diner, you’ll understand why diners drive miles just to stop by.

“Sit wherever you like,” the waitresses (or the owner, Abe) tell you when you walk in. You have options—you could take a place at the counter, where you’ll be warmly included in the banter between the waitresses and the witty recurring characters. You may even be invited to participate in the birthday celebration of a freshly-86-year-old regular, complete with house-baked cupcake, candle, and a “happy birthday” serenade by the staff (as we witnessed on one visit).

If the counter’s not your thing, you could choose a sunny booth. To your right, there’ll be a high school couple on one of their first dates. To your left, there’ll be an elderly couple that’s been coming to this diner since their own high school days.

It’s this sense of community and loyalty that keeps the Village Diner full… although the excellent huevos rancheros certainly don’t hurt.