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Hi there! I absolutely love your art. I also love Joly with all of my heart....if you're still taking requests, could you do Joly in 135?

I, too, love Joly with all of my heart ;;
Thank you for asking me to draw my son

thank you so much for asking me!!
hope you like it and sorry if you had to wait so long <3
on the shirt:
“I skipped leg day, look what happened”

HAHA YES AFTER ALL THIS TROUBLE I CAN UPLOAD IT uh have this "nice" flipnote in another celebration of 460+ followers! Characters: swirl-me palette-angexci g...

ah yes one way to celebrate 460+ followers is to make a flipnote XD

enjoy le vid~


goth- @nekophy

palette- @angexci


more smol animations will come soon too!cuz I has free time now X3