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Things that Remind me of the Signs

Aries: The President, big thighs, hot summer days, noon, parades, the military, loud laughter, Spanish, dark wavy brown hair, post workout high, revolutionists, getting wasted with your friends after a breakup, Halloween

Taurus: The smell of fresh cut grass, a dairy farm, an old leather bound journal, traditional American cooking, freckles, country accents, white lacy skirts and shirts, streets covered in gold and orange leaves during the fall, crickets chirping at night

Gemini: Technology, big open skies with a few clouds scattered across it, a cool summer breeze, natural bright blonde hair, internet celebs/youtubers, cheesy 80s movies, neon colors

Cancer: Rainy weather, leather pants, vanilla flavored teas, home baked cookies, short stature, a sarcastic comment, French food, musicals, traveling around Europe during the summers, the suffering artist

Leo: Black and gold furniture, high heels, flashy jewelry, celebrities, a night out on the town with your best friends, belly button piercings, strong smoky makeup, the pink sky during a sunrise, a large circle of friends

Virgo: High end fashion, a perfectly decorated home, maxi dresses, spring thunderstorms, pouty lips, pastel colors, pixie cuts, expensive wines, long manicured nails, running through a big wheat field 

Libra:  Philanthropist celebrities, carefree laughter, british rock, monthly donations to pet charities, pizza parties, going to the supermarket in pajamas, perfect winter snow, New years resolutions, kissing in the rain

Scorpio:  Jaguars and leopards, foggy mornings, stormy skies on the shore, bright red lipstick, modern architecture, brown eyes, a jungle resort, perfect winged eyeliner, single mother with a successful career, smoking

Sagittarius:  Laughing until you cry, toned muscles and abs, a bright smile, winning a race, getting a high score in a video game, tanned skin, New Mexico landscape, start of the school year

Capricorn:  A large cruise ship, getting a promotion, perfectly straight hair, long skirts and sandals, gardening on a warm spring day, having an office job, graduating with honors, birds chirping in the morning

Aquarius: Nighttime thunderstorms/snow, petrichor, clean scrubs, natural color dyed hair, working in medicine, transatlantic flights, a witty response, cool colors, resting bitch face but a magnetic personality, dogs and wolves, Purity Ring

Pisces: Tropical vacations, christmas decorations, southern cooking, a newly adopted puppy, warm hugs and sweet kisses, having dinner with the family in the dining room, big blue eyes, bright and pastel color dyed hair, having lots of kids


He had been hosted parties since… well.. forever. His loft had been big enough, the ladies always showing up in flashy clothes and high heels. He did have to admit, the shoes compliment their legs to a degree. Though, the trashy clothes had been a bit lacking. Even as he settled on the stairs, looking down, he wished he didn’t see everything he was. He wasn’t completely pig-headed like most men were.

As his icy orbs ghosted around his surroundings, his eyes fell on a brunette. Most of the people were the same, a few new stragglers, but she stood out. Modest clothes, a new personality he hadn’t seen. It sparked something in him, and quickly slipping down the stairs he did make his way over to his. His strides calm and even. A Cheshire car grin on his lips, he stopped in front of her.

“Mind if I join you?” He asked curiously, hoping she would tell him no. “Because I would definitely like to get to know guy,” he added with a small smile. He was definitely smitten with this woman, and her eyes, upon further inspection, were beautiful.


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just thought of another body type variant for Princess that would be cute; as a "Shortstack", cause even as the shortest person in the room she'd be able to get all eyes on her(I imagine she'd be even more of an advocate for big hair, big heels, and flashy jewelry than the normal Princess would), also it'd be funny to see her still being the alpha in her and Jack's relationship(despite him being almost twice as tall as her in this scenario)

I was confused cause Prinny is 5′2 and already a shortstack but I’m assuming you mean she has some kind of dwarfism. I remember watching one the Little Women reality show and the way one of the bfs was playing and lifting up his tiny gf was the cutest thing

[Mark] Teacher's Pet (Chapter 75)

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I was not prepared for the emptiness I felt when I woke up in an empty bed. The coldness of the sheets woke me up, and the hollow in my heart deepened as my eyes landed on the small note my other half left on his pillow for me.

Jacob will take you to TH. He’ll be there at five thirty. -M x

I knew I’d feel like this, but I also knew I needed him away from me. He won’t do anything to make the ache in my chest go away, so I’d rather be alone with my pain than have him beg for forgiveness all day like yesterday.

I decide not to think about him too much until I see him, because souring my mood even more until tonight would be useless. I rise from the bed and tidy it, before brushing my teeth and sorting my hair out. I slip into a pair of high waisted leggings, a sports bra and a jacket, fasten my running shoes and go out.

I usually run my way to Dr Miller’s cabinet, but today I run faster than I usually do, because it helps me clear my mind. I want to shake everything out until tonight.


“Abigail.” Dr Miller greets me with a smile, white blouse and big smile on her aging face.

“Good morning, Dr Miller.”

“Good morning to you too, please come in.” She moves to let me in, and I obey, making myself at home. She leads me to her office and lets me sit down in front of her desk.

“How are you doing?” She asks, closing the door behind me.

“I’m good, thank you.” I reply, because since I’m not thinking about anything that’s going on in my life, it’s true.

“Your graduation ceremony was not long ago if I remember correctly. Congratulations.” She says, walking towards her desk.

“Thank you very much.”

She stops dead in her track and frowns.

“What am I seeing on your left hand?” She asks, putting her glasses on and squinting, bending over me. I glance down at my shiny engagement ring, the usual I’m-engaged-to-Mark-Tuan smile stretching my lips. Smaller than usual, but still there.

“Graduation present.” I explain. She looks up at me in awe.

“Congratulations, Abigail.” She chants, enfloding me in her arms. I hug her back, grinning like a fool.

“I take it you broke your promise.” She teases, pulling away from me. I don’t even blush.

“We had to celebrate.” I say to justify my behavior.

“I’ll let it slide this time.” She winks at me before sitting down at her desk.

“How does it feel?” She asks me.


“I wish you the best.”

“Thank you.”

“Now, that shot.” She prompts, fishing in a drawer of her desk.

“Soon I won’t see you here anymore.” She muses. I stiffen visibly. Kids are not an option yet, I need to get my licence, and start my life. Kids will come, but not now. Not now.

“We still have at least two more years ahead of us.” I sputter.

“Of course, you’re young, you have time.” She waves a pregnancy test dismissively before dropping it on the desk in front of me.

“Here’s the test. You know what to do.”


When I come back in her office, Dr Miller is flipping through the pages of her angenda, her glasses high on her nose, a heavy frown scrunching her eyebrows together.

“Abigail, there’s something weird.” She muses without looking at me.

“What’s wrong?” I ask, frowning as well, sitting in front of her desk, holding the test in my hand.

“Was last time we saw each other really twelve weeks ago?” She asks, removing her glasses and looking up at me, still frowning. I don’t keep track of the weeks between our appointments, too much work, selective memory.

“I honestly have no idea. I trust you with this.” I shrug, clueless.

“My agenda says it’s only been seven weeks.” She murmurs, looking at me quizzically. I shrug again. I can’t remember last time I saw her.

“I would have swore…” She mutters, moving her chair to the side and getting on her computer. She puts her glasses back on and types for a moment.

“Yep. It was a mistake.” She smacks her lips, sighing deeply.

“I can’t deal with these new computers.” She mutters. Ah, so I’m still good. Great.

“Looks like you have five more weeks to go.” She declares, looking back at me and shrugging. She stretches her hand out, asking for the test. I hand it to her she squints behind her glasses, checking it.

“See?” She says, getting up and throwing the test in the bean.

“I’m getting old.” She grumbles, and I laugh, mostly because I’m relieved the test is negative. Even though I know I’m good, pregnancy test make me anxious.

“Sorry for calling you for nothing.” She murmurs, crossing her arms over her chest, leaning on her desk.

“It’s okay, Dr Miller,” I smile at her, rising from my seat. “I have time to lose now.”


When Bea texts me, asking me to eat out with her during her lunch break, I know I’m going to do the worst work ever not thinking about Mark. I’ll have to tell her.

I shower, wash my hair, blow dry it, and then pull it up in a ponytail. Then I put my makeup on, keeping it light and discreet. I opt for tight blue jeans, a white blouse, and a black blazer. As I wander in the dressing, trying to figure out what shoes I’m going to wear, my phone rings on one of the chest of drawers. I grab it and look at the ID, it’s my mom.

“Hi, mom.” I pipe up, sitting down on the floor.

“Hi, princess. How are you?” She gushes from the other side of the line, and my heart warms up.

“I’m good, mom. How are you and dad doing?” I enquire.

“Great. Listen, I know it’s a but early but dad wants to know if you know when the wedding will be. Just so he can be there. Just a season, or a month, approximately.” She says. The wedding. Right. I shift uncomfortably. It’s not that I don’t plan on marrying Mark, but I want to do it while I’m happy in our relationship and in good terms with him, which is not the case. Thinking anout beginning to evoke the idea of starting plan the wedding is impossible.  Marriage is out of question for now. But what do I tell her?

“We really haven’t discussed it at all.” I lie.

“Too busy swimming in happiness, huh?” I can sense her smirk. To busy swimming in lies and broke exes, you mean.

“Yes.” I try to laugh. My mom says silent for a moment.

“Tell me what’s wrong.” She orders. I don’t even try to lie again, because it’s no use, and because I don’t have the strength.

“Oh, mom.” I burst into tears, my wrecked emotions resurfacing stronger than before.

“Tell me, Abigail.” She murmurs, her voice laced with concern. I don’t want to tell her about Olivia. She’s not my history. She kind of is now but it has nothing to do with my mom. And I don’t want to tell my mom about Mark’s problems. Or exes.

“We spent so little time together for the past six years and now, I have to deal with feelings I’m not used to feel anymore.” I sob.

“Aw, baby.” She cajoles softly. “I think you both need a little time for you two. Why don’t you go away for a couple of days?” She proposes. Being stuck with him for a couple of days when he hurts me?

“We fought.” I sniffle.

“You need to get things straight. It’s kind of a shock, you know. The sudden change in your life, and being engaged. You need to get back on the right channel.” She murmurs. Get back in the right channel? What is the right channel? Can we be like before when so many things changed in our lives?

“What if we’re not like before?”

“Are you kidding me? Mark loves you more than his next breath. That’s not about to change.” She says. Her words reassure me a little. I know Mark loves me, and that’s what more important. He has a strange way of showing it, and I don’t know if I can deal with it for the rest of my life.

“Okay. Thank you, mom.” I sniffle again and wipe my nose on the back of my hand.

“You’re welcome, princess. Take care. I love you.” She murmurs.

“Love you.” I say back before hanging up.

I fall back on the fluffy carpet, sighing deeply.

What am I going to do with Mark. If I ever get answers from Dr Davis, will I be able to live with him supporting his ex? Can I get past the fact that he hid it from me for three years?

Part me tells me I’ll have to put up with this shit, because there’s no way I’m leaving him. I’m doomed. Screwed. Fucked.

Pushing these thoughts to the back of my mind again, I sit up, and my eyes land on my flashy red heels. This will rock my outfit.


When I park my brand new electric Mini Cooper in front of the restaurant, I already can see Bea sitting at one of the tables of the terrace. She’s on her phone, wearing a blue, long sleeved dress, her curly mane down to her breasts. As I make my way to her, she looks up in my direction and smiles.

“Hey.” I chant.

“Abigail!” She squeals, jumping up from her chair. She engulfs me in her arms, squeezing me.

“How are you?” I ask, hugging her back.

“I’m good.” She says, pulling away from me and holding me at arm’s length. “Look at you, engaged and all.” She wriggles her eyebrows at me, and I beam at her. Engaged and all.

“How’s your future husband?” She asks as we both sit down in front of each other. I squeal happily at the words ‘future husband’, and then my face falls.

“I’m not talking to him.” I declare.

“What?” She utters.

“He’s a sneaky bastard.”

“What did he do?” She asks, leaning on her forearms, her brows scrunched together.

“I found out he supports his ex financially.”

“What?” She splutters.

“That woman fucked him over. Big time. You can’t even imagine.” I explain.

“And he gives her money?”

“It’s been going on for three years.”

“What the fuck?”

“He says she’s having a really hard time and he can’t bring himself to stop even though I asked him to.” I add. She gapes at me, her mouth hanging open, her green eyes wide and confused. She leans back in her seat.

“Jeez.” She says, and I know she feels exactly like me. She doesn’t understand, and she doesn’t know what to think.

“Three fucking years, Bea. Behind my back. It feels like cheating.” I mutter.

“Cheating?” She crinkles her nose. She’s not with me on this.

“She’s the reason why he missed the graduation ceremony.”

“No way.” She gasps.

“It means he’s lied to me countless times, he was seeing her behind my back. Whatever the hell he was doing with her, it was behind.” I mutter. “And I have to marry this sneaky man.”

“Are you going to push back the wedding?” She asks me.

“We don’t even have a date. But I’m not going to start organizing it.” I reply.

“I’m shocked.” She breathes. We sit there in silence, equally confused and speechless.

“He doesn’t want to stop supporting her, Bea. What am I supposed to understand?” I ask her.

“He’s not having an affair, Abigail. Not Mark.” She says categorically.

“But he cares for her. He gives her mony and cares for her.” I argue.

“It can be a business relationship, a professional relationship, whatever the fuck it is, it’s a relationship. A relationship that’s been going on behind my back for three years.” I explain. I feel cheated. And I know it’s not a romantic affair, but it’s an affair nonetheless. I feel betrayed, I didn’t think Mark was capable of this, especially with her.

“This is really fucked up.” Bea sighs.

“I know.”

“But what I’m certain of is that he’s absolutely crazy in love with you.” She says, and that’s what my mom told me too.

“I know it too, that’s the only thing I know, that’s what keeps me here. But the rest…I’m not sure about anything anymore.” I mumble.

“And I’m hurt.” I add. “So fucking hurt, Bea. You can’t imagine.”

“I know, Abigail. It’ll take time, but you’ll push through.” She murmurs reassuringly, leaning in and taking my hand, squeezing it comfortingly.

“I hope so.” I manage a small smile.

“How’s your life?” I ask her.

“Hell.” She rolls her eyes. I crinkle my nose at her.

“You’re too single.” I tease. I’ve been trying to set her up for years. She’s had no one since Max. Not that they ended up badly, but she’s as difficult as before.

“Oh because broke exes would make it soooo much easier.” She teases back, making me laugh. I flip her the bird, laughing inwardly.



After receiving a text from Jacob telling me he’s in the parking lot of the building, I make my way down my ivory tower. Dread wraps itself around my heart like ivy, and my minds fills up with questions. The appointment is taking big steps towards me, and I’m not sure I can handle whatever there is in store for Mark and I.

The elevator doors open and I see Jacob standing next to Mark’s electric Audi, all formal in a black suit. Jacob has been driving us around for four years now, not every day, but I’d say once a week or so.

“Hello, Jacob.” I murmur, and he flashes me a big, friendly smile.

“Miss Kraige.” He greets me formally, holding the back door open for me.

“Abigail.” I grumble, like every single time he calls me like this.

“I’d love to, Miss Kraige, but I’d like to-” “-keep your job, I know.” I cut him off, sliding in the backseat. Mark doesn’t want anyone to call me Abby, and Abigail is reserved to family and friends. For the staff it’s Miss Kraige. He’s already having a hard time dealing with the fact that I have a couple of male friends, so he wants to keep even more distance with male staff, though I’m sure he would act the same if Jacob was a woman. Jacob closes the door behind me, climbs in the driver’s seat, and we’re off to Mark’s workplace, from where we’ll go to Dr Davis’s cabinet.

Jacob gives me the keys of Mark’s car and ambles off in his own, leaving me in front of the automatic doors of the Tuan House. The building is huge, and the interior is incredulously modern. I walk in, making myself at home.

“Hello, Miss Kraige.” Hannah, the receptionist smiles to me.

“Hello, Hannah.” I smile back at her, though both of our smiles are fake. Like 90% of the female, and male staff here, she wants my man. Without further ado, I make my way to the elevator, bypassing every security control. Family and friends, and the girlfriend above all are welcome here and above every law.

Mark’s office is on the last floor of the tower, where the boss’ office should be. When I walk out of the elevator, I notice that the glass office at the beginning of the hallway, where is PA should be, is empty. Without minding it too much, I make my way to the end of the hallway. Just as I place my hand on the doorknob of Mark’s office, I hear the sharp noise of heels behind me. Their fast pace make me turn around, and I see a tall, curvy brunette with blue eyes storming towards me.

“Excuse me.” She snaps, swaying her hips provocatively. She’s in a grey pencil skirt, a black blouse and white heels.

“You have to be rang in to be allowed here, nobody rang you in.” She snaps once she’s at my level. Of course nobody rang me in, I’m the fiancee. I frown at her. I don’t know her and clearly she doesn’t know me. But she knows the rules. Who is she?

“Let go of that doorknob and leave before I call the security.” She snaps. I raise incredulous eyebrows at her.

“And you are?” I sass.

“Fired.” Mark’s voice rings into my ear from afar. I turn around and see him striding over to us, all dark grey suit, with Jimmy, his right arm at his side.

“Nobody talks to my fiancee like this.” He says cooly, his cold eyes fixed on her as he wraps his arm around me. I turn back to her, as puzzled as her. He’s in bastard boss mode. Nothing can stop him when he’s like this. She’s definitely a bitch, but firing her is a bit too much. Who is she anyway?

“Fiancee? Miss Kraige? I didn’t know.” She splutters, her face turning red.

“You had her picture and her name in the folder I gave you this morning. I take it you didn’t open it. Pack your things.” He snaps, and it all clicks into place. She is-was his new PA. He fired Letitia two days ago. The brunette mumbles an apology and turns on her heels, hurrying off.

“Jimmy.” Mark nods his head towards her retreating back while looking at the tall black man. He shifts on his feet.

“She’s senator Grant’s daughter, Mark.” He says uncomfortably. Oh, shit. And Mark fired her.

“Get rid of her.” Mark orders, not seeming to care. I want to slap my face when he’s like this.

“Very good.” Jimmy mutters. “Abigail.” He greets me with a small smile and goes in the same direction as the ex employee. Grumbling about incompetent staff, Mark opens the door of his vast office. His office is a real dream. Glass wall, leather seats, nice paintings.

He leans against his desk, sighing deeply while I look out the glass wall.

“You’re worse than most of the Middle East dictators, you know that?” I half-joke, pulling my eyes back to him, a small smile stretching my lips.

“And I don’t even have the moustache.” He retorts, making the both of us laugh. His laughter fading away, is left his small and tender smile, soft eye gazing at me, drawing me in. I walk up to him, the draft uncontrollable, and stand between his legs, gazing up at him like he’s looking at me.

His fond eyes search on my face, as if he wanted to see every square inch of my skin. They land in my lips and darken considerably. I know he’s going to kiss me, but right now the idea doesn’t displease me at all. Gently, he takes my face in his hands and places his lips on mine,  brushing them against them, back and forth, slowly. I close my eyes and place my hands on his hips, holding him close as I relish the sensation.

My lips pucker, begging for more, and he gives it to me, taking my lower lip between his. He sucks gently, kissing me tenderly, as if I could break if he kissed me more forcefully. He releases my lower lip,  and we make a soft, faint smacking sound. He kisses me again, soft, worshipping lips moving against mine. I can’t think straight when he’s kissing me like that. Just when he’s kissing me at all.

His tongue flicks against my lower lip, and I moan softly into his mouth, leaning onto him. He sucks harder on my lip, running his tongue across it, kissing me more intensely.

“I missed you today.” He murmurs against my lips. I’ve missed him too, not only today, but since all this drama started. I miss it when we’re happy. His lips move faster, more urgently, and I keep up with his rhythm, drunk and lost into him.

He pushes his tongue inside my mouth, kissing me hard, groaning agaonst my lips. I sibmit instantly, letting him take my mouth, loving thr taste of him. One hand moves from my face to my hair, and he wraps my ponytail around his wrists before tugging sharply, tilting my head back, his tongue working passionately inside my mouth. I whimper softly, clinging to his shirt, submitting instantly. He releases my mouth, his lips heading south, kissing me down my neck. As I let myself go and let my guard down, Olivia comes into my mind, reminding me why I’ve missed him. Because we’re not okay.

“We’re going to be late.” I whisper breathlessly, but I can’t bring myself to push him away. His tongue finds my faint scars under a thin layer of foundation, and a whimper escapes me. He runs his tongue on each of my scars, and I ball my fists around the material of his shirt, clinging desperately. He runs the tip of his tongue up my throat, across my jaw line before kissing me behind my ear, his teeth grazing my earlobe.

“I want you.” He murmurs into my ear. I shiver violently.

“No.” I gasp, pushing him away from me. He releases my hair, letting me look back up at his clouded eyes.

“No.” I repeat. His lips form a thin line, and he pushes himself off his desk, standing taller.

“Fine.” He says, his tone clipped. “Let me get my stuffs.” He adds, circling his desk, leaving me panting and shaken.

I slow my breathing, watching him collect his laptop, some folders and shoving them in his briefcase. He grabs his phone and puts it in his pocket, then he takes my hand and strides out of his office. Jimmy joins us in the elevator.

“I sent her away.” He announces.

“Where to?” Mark asks.


“Good job. Call Letitia.” He snaps. As I listen to them talking about different work-related stuffs, I can feel myself slowly drifting away from him, disconnecting. I do it on purpose, because I don’t want to be under his spell while I listen to what Dr Davis has to say, I don’t want to think about how I he makes me feel when he’s there, because that’s not what matters now. I need to think objectively, and having all these contradictory emotions when I’m around him doesn’t help. Slowly, my hand slips out of his.

Now I Understand- A Kyungsoo Smut

Part 2

Kyungsoo wasn’t exactly happy with the night’s plan. He wasn’t looking forward to it, and it clearly wasn’t within his comfort zone, but he had been dragged out by his fellow group members, and he hadn’t been given an option.

So there he was, dressed in what Baekhyun and Xiumin had pulled out as a decent “clubbing” outfit, with his hair styled, and his favorite cologne, awkwardly shuffling to the side, while he sipped on his drink. He watched his group members, as they comfortably danced, and talked to the girls, and he secretly envied them. They seemed so comfortable, so at ease.

“D.O! You need to actually go to the dance-floor to get the girls you know?” Chanyeol yelled at him loudly over the blaring music. He could see the little shine in his eyes from the alcohol. Kyungsoo sighed.

“I don’t know, this is not my thing.” He grumbled, messing with the drink in his hands.

“Come on D.O, you are an idol. You dance for a living! How is this harder than being on a stage with thousands of girls watching you?” Kai tried to argue with him, with a soft, gentle smile. But Kyungsoo was not convinced.

“This is different. I don’t have to talk to them on stage. I’m not like you guys…” Kyungsoo admitted bashfully. He was ashamed of his own insecurities, it was true he was an idol, but he didn’t feel like one really. He wasn’t confident in himself like Kai was, or Sehun, or Baekhyun or Xiumin. They all seemed to be naturals in talking to the female sex. It didn’t help that he was also so incredibly inexperienced.

“Come on Soo… It will be fun. Just go there, meet a pretty girl, and get it over and done with! You need to lose your “V card” tonight. You need some release.” Chanyeol teased, trying to cheer the shorter boy up, but Kyungsoo just cover his face with his hands, groaning.

“Please never say that again.” He muttered at his friend, who was now laughing uncontrollably.

“Come on, just follow me.” Kai encouraged him, grabbing his hand, and walking straight into the dance-floor. Kyungsoo panicked, opening his eyes widely, but he had no place to go, he was already being dragged into the ocean of people by his friend, and there was nothing he could do about it.

From the corner of his eye he spotted Sehun talking to a girl, with his arms wrapped around her, and his mouth against her ear while she blushed and giggled at something he said, and Baekhyun talking to three different girls who were obviously fawning over him. Xiumin seemed to be too entertained with some girl’s tongue down his throat to even notice Yixing’s drunk dancing against some girl dressed in the shortest dress he had ever seen, and he just sighed.

He couldn’t do it. He wasn’t like his friends. He was just the awkward, short Kyungsoo with 0 experience with girls.

Jongin stopped close to the center of the floor, and started dancing around, telling Kyungsoo to follow him. He awkwardly danced to the rhythm of the music, quickly getting into what he was doing, the alcohol starting to make an effect on him. He no longer cared if he looked stupid, he just wanted to dance, at least that way his group members would leave him alone.

“Hey! Would you two like to dance with us?” He heard Jongin yell-ask two girls who were dancing nearby. Kyungsoo turned around to have a look at them, when his eyes immediately froze on you.

He noticed your friend, clad in a flashy red dress with heels bigger than any he had seen before, but the moment his eyes laid on you, he couldn’t tear them away. He blushed slightly when he noticed you were smiling at him. Your friend immediately taking a preference for Jongin, took his hand, and started dancing against his body. ‘Big surprise’ he thought.

“Want to dance?” you asked him with a confident smile, but inside you were squealing because he looked so shy and adorable, could he even be real?

Kyungsoo nodded shyly, and grabbed hold of you, dancing a little too awkwardly. You found this amusing, but decided not to mention it to him, so you wouldn’t embarrass him. You danced with him, discreetly leading him, so he would loosen up a little, you could tell he didn’t  have much experience in this field, and you somehow found this all the more endearing.

He was handsome, there was no unseeing that. He had thick luscious lips that were shaped like a heart, and dark skin, not as dark as his friend’s, that reminded you of coffee and chocolate, and all things delicious. His eyes were big, and wondering, and they wouldn’t move away from you, and you just wanted to grab his face in your hands and kiss him roughly, but you weren’t yet drunk enough to excuse such behavior in case he pulled away from you.

“Do you…. Do you want to get some drinks with me?” He asked, and you nodded eagerly. He walked with you back to the bar, and ordered a couple of drinks. You took yours in your hand and started sipping on it while you examined his body shamelessly.

“I’m Y/N by the way.” You told him with a smile, and his eyes twinkled briefly, the thought of how beautiful your name was, and how well it matched someone as beautiful as you flashing across his mind.

“I’m Kyungsoo. But my friends call me D.O” He told you, a little more confidently now that he had had another drink, and he could feel the alcohol coursing through his veins.

“Well, D.O, has anyone told you you are handsome?” you flirted, stretching your hand out so you could rest it on his thigh, the alcohol giving you that extra little push of confidence you needed. Kyungsoo tensed immediately, and you could see his eyes darken with lust immediately at your contact. You liked the way he reacted to you.

You talked with him for a while, having a couple more drinks, as you flirted and teased with him, trying to build up the moment. Baekhyun and Xiumin watched from the dance-floor, grinning to each other, as they saw you two getting upclose and personal.

“Soo is getting some tonight!” Baekhyun exclaimed, making Xiumin and Chanyeol laugh.

You felt his lips on yours before you could process, they felt smooth, warm, and tasted just like alcohol, but they had you feeling all tingly inside. You felt heat build up in your center. Your arms snaked around his neck, and his wrapped around your waist, pulling you closer. You felt your body against his, his jagged breathing mimicking yours.

You started feeling all hot and bothered, your hormones betraying you as you whimpered into the kiss. Kyungsoo was surprised, he had never kissed anyone like this before, and his body reacted to your touch and your sounds faster than he could process. He felt himself grow in his pants, and his need for your touch increase. His lips moved against you in a harsher manner, trying to find some sort of release in your kiss. You licked his lower lip, and he opened his mouth, letting you in. You could tell he was awkward by the way he moved his tongue, but you led him nonetheless, and soon enough he had melted into the heated kiss, his hands travelling up and down your body hungrily. You smirked.

“Let’s get out of here.” You told him, your pupils dilating, and your eyes glazing over with lust. Kyungsoo nodded, his breath hitching in his throat, he was nervous, that he couldn’t hide, but he was also incredibly horny, and you were beautiful, and he just couldn’t say no. He hoped with all his might you would just lead the way.

You walked him out to the parking lot, you knew you’d left your car somewhere there, but you were tipsy and they all looked the same. You clicked on the remote, and you heard one of them beep, so you ran straight to it, holding Kyungsoo’s hand in yours.  You opened the door, and asked him to get into the backseat. Kyungsoo gladly agreed, climbing into it too eagerly, but he was drunk, he didn’t care how desperate he seemed. You climbed in straight after, and closed the door, smirking at him.

You smashed your lips onto his, kissing him hungrily, your hands travelling to the back of his head, tugging on his head, and he kissed back, struggling for breath and a little overwhelmed, but he was getting better at it. You slid your hands over his jeans, and palmed him through it, earning a couple of groans, which you took advantage of to slide your tongue into his mouth.

You unzipped his jeans, and tugged on them slightly. Kyungsoo’s eyes opened widely, both because he was surprised by your boldness, but also because he was nervous and excited. He pulled his jeans down. You smiled, kissing him over his boxers. You heard the sharp intake of air from his lips and smirked, as you playfully tugged on the waistline of his underwear. You bit your lips, as you pulled them down his legs, setting him free of all restraints.

Kyungsoo blushed, looking away from your face, but your eyes widened in surprise, you surely weren’t expecting him to be so… gifted. You wrapped your hand around him, feeling his warmth, and smiled at Kyungsoo, before beginning to pump your hand up and down. Kyungsoo gasped, and turned to look at you, with a slight blush on his cheeks.

You could feel him tense and squirm underneath you, and you enjoyed the power you had over him.

“Ah… Y/N…” He moaned, as your hand moved faster.

“You like that?” You asked him, your grip tightening around his dick. He moaned loudly, and nodded, he could no longer find his own words. His mind was fuzzy, clouded, he couldn’t remember how to speak. He now understood why the guys made such a big deal about sex.

You spread his precum over the tip of his member with your thumb gently, and you almost squirmed over him, as you heard him gasp, and felt his legs tense immediately. You straddled him properly, as your hand continued to pump him a little longer, faster.

“D.O… Has anyone ever given you a blowjob before?” You asked him, with a sickeningly sweet voice, as you stared straight into his eyes. He gulped, his heart skipping a beat, and his breath hitching in his throat. He shook his head.

“N-No.” he stuttered, finally finding his voice. You smirked at him, your hand slowing down.

“Would you like me to?” You asked again, almost a purr, and he found himself moaning louder than he had before, nodding furiously. You lowered your head, and took as much of him as you could, hollowing your cheeks. Your tongue swirled around his tip, tasting all of him. He gasped again.

“Y/N…” He moaned, his hands finding their way to their hair, tangling with it, as his eyes fluttered shut. You started bobbing your head up and down, while your tongue pressed against him. Unconsciously, his hands pushed your head further down, forcing you to take all of him in.

“Ah… Y/N that feels so good…” He moaned, as you continued moving your head up and down his dick, sucking a little as you got closer to the tip. You could feel him writhing underneath you, and you felt a sense of pride build up inside you.

You pulled away from him, letting him slide out of your lips, and releasing him with a pop. His eyes opened wide, as he whined a complaint.

“I want you to look at me.” You told him, removing your dress and bra, before lowering your face again onto his lap. You blew on his tip, before taking him in again. He moaned, as you moved your mouth so quickly your jaw started to ache slightly. You looked up, and saw him staring at you, biting his lip. You wanted to smile. Still keeping eye contact, you started moving your mouth, teasing him with your tongue as you hollowed your cheeks. He groaned.

You knew he was close when he started bucking his hips, thrusting them into your mouth. You felt him twitch in your mouth, as he moaned loudly.

“Y/N… I think I’m going to….” He groaned, but he was cut short by his own moan, as he came undone, shooting his hot load into your mouth. You continued moving your head a little longer, letting him ride out his high, and when he was done, you pulled away, swallowing it, and licking your lips after.

Kyungsoo stared at you with wide eyes, his brain unable to process not only what had just happened, but how hot you just looked. He was a panting mess in your backseat, and he now understood why Sehun kept talking about wanting blowjobs. He didn’t think anything could feel as good as that. But there was something bothering him…

“You didn’t… I mean… I didn’t…” he started, stuttering. He didn’t know how to word his thoughts. You smiled.

“How about you take me back to your place for round two?” You asked him with a smirk, and as soon as those words left your lips, he was grinning like an idiot, nodding a little too eagerly, once again.

‘Thank you Baek for bringing me out. Thank you!’ He thought to himself, as he hurried to put his pants back on.


Oh Primus, this day had been a long one. Rung hadn’t had that many sessions with patients, but the ones he had were tense and taxing, especially with Tacet. On top of that, he had to take on some extra datawork as well, since apparently Ultra Magnus trusted him to get it done more than he did Rodimus (surprise surprise). Normally Rung wouldn’t have agreed to the task, but Magnus had gotten his name right on the first try, so Rung felt obligated in some sense…

Regardless, the workday was over now, and Rung could relax. Making his way into Swerve’s, a flash of color caught his optic over by the main bar. A pair of bright blue pedes were sticking out of a hatch near the filter machine, and one of them kicked, as if in frustration. It must be one of the newcomers, Rung thought - he’d definitely have remembered flashy heels like those if he saw them.

Coming up to the bar, Rung put his hands on the ledge and leaned forward slightly. “E-excuse me? Is everything alright in there…?”