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Baby Sister

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Pairing: WinchestersxSister!Reader
Word count: 1,072
Warnings: None
Author: Brittiny

Once your two older brothers shut the door behind them, you grinned. They had told you that you weren’t allowed to go to your friend’s house party. They didn’t, however, tell you that you weren’t allowed to go on a date. To a different party. You could taste freedom, as your eighteenth birthday was just under five months away.

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Most – if not all – of the Japanese ones I post are descendants of Shirayukihime, a white mare. She, wasn’t much of a runner herself, but has been the dam of several classy runners in, including 3 stakes winners Yukichan, Buchiko, & Shironii. Yukichan is actually the only white graded stakes winner I can think of.

Some of the flashy horses are actually North American. Starresha (Canadian) gets her color from grandsire Airdrie Apache; The Patchen Beauty foals (American) trace their color back to White Beauty. Painting the Sky (American) is a unique one, neither of her parents is white.

Being Captain Boomerang’s daugther would include:

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Request:  Can you do what being captain boomerangs daughter would be like? Like a HC? Idk but ya

A/N: I included the Squad a little bit because we all know that some of them are totally into having their own sweet little kids. 


  • Him being always super careful with you.
    • Digger holding you as if you could break any second. 
  • Him almost crying when you don’t want to stop crying.
    • Him at least starting crying once a month because you’re a scream Queen
  • Him making baby noises and funny faces while feeding you.
  • Digger letting you play with his boomerangs and Pinky.
  • Your first word being ‘Boomerang’
  • Him teaching you how to walk.
  • Digger being the dad who films everything you do. 
    • Showing all the cute videos the squad. 
    • Harley cooing.
    • Deadshot and El Diablo giving him dad-tips.
    • Deadshot being your baby sitter. 
    • Harley buying you flashy baby clothes.
    • Too many pictures and videos with the squad.


  • Knowing all the swear words. 
    • Him trying to convince everyone that it’s not his fault.
  • Having your own boomerangs. 
  • Digger teaching you how to throw them, and how to defend yourself.
  • Pinky sleeping in your bed.
  • Him being very patience with you. 
    • Digger actually throwing a fit with you when you’re behaving like a ‘brat’.
  • Cuddling. 
    • You both being cuddler.
  • Digger learning how to braid your hair because he wants to make you happy.
  • Him letting you play with his hair/beard. 
  • You using make up on your dad.


  • Him being very protective. 
  • Him hating too revealing clothes.
  • Him hating all your boyfriends/girlfriends.
    • Not because of the “They are not good enough for my little baby” but because they are not aussies.
  • Him giving you ‘The Talk’ when you ask if you could go buy some bras.
    • It’s awkward so he calls for Harley’s help. 
  • Him being unable to cope with you getting your period for the first time. 
    • Calling Harley and Katana for help.
    • Him googling what to do and buying everything a girl needs during her period - including Tampons and pads (all sizes), sweets, tissues, a hot-water-bag and a few movies.
    • Him trying to be calm and cool with it even thought he doesn’t want you to grow up so fast.
  • Him teaching you how to fight with boomerangs. 
    • You sneaking out to help the squad during a dangerous mission.
    • Digger grounding you for 3 whole months even though you saved their asses.
  • Him getting angry when you start drinking and smoking and doing drugs.
    • Even though he’s pissed he never yells at you but tries to explain everything because you’re like best friends.
    • Him being disgusted that you don’t like the same beer as him.
  • Digger and the squad comming lowkey to your prom and graduation.
    • Harley and Katana heling you with all the make up, hair and so on.

Grown up:

  • Him behaving like you’re still in your teen years.
  • Digger being proud of you if you marry an aussie. 
  • Him being very proud of you when you kick asses. 
    • Especially when strangers try to hit on you or touch you.

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// *wheezes cause i just imagined an underfresh crane* sAVE ME //

At first I was like “It’s kinda impossible since well, the pal doesn’t have a soul and underfresh doesn’t have an au for his o-” And then I realized… if Crane go inside an AU where a Sans is possessed by a fresh parasite… well  it would work LMAO. SO have a really flashy baby !

Who shift his sunglasses into love when he see Chill //shot


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With all these flashy babies lately, do you think paint/overo thoroughbreds are becoming more common, or just getting more attention? Do you think they'll ever BE common?

I think it’s a mix of the two - a few more flashy TBs being born (thanks to Shirayukihime’s descendants & stallions like Munnings & Bodemeister throwing chrome), but mostly pictures of flashy babies are fun to share. 

I don’t think they’ll ever be that common unless a male version of Shirayukihime starts to dominate the sire ranks. Though there’s at least one farm - Patchen Wilkes Farm - trying to make colorful racing TBs more common. 

((I touched a tiger. Yes, I did.))

((Yesterday, I paid a visit to my Mother, who lives in another town. While we were out, we swung by a reptile expo that was going on, which had the privilege of showcasing a local exotic wildlife expert, and two tiger cubs he’d brought with him. The first cub was too old to legally be handled by anyone but a professional. But, the other cub was still young enough that one could pay $20 for two people to enter it’s pen with a supervisor, and pet the little baby and take pictures. 

So, guess what Mom and I did? XD

These are the pics I got on my cruddy camera. The majority of photos are on my Mother’s cell phone. We got to pet this baby, and it sat on both my and my Mother’s laps. We actually got a good pic on Mom’s cell of the baby on her lap, but it was far too squirmy while it was setting on me to get anything but an orange blur. 

Still here are the pics I made it home with. Some of them are a little out of focus, but I did my best under the circumstances.))

((The first pic of this little furball As you can see, she was quite sleepy.))

((“Who the heck are you?” Mom lifts the head to get a good face pic. I’ve seen this expression on my own cats many a time, when their nap has been interrupted.))

((“Well, if you’re just gonna let my head rest on your hand, I guess it’s okay.”))

((“Okay, that’s enough with the flashy box!” This baby had so many pics taken of it that day…))

((“What is with you people?” ))

((“I mean, really, I’ve been at this all day. I just want a nap!” ))

((“That’s better!” ))