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If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

Maybe Alchemy is Cisco. Not our Cisco, but Flashpoint!Cisco.

Season 1 gave us a really strong indication that Cisco will, at some point, be able to stop changes from the timeline from having knock-on effect. Eddie Thawne shoots himself, Eobard starts being unmade, and his last words are “Cisco, help me.” This suggests that Eobard, with all the foreknowledge (historical knowledge) he has, expects or at least hopes that Cisco could have helped him. That Cisco could have reached out to a man whose ancestors never existed, and stopped him from being unborn.

That kind of power–to take something from another timeline and bring it back into the current real one when it should not exist–is exactly what Alchemy is doing.

Alchemy gets into contact with people who are dreaming of Flashpoint–and the whole “dreaming of a different timeline” is also a Cisco thing, the first thing (besides naming)[1] we saw him do with his powers; maybe Flashpoint!Cisco knows how to draw it out in others, or project it onto them, if he isn’t just picking up on it–and they come to him in person, and he gives them their powers.

So you know… maybe Flashpoint!Cisco survived Flashpoint being unmade, did for himself what Eobard begged him to do back in season 1 and survived the little detail that it was impossible for him to exist. Maybe he came through to the S3!now, and is giving people their Flashpoint powers. (Maybe he’s doing that so he can get something out of them and leave behind the husks. Maybe he’s just doing it so they’ll make the life of the person who stole his life miserable. Maybe there’s something else at work. I don’t know.)

Maybe Cisco’s this season’s villain.
[1] I have many and heartfelt opinions about the significance of Cisco’s naming people, and who names themselves (hint: people who build their own powers - Pied Piper, Trickster, Velocity), but for the moment I am just going to say I take it as a barometer of way more than just his state of mind.

I am not entirely sure what to make of it yet, but the fact that he hasn’t named anyone yet except to say that maybe Alchemy should be Doctor Alchemy is something I am paying attention to.

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