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Heartland and Flashpoint

An episode like 1016 comes around and I can’t resist. I’d like to think it’s almost a good thing Lisa wasn’t in this episode, because the last time Jessica Steen and Kari Matchett shared the screen (Flashpoint episode 203—Clean Hands), one of ‘em didn’t survive. Heh. (Guess which one.)

Jessica Steen as Cst. Donna Sabine on Flashpoint.

Kari Matchett as Agent Delia Semple on Flashpoint.

Donna is shocked after firing a fatal shot.

A little more trivia:

Aside from Steen and Matchett, two more actors who’ve been seen on Heartland appeared in this same episode of Flashpoint.

Peter Outerbridge  (Brad Borden)

Billy MacLellan (one-off character, Trevor Darling a.k.a. “One-Trick-Trevvy”. Caleb’s not-so-flattering nickname.)