Level 70 game play

About uprisings/ ops etc you can queue from galactic command, make sure you check your role from upper left corner before queueing!

Just like the old group finder, it automatically queues dual classes as both so for example you might find your dps operative marked as the group healer if you don’t change it.

And for people thinking of complaining someone’s healing/tanking this might be the reasons (marked as healer when they’re dps) so help other players to find how to change this option before tearing them down!

(I didn’t think of this until group popped - almost missed the tank icon on my dps jugg! So I declined, changed to queue as dps and funny enough same group popped and ended up tanking anyway… But the healer was good and no one complained my ‘bad’ tanking since they now saw I wasn’t a real tank)

However, just like flashpoints, the story mode uprisings seem doable with all dps group - as long as you work as a team. So even if you find a “fake tank/healer” in your group you should be able to do it as long as you don’t expect them to heal/tank for you. For fraks sake don’t Insta kick someone for honest mistake! Let them leave and requeue with right role if they want to, but you’re probably going to be just fine in story mode.


This is probably an unpopular opinion but I’m actually okay with Candice not being included in this particular set of crossovers. 

Should she have been? Absolutely. Her inclusion would have been seamless and it would made perfect sense…however, it also would have been written by Guggenheim. Now, I’m all about Candice making that paper and her not be included in crossovers prevents her from that doing that at the rate of some of her other co-workers which is blatantly unfair. What’s even worse is the fact that this happened on a crossover where her character’s inclusion made more sense than most of the other characters forced in. So NOT including her was a choice and I’m not going to lie, that’s a bitter pill to force down. The Earth is attacked by aliens because Barry Allen created Flashpoint and in order to save everyone he contemplates sacrificing himself…but Iris West is no where around for any of this?!? That’s bullshit. That is complete and utter bullshit and we all know it. What’s truly annoying is that Guggenheim and Co. had the AUDACITY to write 13 words, literally just THIRTEEN words, in which Barry acknowledged that he had someone that he loved and regretted not saying goodbye to but it was cut for time. Cut for time. CUT FOR TIME?!?! I timed myself saying it and it literally took like 2 seconds. And even with the weird pauses Grant does sometime it still would have only taken 5 or 6 seconds tops. But it was cut for time. 

Barry Allen, the same man who waxes poetic about Iris West so much on The Flash that it has us all questioning what he’s going to have left when it’s time to write his wedding vows, wasn’t allowed five seconds on a Guggenheim-penned episode to say that he loved Iris and he was sorry he was leaving her without a goodbye. That’s it. No over the top, grandiose, earth-shattering, once in a lifetime epic declaration just a simple “I love you and I’m sorry.” Barry and Iris are freaking DC comic book royalty and they weren’t even allowed that. 

So again, SHOULD Candice have been on the LOT portion (at the very least) of the crossover? Absolutely, but I’m glad she wasn’t. Because as annoyed as I am about how it all went down I’m about 99.9% sure I would have been LIVID at how Guggenheim actually treated Iris if he had her on the show. He’s a trash writer and a trash show creator, period. He has an inexplicable hard-on for Felicity Smoak that, mark my words, will prove to either be his downfall or Arrow’s…or both. He has no respect for comic book canon, and the way he disrespects women (not named Felicity), specifically black women, is disgusting. So with all that said, is it really a surprise that he didn’t feel as if Candice’s inclusion was necessary or worth the very minimal effort it would have taken to write for Iris West? 

I want Candice to cross over because she’s amazingly talented and plays a kick-ass and iconic character. I want her to cross over because she IS important and what her character adds to the story is necessary. I want her to be included because Iris West is EVERYTHING to Barry Allen and when he literally had the weight of Earth’s salvation resting on his shoulders any writer worth his or her salt would know instantly that Barry would never consider sacrificing himself without hearing Iris’ voice one last time. I want her to be integrated fully in the DCTV universe because the writers/producers/creators/whoever know that her presence is mandatory and even if she isn’t a science whiz what she is good at is just as essential to the overall story. 

The Flash writers aren’t by perfect by any stretch of the imagination and there is so much they can do better BUT they are still leaps and bounds ahead of Guggenheim and his crew. So yeah, I hope to see Candice cross over one day…to Supergirl. The Supergirl writers aren’t perfect either (still side-eyeing them to hell and back for the James/Kara thing) but they have yet to prove to be complete failures at the level Guggenheim and Co. are at. So to be completely and brutally honest, if she never steps foot on a Guggenheim ran show I won’t even be mad. He had his chance where Iris West is concerned and he squandered it, he shouldn’t get another one to waste. 


If your theory about Reverse Flash being the real cause of all of the problems stemming from Flashpoint is correct I’ll actually be really satisfied. I think in that way it would still facilitate Barry learning his lesson because of the idea that it very well could have been him to do it, but it also doesn’t invalidate anyone else’s anger for thinking he did, and it doesn’t cheapen their forgiveness of him. So I hope you’re right. 

i’m reading comics!flashpoint again and it makes me realize, again, how cheap show!Flashpoint was. the four part crossover should have been flashpoint and worked like the error ep where they could also be standalone episodes.

comics!flashpoint had an entirely altered world. a world that was at war, a world that was suffering, and it was hero vs. hero because it changed everyones lives. and barry fixed it, but depending on where you go, if it’s the movie, he set everything right. if it’s the comics, ‘fixing’ it shifted the world into new 52.

which is really what they should have done. not reboot the entire world when he came back, it could have been altered in the same way it was on the show, but i would have loved to show, immensely, you can’t fuck with time and change peoples’ lives.

that’s actually a HUGE part of barry’s comic book persona and why him doing it was such a big deal – he flatout refused, for a long time, to go back in time and change things. he wouldn’t do it. he thought it was wrong. and the show really cheapened this by not exploring or playing on it. his decision to change things was drastic.

and then he blamed eobard at first because he didn’t remember even doing it, he didn’t remember being in that much grief, and eobard was like “i’m not that fucking stupid lmfao.” and nora, NORA, had to be the one to convince him to change things back and that’s how he learned ot let her go.

i just.


Barry created Flashpoint.

The Dominators come to earth because Barry creates Flashpoint.

Barry needs Kara’s help. Barry and Cisco go get Kara from Earth 38 creating those portals.

One of those portals distract Cyborg Superman in his fight against Kara.

CS ends up shooting Maggie.

Maggie has a near death experience.

She wants to kiss Alex.

She kisses Alex. 


Flashpoint really was useful after all.

Thanks Barry.

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Concept, Black Siren being affected by Flashpoint in a manner more severe than everyone else due to her being from an alternate earth, where she begins to remember things that only happened to E-1!Laurel, eventually becoming an amalgam of two earths versions of one person and being a kickass anti-hero to boot, and of course Sara trying to help her through this whole bizarre mess when/if given the chance.

Adgjjgdhjbfh yesss!!! I mean she already has the same body and soul as laurel so this could be the perfect way to bring her back, with her finally taking the black canary mantle after talking to laurel’s ghost (via magic). Then she joins team legends and I can finally rest in peace

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if dc cast a cuban actress for selina o would like eva mendes,ir they want a white italian i want morena baccarin, and what about you?

I think we’ve already established Morena IS Selina Kyle, like

and y’all know how I feel about Eva I MEAN

I love both of them so I’m pretty much with you there. Casting Eva or Morena would honor the pre-Flashpoint canon and they are both so beautiful??? It would be my longest yeah boy ever, no joke.

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Spoiler alert for Crossover Flash episode: Was wondering if you've had any thoughts on Martin's reaction to (what I assume is hinted at) Clarissa's changed fate post-Flashpoint. I'm very interested in how he will take that news

Well I’d say that we don’t know anything about Clarissa’s fate yet? We know she’s not at home right now, but Martin’s daughter (Lily???) didn’t respond to Martin asking about her as if Clarissa’s dead or anything, so it’s hard to say on that front.

As for how he feels about Lily, I feel like the Legends crossover episode dealt with that really well, so I don’t know too much more about what there is to analyze right now, once you watch that episode (i realize I got this ask before it aired, but I was waiting to see the Legends one to see what they did with it for this reason). I think Martin’s in a tough position, but I can totally respect and do 100% agree with his decision not to erase his daughter from the timeline. Honestly, I don’t think I’d be able to, were I him. That’s a whole human being, and it’s his daughter. That’s… that’s too much to ask a person to do, imo.

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I'd be mad at Barry cause it was incredibly selfish to do flashpoint even if I was fine so yeah, Cisco gets to be mad people, come on let's be real


he was thinking of literally nobody else, just himself, people get to be mad about him putting himself completely first.

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So, I might be mistaken because I still haven't finished watching the crossovers but... didn't Barry's creating Flashpoint and Cisco being against killing the dominator (which from what I have read sets things in motion for Barry's sacrifice? sorry if I misunderstood this) come from different standpoints? Barry was grieving and in pain and (to an extent) being selfish (because he didn't think of the consequences of changing the timeline) while Cisco did that from a moral standpoint and value?:/

Yes, but they still made it out to be similar circumstances, and had Cisco muse that he was being a hypocrite. Which was garbage. 

Honestly I liked that moment from Cisco with the dominator, the logic, while not necessarily practical (because that if we do like them we’re no better–I never get it just kill them), was very pure and very Cisco. But if I knew they were going to use it to facilitate that bullshit they should have just let that motherfucker die. 

And it was for nothing more than to get Cisco to forgive Barry, even Barry’s “sacrifice” was nothing more than for Cisco to forgive Barry. There was no emotion behind his decision to die. I’ve seen Grant deliver more tearful performances for smaller decisions. There was so little emotional impact of that “sacrifice” that the next scene it was like the idea was never in Barry’s mind. They could have cut out the entire “save the dominator/Barry’s the lamb” and the episode would still be it’s same average quality.  

harrisco twitter friends AU

so after talking to @strivia about our flashpoint idea, i decided i’d use her formatting on ideas i’d had thanks to a prompt.  it’s easier, i think, than my crappy writing lmao.

twitter friends au:

  • cisco is a huge fan of harrison wells, and naturally follows him on twitter.  cisco isn’t the type to send messages to celebrities on twitter - especially someone like dr wells.  he has millions of followers and there’s no way cisco’s message would be noticed among the thousands dr wells must get.  buuut for whatever reason, cisco decides to send one to dr wells one day.

  • … and he actually gets a response!  and either dr wells has heard of cisco, or he looked him up, because he tells cisco to keep up the good work and mentions one of cisco’s projects.  then dr wells ACTUALLY FOLLOWS HIM.  cisco’s totally blown away.

  • cisco does another thing he doesn’t typically like to do - he sends dr wells a DM.  there are those he admires who do follow him as well that he could message but he just hates the idea of bothering someone that well known.  but cisco wants to say thanks and how much it means to him without sending a string of @ messages to.  plus, he may not see them even if cisco did.

  • dr wells actually replies.  almost right away.  cisco can’t believe it.  his day - no wait, week.  month.  life! - is totally made.  they chat for awhile until dr wells understandably has to get back to work.  some important meeting.  he tells cisco their conversation is “to be continued”.

  • the next time cisco logs on, there’s a message from dr wells waiting for him, asking how he’s doing and what he’s currently working on (if he’s allowed to share).  dr wells tells cisco to call him harrison.

  • they end up chatting almost every day for a couple months until harrison points out that it’s ridiculous they haven’t met yet and invites cisco to s. t. a. r. labs for a personal tour.

  • they really hit it off and end up with a weekly lunch date.  they continue DMing on twitter, though sometimes their messages move to texts (and cisco can’t believe he actually has dr w—harrison’s personal cellphone number).

  • even after all their lunches, cisco’s honestly still a bit star struck.  plus, he’s definitely gotten a crush on harrison wells.  at first he just thought it was continued admiration, but then one earlier lunch he makes harrison laugh, hard.  cisco can’t stop thinking about the way he looks when he laughs and cisco realises that nope, he’s a total goner.

  • then one day, the unthinkable happens.  someone left s. t. a. r. labs unexpectedly and harrison thinks the position would be a great fit for cisco.  harrison wells is offering him a fucking JOB.  he, of course, takes it.  how can he not?  leaving his job is no problem.  he doesn’t hate it or anything, but he’s never felt appreciated there.

  • he and harrison actually end up on a project together not that long after cisco starts working.  they bicker.  a lot.  once just to piss him off, cisco calls him “harry”.  it has the desired effect - harrison obviously hates it.

  • however, the nickname kind of sticks.  it bothers harrison less and less over time but it’s become habit for cisco.  i mean, he loves giving out nicknames anyway but he cannot believe he gave one to harrison fucking wells.  so “harry” it is.  which earns many confused glances from colleagues when cisco calls him that in front of them.

  • originally, harry started calling him “ramon” in turn to try to annoy him back but it didn’t work very much.  but harry keeps at it any way.  now it’s just their thing.  he was ramon, and harry was harry.

  • they end up being physically touchy with each other, whether it’s a hand on a shoulder or on the back as one of them is leaning down to look at whatever the other’s come up with.  every time, it makes cisco want to shiver and gives him goosebumps.

  • one night when they’re working late, cisco is arguing with harry over some plans that are spread out over the table.  he’s pointing at something when harry grabs his hand to stop him and says “no, RAMON–”.  this time, a massive wave of tingles washes over cisco, and it’s like harry knows.  harry’s open mouth from whatever he was going to say snaps shut.

  • but he doesn’t let go of cisco’s hand.  cisco slowly turns his head to look at harry, and the way harry is looking at him catches his breath.  harry’s eyes momentarily linger on cisco’s lips.  before cisco can even properly process it, harry’s cupping cisco’s face and leaning in.  cisco’s eyes flutter shut when harry’s lips find his own, but then the kiss is over.

  • when harry pulls away, he has a look on his face like he’s worried he shouldn’t have done that.  but cisco starts grinning like an idiot, his face totally flushed.  after a moment, harry smiles back and leans in for another kiss.

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Do you think Iris will die this season?

No. I think her life will be in danger, and Barry may even believe her to be dead at some point, but she will not die. (This isn’t counting some Cisco in 1.15, E2 Joe, Flashpoint Wally shenanigans. That could happen to anyone at any time.)

So my friend @space-dementia49 asked me to explain her a thing and said I could post it, so here be Jacks insanely long break down of Jokers love for Batman.

So the interesting thing about the Joker in relation to batman is that he has been (debatably I suppose) canonly in love or at least obsessed with the bat since the introduction of the character. This trait has spanned across writers, artists, and variations/ interpretations of the character for almost seventy years, from the darker interpretations to the lighter. Some prime examples are as follows:

The Killing Joke
Batman the animated series
The Dark Knight (Christopher Nolan)
The Batman; Batman v. Dracula
Batman the brave and the bold
Batman Mask of the Phantasm
The entire New 52 Batman series by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo (who as an aside is a darling and made me cry.)
Injustice vol. 1
Flashpoint paradox (wherein batman and the Joker are Thomas and Martha Wayne)

But there are many more. And his logic behind this obsession varies depending on which backstory you follow for the character.

If you follow the killing joke / red hood backstory, batman himself could debatably be said to have created the Joker up on the catwalk in ace chemicals, wherein he couldn’t save Jack in time. This created a mindset in J of the Bat as almost something higher than human, a saint whose one failure was the Joker himself.

In the Dark Knight nolanverse film, the Jokers thought pattern is much more deep and existential in nature- he understands that for batman to exist, to be needed, there have to be men like the joker to exist, and that in turn, the Joker needs batman to put true contrast to his actions or its all meaningless.

In the animated series, Joker often refers to Batman as being the reason crime is such an enjoyable past time. (See “The Man who killed Batman”. “Without Batman, crime has no punchline.”- Joker while holding a funeral for Batman.) He believes that they are destined for one another, that it is his place and only his place to kill Batman and vice versa, constantly trying to push Batman over the edge in such a way that no one else can.

Now let’s take a moment to assess the Joker in the New 52 canon. In Death of the Family, the Joker essentially goes of the deep end and kidnaps each of the people closest to Batman. His family. He convinces batman that he’s removed their faces, and tells batman that he has a choice- he can move and burn his family and prove that batman cares more about Joker than them, or not and in the end, even after everything, Bruce saves Joker and proves him right. The Joker lovingly refers to Batman as his king, and rambles about how the bat kids are only holding batman, his bat, back from his true potential. In a sick way, all he does is out of love for Batman, to try to push him to be the best he can be by doing the only thing he knows, being the worst /he/ can be. When confronting Selina, she accuses him of being in love with batman, while batman is merely an obstacle to her, a fact the Joker gleefully agrees with.

The events of Death of the Family are, in the creators own words, a love letter from Joker to the one he cares most deeply for. By the end of it, he feels betrayed, like Batman has broken his heart, thus leading to the events of End Game, and eventually Superheavy (BRUCE WHY WONT YOU JUST HOLD HIS FUCKING HAND HES REACHING FOR YOU!!!).

“You’re the one in love with him.”
“Of course. Isn’t that obvious?”
- discussion between Catwoman and Joker in death of the Family

“So, you want to know kiddies? You want to know why the doors and the windows get left unlocked at night? Why I get to creep in, over and over? To get you…and you… And you (again)… And you… And you…? Because the ugly truth of it, kiddies, is that deep down, beneath it all… Batman loves me more than he lives you.” -joker in death of the family conclusion

We will now turn to Batman Europa, a four part miniseries wherein both Joker and Batman are infected with the same disease and sent to Europe in an attempt to find the cure. The end reveals that it was Bane who infected them both in an attempt to make Batman realize he can’t live without the Joker. He goes on to allude that they are each other’s antidote, and, upon tasting each other’s blood, both are healed.
(Also referred to as wherein Bane ships it hella hard and sends them on a European honeymoon to the most romantic cities such as Paris, Prague, Berlin, and Rome)

“But why infect me? I mean, it isn’t funny.”
“Don’t you dare hurt him, Bane!”
“Ah, so you understand now. That’s all I was waiting for, detective… That light to go on. You needed to know you can’t live without Joker.”
-joker,Bruce and bane.

“We are each other’s antidotes.” -Bruce to Joker

In Frank Millers the Dark Knight Returns, the Joker goes near catatonic after Batman retires (after the murder of Jason Todd), only to make a full recovery ten years later when Batman returns.

“B-b-batman? Darling….” -Joker upon watching a tv program of his Bats return

In Batman cacophony, a comic written by Kevin Smith, the Joker claims that all of his actions are based purely on his intense feelings for Batman.

“I don’t hate you because I’m crazy. I’m crazy because I hate you.”

(Also he admits to seeing Bruce’s dick buuuutttt that’s besides the point.)

Some other quotes:

“Arthur Reeves: Haven’t you read the papers? It’s Batman.
Joker: [pressing his joy buzzer] Wrong. It ain’t the bat. Nope, nope, nope. I’ve seen the guy. He looks more like the Ghost of Christmas Future. Nowhere near as cute as Batboy.”
-mask of the phantasm

The Joker: Batsy, you complete me.
-batman vs Dracula

Here my dude

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What do you think about the recent statement from show runner Kreisberg in which he said that they’re considering changing the focus from Flashpoint to this other mid-season big reveal they’re serving up in 3x09, when previously it was indicated that Flashpoint will drive the stories in Season 3?

My first thought was that it really sounded like they’re changing horses midstream. However, 3x09 was being filmed around the time 3x01 aired, and several more scripts would’ve been in editing/development, so I don’t think it’s any sort of reaction to poor fan feedback about Flashpoint. It may be that they simply had a great idea, and/or realized that the Flashpoint fallout was losing some steam as they had already dealt with Killer Frost, Cisco/Dante, and so on. 

If the reveal is actually amazing and interesting then I’m all for it. If it’s not, then it could be a worrying sign for the second half of the season.

(On the other hand: STAR Labs Museum, Gorilla City, Kid Flash & Jesse Quick, musicals!)

Al Jazeera America’s exclusive interview with Michael Brown’s mother

The mother of Michael Brown says she will “never forgive” the “cold and malicious” police officer who shot and killed her son nearly one year ago in Ferguson, Missouri.

“He wouldn’t even admit what he did was wrong. He wouldn’t admit he had no reason to do what he did,” Lezley McSpadden said of former Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson. “I’ll never forgive him.”

McSpadden said of Wilson: “He’s evil, his acts were devilish.”

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I read 'wally didn't want to share iris with barry either' n i was done BAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA what kind of pettiness and possessiveness is this? My God! i want to read the comics now. You have intrigued me, but i wouldn't know where to start and there's too many.


I always say start when Barry comes back in the original Rebirth comics (not to be confused with the recent ones) and read Brightest Day through the Flash issues of Flashpoint. And then Bart, “The Fastest Man Alive” (his Impulse comics are gold, but they are SO LONG in a run and I hate the art, so.)

A lot of people hate it, but that’s my favorite era of Flash comics and you get to meet just about everyone in the Flashfam through those (except Jenni which FUCK DC) and it’s way less intimidating.

I’m not as familiar with Wally’s actual run, not well enough to rec Wally comics. @thisislostinlace, @blackwallywest, @bklynmusicnerd95 could help way more with his run. also @wally-linda


>> The Flash [3x4] The New Rogues


Barry continues to train Jesse and when a new meta human, Mirror Master, appears on the scene he lets her tag along. Mirror Master has teamed up with his old partner, Top, and is looking for Snart to even a score. Jesse is quick to join the chase but defies one of Barry’s orders which results in disastrous consequences.