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Sorry. I'll try again. GB had lunch with GG during the hiatus. GB told him what would happen on FP and GG got excited. CP was at a con and she revealed that GG sent her a text, telling her about FP and WA. I remember at the TVLine interview, the interviewer asked the cast how they felt about the S3 premiere being about FP. There was a small moment where CP looked at GG (While they were linking arms) and said "You were pretty excited".

*gasp* She actually said “you were pretty excited” ?!?!?! I knew about the rest, but I did not know about that! SUPER exciting, Anon, and I would not mind at all if you found a link to where she said that. FP was suuuuper cute for WA. I absolutely love that Grant got giddy over it and felt the need to text her immediately. :P They’re the best of buds and they love WA so so much, I DIE! *heart eyes for days*

WIP Week | Day 3 - Favorite WIP

Title: Flashpoint
Ship: Barry & Iris (referenced only)
Show: The Flash
Chapter: 4

Preview -

“Take as long as you need” – his mother had said.

“Grab what’s most important to you. We can get the rest later.”

But Barry stood in the center of the living room in his apartment and wondered what exactly constituted as important.

He assumed clothes weren’t included in the necessities, since they didn’t hold sentimental value from what he could tell after sifting through them. They were likely in large supply at home too. He couldn’t have brought them all to school. And he had to have come home during summer and winter vacation, even if he had been in school for six years straight.

I mean – right?

He couldn’t be so paranoid that he might run into Iris that he just never went home.

Barry grabbed his toiletries because he figured those were probably a little less likely to be fresh and ready for him at home – probably. It all depended on how prepared his parents were for the rare opportunity their son would return home for a visit after he’d left for college.

If it was rare, of course. Which is seemed to be, he thoughts. Maybe. He didn’t know.

Miraculously, he found a clean ziplock bag, tossed the toiletries inside, and set it by the door. He continued to peruse the room for anything of value, but at least on a surface level, he came up empty. He opened and closed cupboard and drawers, but everything was plain, ordinary. Nothing stood out. Another trip to the bathroom and then the bedroom didn’t change that. There were a few cool science-y things on a table near the window in his bedroom, but he felt no overwhelming desire to take them with him, so he left them behind as well.

He checked the fridge and freezer on his way and was only mildly surprised to find them both completely empty.

Phone in his pocket, key with his mother, and bag of toiletries in his hand, Barry gave the tiny pigsty of a place one more look-over, turned off the lights, locked the door, and headed back down the many stories at normal speed, resigned to his fate.

It had been his idea, after all, to return home for the weekend. According to his mother, he had completed all his required classes the week before. Which was honestly a relief, since he didn’t know if he could draw on knowledge he’d never used before – or hadn’t in a while – unless it consisted of common sense facts, forensic science, or Flash business.

That was another subject he wanted to know more about. Was he still The Flash? Was he such a slob in Brooklyn, New York, because he was running back and forth between Central City and the Big Apple every time there was a crime? Or was he the Flash for this city? That would be a change.

Something inside him suspected not though. How could the Flash be such a slob when he could literally clean any room in less than two seconds – one, if he was enthusiastic enough.

A thought gnawed at him that he couldn’t get rid of.

Was it possible that in this life he had never gotten hit by lightning, never gotten super speed, never become the Flash? And if that possibility was true, was it inevitable he’d lose his powers entirely?


So, there’s a puzzle in the Kuat Drive Yards flashpoint that you have to solve, and if you don’t solve it correctly, there is an explosion and you have to fight annoying trash mobs, but if you DO solve it and actually build a working starship you can just progress without a fight

and I never took the time to learn how to do it because fuck you, I’m not READING things in a flashpoint and nobody else knew how to do it so I was like “fuck it, I’ll just go hit random shit”

except i lucked into the correct combination??

there are 3 consoles with 3 options on each, which adds up to a possible 27 combinations, and only ONE combination is correct

that’s a fucking 3.7% likelihood that you’ll just luck into GUESSING the right one

but i DID IT

barbara gordon is canonically

  • a disabled woman, 
  • an intersectional feminist, 
  • one of the smartest members of the batfamily, 
  • and the leader of a badass all-female superhero team, 

and it breaks my heart that she’s probably going to be reduced to “cute girl who punches bad guys and makes jokes and has a crush on nightwing” in joss whedon’s batgirl movie. 

Justice League post credits scene:
  • *everyone sitting around a table eating shawarma*
  • Diana: So yeah, that's my story of how I got to this world.
  • Barry: So Steve died in the plane.
  • Diana: ...thanks for your subtlety Barry but yes, he did.
  • Barry: *looks around* hmm... I see... would you mind waiting here for a sec?
  • *theres a flash of lightning, a thunder and for a split second the room is filled with white static. When it queits down Barry is standing in the middle of the room, holding a very disoriented Steve Trevor dressed as the last time Diana saw him, still holding the smoking gun that shot the bullet at the mustard gas*
  • Barry: This your boy!?


Una gran historia la que cuenta este comic. Vemos a un Barry Allen ya adulto pero aun así haría cualquier cosa (en serio, cualquier cosa) para regresar a la vida que tenía antes. Cualquiera disfrutaría esta historia, incluso si no estas familiarizad@ con los personajes de DC. En realidad, yo no estoy tan familiarizada con ellos y me encontré llorando con las últimas páginas.

A great story is in this comic. We see an adult Barry Allen but still do anything (really, anything) to regain the life he had before. Anyone would enjoy this story, even if you are not familiar with the DC characters. Actually, i’m not so familiar with them and still found myself crying with the last few pages.