Flashless Flickr Slideshow

So Flash has been something of a sore subject ever since the iPhone and iPad came out.  I rally behind Steve and proselytize that many things on the web that use Flash shouldn’t.  And with Web technology advancing so rapidly with things like CSS3, HTML5, AJAX, a number of Javascript libraries, etc. there are plenty of alternatives.  And then there is the proprietary-ness of it all.

But, with all that said and done, many big (and small) web applications and web sites have not wanted to let go of flash.  Now there is good reason not too, since flash applications are easy to make and deploy and if you already have something that works, why spend the time and money to make something identical.  

So while Flash is still very important and can do amazing things adding a whole new level dynamic to a website (check out the Museum of Digital Media by our very own Adobe), we need to want to and try to get away from it.  Oh yeah, and it consumes hella resources which makes it problematic for a mobil device’s battery life. 

So it is up to the users and hackers to push onward into the unknown wilderness of web standards (and Mr. Jobs of course) and take back what once used to be free and open.  And I manifested my destiny with this little non-flash Flickr Slideshow.  It pulls photos from a Flickr photoset with AJAX and displays the photos using jQuery and the jCycle plugin.  Hopefully, one day, I will (and we all will) finally see the Pacific open up before me.

P.S. Follow link or click on photo to visit the Flickr App page with info on using and downloading it.