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Visions and Vibes - Pt 2

Fandom: The Flash

Pairing: Cisco x Reader

Summary: Even with Zoom on the loose, life was good. You were gaining control of your death visions, building a life with your soulmate, and creating a family with your friends. Life was good…until you had a vision of Cisco.

Warnings/Notes: Yes, Visions and Vibes is now becoming my second series (third if you count my Avengers fic From the Ashes). I have a really good idea of where this is going and we will see how far this goes. There are a few things to discuss:

Because of the reader’s meta abilities, death and the idea of death is going to be heavily featured. This will be dark at times, however, life, love, and family will be apart of this. If you are triggered by death, blood, and gore, do not read this series. I have other Cisco and Flash imagines with lighter subject material. You can also hit me up with a request. My askbox is open.

Also, reader is autistic. This will be featured more prominently in the future.

I made myself cry while writing this. You have been warned.

Part 1

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           “Hello, Princesa.”

           You stared, confused, at the man in front of you. He was wearing a leather jacket and goggles were fitted over his eyes. His shoulder-length dark hair was pulled into a ponytail. The voice sounded familiar. Your hand was trembling as you reached up, slowly pulling the glasses off. You gasped. It was Cisco! But how? Cisco never his hair up anymore; he thought the look too pretentious. You don’t remember him making a set of goggles like that, though the design did look very Cisco-like. Plus, Cisco didn’t even own a leather jacket or gloves. It looked like Cisco, walked like Cisco, talked like Cisco, felt like Cisco, but something felt off. Confusion mixed with anxiety. Why was Cisco in your vision?

           Cisco reached out and folded his hand over yours. The touch was warm, familiar, safe, but still off. This was surreal. Your instincts were screaming for you to pull back and run. To wake up and pretend you were never having this. That this didn’t mean what you knew it meant: you were having a vision of Cisco.

Cisco was going to die.

           “Mi amor, always so worried,” he murmured, brushing his lips across your fingers. “It’s not what you think.” Mi amor? Cisco never called you mi amor.

           “It always is,” you answered, unaware of the tears falling from your eyes.

           “You have nothing to fear. You are a goddess, mi amor. Embrace your power.”

           “You shouldn’t be here. You should be someone else.” This time, his eyes looked at you sadly. Placing the goggles on top of his head, he cupped your face with both hands. Leaning down, he softly pressed a kiss to your cheek.

           “I am so sorry, Princess.” That sounded more like Cisco, but why was he sorry? “It’s not what you think, but I’m sorry nonetheless.” No no no no, this didn’t make sense. Why wasn’t this making sense?! He was scaring you. This whole vision was scaring you.

           The scene changed to a dimly lit warehouse – what the hell, the scene never changed in your visions – and Cisco was staring just beyond you. His goggles were back on, the blue lights tinting the edges. You made to step towards him but fear paralyzed you when black lightning flashed past and solidified in front of Cisco.

           Horror filled you as Zoom towered over him. Even with the goggles, you could see the fear. You couldn’t hear what Zoom was saying to Cisco, but you caught a glimpse of the vibrating hand.

           Zoom struck. Cisco flinched. His body hunched over the hand in his chest. He looked up at you. Tears were falling past his goggles. Blood was seeping past Zoom’s gloves, sliding down Cisco’s leather jacket. Zoom retracted his hand. Cisco’s body fell. He was dead before he hit the ground.

           A scream rent the air.

           He was dead.

           Someone was screaming.

           Cisco was dead.





           “CISCO NOOOOO!” Your scream tore through the darkness, shattering the peaceful night that had become a rarity since the explosion. Your fists white-knuckled the bedsheets. Your body arced off the bed, as if someone pulled on a string connected to torso. “CISCO!”

           “Y/N! Y/N!” A light came on somewhere on your left, filling the bedroom you and Cisco shared with its warm ambience. Hands, warm, safe, and not off, grabbed your shoulders and shook you. “Y/N, wake up!”

           One last bloodcurdling, heart-wrenching scream tore from your throat and your eyes finally shot open. Cisco was staring down at you, scared and worried. “Princess?” In your mind’s eye, Vision Cisco stared at you, scared and worried. “I’m sorry, Princess.” Those same eyes, filled with love and warmth and fear stared at you…before his body hit the ground. You wrenched away from Cisco’s grasp with a shriek, fighting to get out of the blankets. He grabbed for your shoulders again, wanting to pull you away from the edge of the bed. Breaking free however, you tumbled off the bed and landed with a loud and painful thump. The pain of the landing broke whatever hold your vision had left on you, leaving you shaking and sobbing.

            “Shit!” Cisco muttered, scrambling off the bed. Kneeling beside you, he brushed the sweat-soaked hair from your face and cupped your face. He frowned further when you flinched away, but kept his touch steady as he checked for injuries. “Baby, are you okay? Are you hurt?”

             His voice was right. It wasn’t off like it was in the vision. While it confused you even more, this was your Cisco. “Ci-Cisco…” you sobbed, your voice clogged in the back of your throat. Gently, he lifted you into a sitting position and pulled you into his lap. Your arms wrapped around his neck, clutching onto him for dear life.

            “Shh, I’m right here. I’ve got you. I’m right here,” he whispered, peppering your shoulder and neck with soft kisses. His hand slipped under your cotton tank-top, rubbing soothing circles across your skin. “Talk to me. What happened?”

             “It was Zoom. I saw him…and you.” His hand stopped. You barely noticed as the words poured out with the tears. “The vision was of you! Zoom killed you, same as Thawne,” you whimpered. “I saw it, Cisco. I saw him kill you!” Your sobs grew louder, muffled as they were in his shirt. Pulling his hand from your back, he tightened his hold and buried his head in your shoulder.

           When he trusted his voice enough to speak again, he pulled you back so you could lock eyes with him. Your eyes were red and swollen from crying, cheeks flushed red and tear tracks staining your skin. You still looked beautiful to him. Wiping under your eyes with his thumbs, he leaned his forehead against yours. “Zoom is not going to hurt us.”

           “But I saw him. My vision – “

           “Your vision is wrong. Remember that little girl you saw get hit a couple months back? That didn’t happen, did it?”

           “Because I stopped it. I stopped it from happening.”

           “Because you got the vision before it happened. You’re getting stronger. Even Harry has said that you’re getting stronger, better at seeing the event before it occurs. Where did the vision happen?” You whimpered, shaking your head, but he shushed you. “It’s okay. Where, sweetheart?”

           “Warehouse,” you whispered. “You had on a leather jacket and wearing your hair up.” He scrunched his nose.

           “Then we definitely know that your vision is wrong. I look pretentious with my hair up.” Despite your terror, a giggle escaped. You were starting to calm down; your tears had slowed and you nearly stopped shaking. “We’ll figure this out, okay? Meanwhile, I won’t go into any warehouses or buy a leather jacket anytime soon.”

          “I was so scared, Cisco. I couldn’t do anything to stop it.”

          He brushed your hair from your face. “I’m not going anywhere. I’m staying right here where I belong: with you.” Cupping your face, he brushed his lips over yours, sealing his promise. You pressed harder, desperately needing the contact. Then pulling back, you buried your head in his shoulder again as he held you.

           Eventually, the two of you made it up back to the bed. Cisco sorted out the tossed blankets while you wrapped yourself around him. Although you knew it was silly, it felt that if you let him go, Cisco would disappear in front of your eyes. Or this was a dream and you would wake up with your vision being a reality. No, this was your reality. Cisco was alive. He was still here and he wasn’t going anywhere. Seemingly knowing what was going through your mind, he stroked your hair, pushing his fingers gently through the locks and undoing the small tangles he found with practiced ease.

           The light stayed on. Despite the oncoming exhaustion, you were both still shaken up. He continued to play with your hair, the sensation putting you into a light doze. However, images from the vision assaulted your dreams and you would either jolt awake or Cisco would wake you from your nightmares. Every time, you woke up crying. He didn’t try to go back to sleep.

        At some point, Cisco picked up his phone and began texting someone he knew would be awake as he was. Harry, u up? It didn’t take long for an answer.

        What’s wrong?


        Of who?


        There was radio silence for about five minutes. You continued to doze, the longest you had been asleep since the vision. Cisco prayed you weren’t having nightmares or another vision. His phone vibrated with another text.

           How is she? Harry didn’t have to guess who did the killing in your vision.

           Shaken. Is…is it possible I have a doppelganger on ur Earth?

           Yes. You both do.

           If you’re going to ask if she envisioned a doppelganger’s death, I don’t have that answer, Ramon. Both of you are still finding out what you can do.

           Cisco deleted the question Harry already answered for him. He went with another question. What do I do?

           What you are doing now. Is she sleeping?

           So far.

           Get some rest, Cisco. I’ll ask Snow to make the coffee run. We’ll figure this out in the morning.

           He laid the phone back on the nightstand and ran his free hand over his face. While the conversation brought up more questions than answers, he still felt somewhat better. Although the death visions were unnerving, the team had your back. They would figure this out and stop Zoom before anymore death visions were fulfilled. But it could wait for the morning. For now, though, he could try to grab a couple more hours’ sleep at least.

           Looking down, he realized you had finally fallen into a deeper sleep. Your head was pillowed on his stomach, barely moving except for the slow rise and fall of your chest. The nightmares and visions had decided to leave you alone, it seemed. Turning out the light, he carefully moved so he was lying beside you. You stirred some at the movement but quickly settled, using his chest as a pillow now. He wrapped his arms around you, kissing the top of your head gently, letting his mind drift.

           He was right in what he told you earlier, he reflected as he drifted off. From the moment the two of you met three years ago, he found a place where he belonged: by your side. If Zoom was going to try and kill him, he wasn’t going down without a fight. If he had you, he had something to fight for. Sighing, he pressed another kiss to your head.

           “I love you, mi amor.”  


Avengers Assemble - Squadron Supreme Character Art

Created as pastiches of the DC Superhero team the Justice League they are a group of alien superheroes from a distant world similar to the Avengers. They chose to solve their planet’s problems by taking control of the planet.

  • Hyperion - Superman
  • Nighthawk - Batman
  • Zarda - Wonder Woman
  • Speed Demon - The Flash
  • Doctor Spectrum - Green Lantern
TrekFest 2017

Word Count: 1349
Tags: @southernbellestatues @engineeringtrashcan @rayleyanns @sistasarah-sallysaidso @outside-the-government @samaxraph99, @flirtswithdanger @supermoonpanda @sugarshai
Prompt: “Well, this is awkward.” @kingarthurscat (why won’t it let me tag you?!)

There was chatter on the bridge. It was a slow shift, nothing terribly exciting to be seen or done, and as a result, the bridge crew was engaged in reminiscence about past missions, experiences and entanglements. Eventually, talk turned to the parallel universe encounter that the captain, Doctor McCoy, Scotty and Uhura had survived. You hadn’t been aboard the Enterprise when it had happened, but the tale had been told a few times before.

“Spock was the only civilized person on that Imperial ship,” Kirk laughed. 

“So what caused it?” You asked. Commander Spock looked up from his console. 

“An Ion storm. Very much like the one that we appear to be navigating into right now,” he answered. Kirk hit the red alert and ordered the view screen up. Every colour in the spectrum flashed around, jumbled like the cloudy smear of a child’s scribbling.

“Captain, the readings on -” You were struck by a sudden dizziness and blinked, shaking your head to loosen the cobwebs. When you opened your eyes, the bridge crew all looked the same, but their uniforms were different. You looked around and saw that the delta shield of the federation was missing from the turbolift doors, replaced by a globe with a sword through it.

“Report, Ensign!” Captain Kirk barked at you. You looked down at your console. 

“The readings suggest we’ve entered the Ion storm. The computer is citing stardate 4428.9, and recommending action be taken to avoid further interference and potential crew disruption,” you reported, your heart in your throat. Kirk narrowed his eyes at you and stared. You felt nearly naked in the revealing uniform, and tried not to squirm under his assessment, while still meeting his gaze. Commander Spock cleared his throat. Your gaze shot to him, and you took in his severe uniform, the gold sash at his waist, the carefully groomed goatee on his chin. It all served to make him look more severe.

“Captain, Ensign Y/L/N will join me in the transporter room to secure the area,” he stated, nodding at you. “Ensign?”

You scrambled to your feet and followed him to the turbolift. As soon as the doors were closed, he turned to you. “We will have limited time to discern how to send you back, Ensign.”

“How did you figure out I wasn’t your me?” You asked, fear taking hold of you.

“You looked disoriented after the first ion wave hit us, and when you reoriented yourself, for a split second, you looked terrified,” he commented. “The first time your crew wound up aboard, I interacted with them a great deal.”

“Yeah, Captain Kirk said you were the only civilized person on the ship,” you nodded. Spock let out a little puff of air as the turbolift opened, and you followed him through the maze of corridors. Unless the ship was different than the Enterprise you were used to, he was not leading you to the transporter bay. You continued to follow, too fearful for your safety to question him.

He stopped short of the warp engine doors, and looked at you. “I need to boost the transporter cells to send you back,” he explained, handing you his phaser. “Don’t hesitate to shoot anyone who questions your presence.” You nodded, wordlessly, and stood guard.

Spock was just exiting when a security patrol came along, and before you could pull the phaser, he’d taken you in his arms, and pressed you against the closed doors to the warp engine, dipping his head and pressing his lips to yours. Through your lashes, you could see the security officers nudging each other to decide who would break you up.

“Commander Spock!” One of them finally exclaimed. Spock broke the kiss and turned, shielding your face from the scrutiny of the officers. “Sir, you know no one is supposed to be down here during a Red Alert -”

“I needed to ensure the security of the area,” Spock cut him off. “I chose to bring my most trusted ally with me. We merely took advantage of the privacy afforded us.”

“Of course, Commander,” the security guard agreed, backing away. “As you were then.”

Spock dismissed the security guards and led you back through the ship to the transporter bay, and again had you watch the door while he jury-rigged the console.

“Ensign Y/L/N, get on the transport pad before we lose the opportunity to send you back,” he called. You tapped the code to close the transporter room doors, and headed toward the pad, but Captain Kirk’s voice came over the console, interrupting you.

“Kirk to Spock. Report to bridge immediately. Bring Ensign Y/L/N. Security is at the transporter to escort you.” His voice was tinny and disconnected through the overhead speaker. Spock sighed as the transporter bay doors slid open, revealing three security officers with their phasers drawn.

“Commander Spock, the warp engines have been tampered with to reroute additional power to the transporter,” Kirk began. He looked between the two of you. “And security caught you and Ensign Y/L/N, ah, canoodling outside the warp engine room.”

“A coincidence, sir, I assure you,” Spock replied. You tried not to stare. The Spock you were familiar with swore Vulcans couldn’t lie. And here this Spock was telling a bold lie, directly to his captain.

“I wasn’t aware of your liasons, Spock,” Kirk countered, raising an eyebrow. Spock stepped closer to you and sighed.

“Vulcans keep their sexual assignations more private than humans,” Spock countered.

“I don’t believe it. Guard, take Y/L/N to the chamber and get the truth out of her,” Kirk ordered. A security officer stepped toward you, and Spock, surprisingly, pushed you behind him.

“I will not allow this, Captain.” Spock’s tone was firm, one hand on his phaser, and one on your waist, holding you safely at his back. The guard looked at the captain, who nodded, and then began to advance on Spock. Without hesitation, Spock squeezed the trigger on his phaser, and the guard vanished. In the same moment, he turned around, and crushed his mouth against yours in a rough, brutal kiss. You wrapped your arms around his neck, hoping it looked believable.

More phaser fire erupted, and there was sudden commotion on the bridge.

“Ensign Y/L/N!” You heard your name called, and pulled away from Spock’s embrace to see your Captain Kirk along with your Spock standing at the turbolift doors, phasers trained on the parallel crew.

“Well, this is awkward,” you mumbled, extricating yourself from Spock’s arms. He stood upright, allowing you to shimmy from between him and the console he’d pressed you against. Kirk gestured to you to come behind him, finally pulling you between him and Spock when you got close enough. Jim shot you a sidelong glance as you ran toward the transporter.

“Scotty is waiting for us to beam us back,” he explained as you ran. You jogged up the transporter stairs and stood with Spock and Kirk, waiting as Scotty activated the automated sequence to beam you back.

“How did you figure out -” you started.

“You vanished, and your counterpart from this universe was using some very uncharacteristic language to alert us to the switch,” Spock interrupted. “It was a small thing at that point to pinpoint the location of the anomaly that caused the switch in order to get you back.” Scotty ran onto the pad and you felt yourself shift and reappear back on the Enterprise you were familiar with.

“Well, thank you for coming and getting me, Captain. Spock, Scotty, I owe you,” you smiled.

“Perhaps you should give Spock a kiss, in thanks?” Kirk teased. “I wouldn’t want him jealous of his counterpart.”

“That won’t be necessary,” Spock quickly excused.

“You know how you said Spock was the only civilized person on the ship?” You laughed. “I’m beginning to think he was more civilized than you are, Captain.”

Captain Kirk laughed again, and clapped you on the back. “But tell me, Ensign, does he look better with whiskers or without?”


I figured out how to make my layers transparent!

And the moral of the story is ‘don’t interrupt the time pony mid-rhyme with your religious propaganda.’ It’s rude.


THE FLASH SPINOFF FANCAST: requested by anonymous

Man, that’s pretty corny… except for the part that says, ‘Beware my power!’ Mmm-hmm… I do dig those words!

nicole beharie as joan stewart/green lantern 

Note: Green Lantern is the one of the first members of the Justice League I would introduce in the Flash spinoff. It would be a great way to establish her origin story, from being in the Marines, to becoming an architect, to becoming a Green Lantern. We’d be able to explore her growing friendship with The Flash and her romantic relationship with Hawkgirl as well.


(Just to remind everyone, these matches are totally random and were literally chosen by rolling a dice)

Potpourri Brackets - Round 1 - The Flash Vs Spectrum

The Flash - Barry Allen was struck by lightning and exposed to a mixture of chemicals that turned him into the fastest man alive. For years he has served as a scientist for the Central City Police Department and as a member of the Justice League. 

Spectrum - Monica Rambeau was exposed to extra dimensional energies that allowed her to transform into any form of light energy, giving her incredible speed and an almost unlimited amount of energy blast. She has been the leader of the Avengers (regular and Mighty) and of Nextwave.

The Fight - This is another one of those fights that I can’t believe just happened to get lined up, because we have here the two fastest people on the bracket. Spectrum can move at the speed of light, and the old Flash used to be able to go much faster than that, but New 52 Flash is closer to her, but still probably a tad quicker. However, you can’t hit what you can’t touch, and just because he could keep up with her doesn’t mean he can hit light. The only thing he could do would be to vibrate his arms through her, which would hurt, but at most it would cause her to disperse and then pull herself together again at which point the fight would continue. After a few vibrating punches she’d be hurt, but after a few heavy energy blast, Flash would be down.

Winner - Spectrum

anonymous asked:

A lot of people take offense to jared joke bc it was 'transphobic' more so than it being 'anti-feminist'

did he once say


news flash. the gender spectrum isn’t so known to most people

so if someone genders something or makes fun of someone like that. 


they aren’t really being transphobic

if you haven’t made fun of a friend once in your life by saying “you’re a girl/boy!” you’re lying

just because it might have not flowed with gender spectrum and all doesn’t mean he meant it that way. 

i do not think Jared is transphobic

my guess is













The Great Society (New Avengers) with Their DC Justice League counterparts. (Not 100% sure if The Norn matches up with Wonder Woman)


New supernova likely arose from massive Wolf-Rayet star

They’ve been identified as possible causes for supernovae for a while, but until now, there was a lack of evidence linking massive Wolf-Rayet stars to these star explosions. A new study was able to find a “likely” link between this star type and a supernova called SN 2013cu, however.

“When the supernova exploded, it flash ionized its immediate surroundings, giving the astronomers a direct glimpse of the progenitor star’s chemistry. This opportunity lasts only for a day before the supernovablast wave sweeps the ionization away. So it’s crucial to rapidly respond to a young supernova discovery to get the flash spectrum in the nick of time,” the Carnegie Institution for Science wrote in a statement.

“The observations found evidence of composition and shape that aligns with that of a nitrogen-rich Wolf-Rayet star. What’s more, the progenitor star likely experienced an increased loss of mass shortly before the explosion, which is consistent with model predictions for Wolf-Rayet explosions.”

The star type is known for lacking hydrogen (in comparison to other stars) — which makes it easy to identify spectrally — and being large (upwards of 20 times more massive than our Sun), hot and breezy, with fierce stellar winds that can reach more than 1,000 kilometres per second. This particular supernova was spotted by the Palomar 48-inch telescope in California, and the “likely progenitor” was found about 15 hours after the explosion.

Researchers also noted that the new technique, called “flash spectroscopy”, allows them to look at stars over a range of about 100 megaparsecs or more than 325 million light years — about five times further than what previous observations with the Hubble Space Telescope revealed.

Image credit: ESO