flashing pictures

Two favorite quotes, from a favorite book, in response to all of the “I’m so tired of politics” posts:

“I knocked on doors, hoping someone would let me in, for I did not know if I could make my legs carry me all the way to the Palais.  No one answered.  The decent people of Paris had hidden themselves behind closed doors as decent people always do.  Massacres could not happen if it were not for decent people.”


“I look up at him.  ‘Where did you come from?’ I ask him.

“He raises his rifle again, presses the barrel to my forehead.  I feel blood running down my cheek.  Pictures flash before me eyes.  Pictures of monks on fire.  Of bodies in a pit.  Of napalmed children running down a dirt road.  I push the barrel away and get to my feet.  I hold my guitar with one hand and wipe the blood off my face with the other.

“’A decent man.  Just doing your job,’ I say to him.  ‘You were always here.  And you always will be.’”

-Revolution, by Jennifer Donnelly

It’s a YA book, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s a light and fluffy read.  It’s the story of an American teenager who is grieving over the loss of her brother, who stumbles across the diary of a French girl, the hired companion of the son of King Louis XVI at the time of the French Revolution.