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Crumble For Me - 2 (Harrison Wells/Reader AU)

Part One

Imagine this…An AU where STAR Labs is actually STAR Lounge, A Gentleman’s Club. Owner Harrison Wells is elusive and dashing all in one, until a new dancer, down on her luck, shows up looking for a job…

**NOTE: Little slow, but I promise…we’ll get there, to the good stuff…

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Two weeks…

You let out a heavy sigh as you waited for drinks to be made. This was not at all what you anticipated. This place was clean and mostly respectable. Not to mention everyone who worked here was clean and respectable as well. It was not…a strip joint…

“You’re still here?” You jumped a little turning to see the man of the hour.

“Mr. Wells…Just picking up a shift. Layla’s daughter was sick from school and she couldn’t find a babysitter.” You told him as he stood there hands in his pockets sizing you up.

“That’s the third time this week.” He had a small smile playing across his face.

“Just trying to be helpful.” You told him as the bartender put the drinks on the tray, “Excuse me.”

He watched you walk away toward a table. You were preforming well…in all sense of the word. You took the stage confidently and had drawn in a crowd. Definitely good for business, but you were also good at everything else it seemed.

It made him suspicious all the more. No one was this nice…this good…not unless they were hiding something.

“Boss.” He looked over at the bartender holding out a glass to him full on that delicious brown liquid he enjoyed so much.

“You know me so well…” Harry took it nodding to him.

“Not as well as your friend at the end of the bar.” They nodded away from him. His eyes moved down the line to the one and only, Iris West. She smirked and waved at him as she jumped off the stool.

“Coming back to work?” He asked as she approached him.

“Maybe once I get bored of this news gig.” She smiled giving him a hug, “How are you?”

“I’m doing.” He told her with a shrug, “I presume you’re here…”

“Yes…can we go upstairs?” She followed him as he nodded heading back to the stairs. She walked over to the couch in his office throwing her bag down before stepping over to the window, “Still the best view in the house.”

“That’s how I built it.” He stepped over to her after shutting the door, “So?”

Iris looked at him before she sighed, “You’re girl is clean.”

“…how?” He looked at her as she shrugged, “You mean to tell me that you got absolutely nothing.”

“I didn’t say I didn’t get anything.” Her eyes narrowed on him, “That’s insulting, Harry, really…”

“I asked you…”

“Shush.” She interrupted him walking over to her bag pulling out a file, “She arrived in Central City two and a half weeks ago. Before that she was in Coast City for what seems like a month and before that…Starling City.”

“Doing what?” He took the file from her and began flipping through it.

“Odd jobs really…Waitressing, strip joint, car wash…” She rattled off quickly.

“You found her in the three cities…” He looked at here, “Where’s the rest?”

“That’s all there is.” Iris told him.

“It can’t be…” He closed the folder, “Iris, she didn’t just appear in Starling City…where is she from? Why is she here?”

“I don’t have those answers.” Iris told him with a huff, “Here’s a novel idea…why don’t you ask her?”

“Because people lie.” He rolled his eyes bringing his drink up to his mouth.

“Well then I got nothing for you.” She picked up here bag.

“Iris…” He looked at her as she headed for the door.

She slowed down turning back to him, “Harry…”

“You could…” He took a step toward her.

“No.” She shut her eyes shaking her head.

“He could help.” Harry looked down to her face.

“No. I said no, I meant it.” Iris glared at him.

“You’re boyfriend has access to the CCPD, your father probably has more…” He pointed out quickly.

“Why does this bother you so much?” She crossed her arms looking him up and down as he turned from her, “Harry…”

He sighed looking away, “Don’t.”

“Hey…you want me to push…” She moved in front of him poking him in the chest, “then I want to know why.”

Harry looked at her his mouth dropping open slightly before he spoke, “I…she …there was this…moment…”

Iris watched him struggle with the words but she knew where it was coming from, “I’ll do what I can…but it’s going to take some time. No pushing.”

“No pushing.” He repeated nodding slowly before taking in a deep breath, “Iris…thank you.”

She sighed, “After this…we are even…no in fact…you owe me one.” She told him punching him in the arm as she walked past him.

He chuckled a little letting her leave this time. After a moment he walked over to the window looking down at the people. He scanned the crowd until he saw you setting some drinks down for guests. You smiled at them flicking your hair away from your face as you moved to the next table picking up empty glasses. Every movement was fluid like a carefully crafted dance.

He shook his head when you disappeared from view. The last couple weeks had been…different. He’d been distracted…falling into the past.

He shut his eyes pushing up his glasses as he rubbed the bridge of his nose. He was getting a headache from all the scenarios rolling through his head. Luckily for him he had a couch.

Gulping down the rest of his drink he set the glass down before plopping down on the couch. He adjusted a few times before setting the back of his hand on his forehead.

A while later he stretched wiping a hand over his face. He could hear the closing music as he sat up. He hadn’t meant to sleep that long.

Grabbing the glass he walked out of his office and down the stairs. He paused seeing you at the bar wiping down the wet glasses.

Clearing his throat he walked over nodding to a couple patrons walking out, “You’re still here.”

You looked at him and smiled, “There’s…still work to be done.”

“You’ve been here since we opened.” He eyed you carefully as you set the glasses down behind the bar.

“Is…there an overtime issue? Cause you’re the first boss that I’ve seen who doesn’t want their workers always working.” You continued to smile as you worked.

“This isn’t an easy job…” He put the cup down in front of you and placed his palms on the counter, “Why are you here?”

You looked at him your eyes widening, “Why…exactly do you care? I’m just another one of your girls…”

“I don’t have girls…” He smirked a little, “And I’m not like most bosses. I actually do care.”

“I’m beginning to understand that.” Your eyes twinkled a little as you moved a stray hair back into place before you sighed, “I…haven’t been having any luck finding a place to stay. Things a bit more expensive than the last city I was in.”

“So instead, you’re working yourself to death?” He had to stop himself from laughing as your eyes snapped up to him.

“I have…napped in…the dressing rooms. So rest assured that I am not dying.” You informed him.

“Yet.” He tapped a finger against the bar for a minute, “Follow me.”

“Excuse me?” You tilted your head a little.

“I might have a solution for you.” He nodded for you to follow. He took a deep breath walking up the second flight of stairs behind his office. He paused at a door pulling out his keys.

You stood behind him as he opened the door, “Mr. Wells.”

“Everyone calls me Harry, you can too.” He looked back at you as he walked inside.

You stepped inside looking around a large loft. Your mouth dropped open, “I didn’t know there was a place up here.”

“Yeah…not many do…it’s also not finished.” He pointed to the kitchen area where tiles still laid around unattached to the floor and walls, “But…I’d be willing to rent it out…deduct it from your pay.”

“Mr…” You turned stopping, “Harry…I can’t…this too generous.”

“Then rent it until you find a place.” He stepped toward you looking into your eyes, “It’s important for a person to have a space…use this for yours. There’s some spare lounge couches in one of the bedrooms. We can make it into a bed until you get one.”

“…Thank you.” You smiled at him as he handed you the key.

“Obviously there might be some noise…Always keep it locked…” He rattled off holding the keys against your hand, “No…raiding the booze…”

You laughed a little, “Of course.”

He smiled a little at the sound of your laughter, “I’ll get someone in here to finish up the electrical, but there’s running water.”

“It is more than I had fifteen minutes ago. STAR Lounge has giving me so much in such a short time.” You looked around the loft beaming, “I will do everything I can to make sure you know how grateful I am.”

He felt a swelling in his chest, “I…just show up to work…you don’t have much of an excuse to not make any more.” More laughter, something he didn’t realized he missed, “You should grab your things…I’ll move those couches together.”

You nodded before reaching out touching his arm, “Thank you…”

He nodded watching you walk out before he put his hand where yours had touched him. Strange familiarity rushed through him as he moved to the bedroom. He hadn’t been up here in years.

It was supposed to be a home…instead events turned it into a storage.

He made quick work of the couches and stood up brushing the dust of his pants. He looked over at you standing in the doorway, “They really are comfier then they look.”

Your eyes lit up as they crinkled, “I’m sure they are.”

He stood there a moment longer, “Uh well…you…should settle in…I’ll uh just…go.”

“I will walk you out.” You walked with him to the door, “Thank you again…”

“It’s fine…” He nodded, “Good night, Y/N.”

His eyebrows went up as he watched your face flush, “Good night, Harry.”

Imagine being there when Steve finally talks to Bucky

Part 1- Imagine seeing Bucky pull Steve from the water  

Part 2 - Imagine waiting for Steve to wake up

The sky was cleared of any aerial surveillance and you sighed in relief, closing the large sliding metal door shut. You made your way to the room where Steve and Sam had restrained Bucky’s titanium arm while he was passed out. Wanting to keep a look out, you leaned against the wall outside of the room and listened to the conversation taking place.

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The scene from 3x13 (you know the one)

Aside from the fact that it should have been addressed again at the end of the episode, everyone’s reaction was so weird. It was such a weird acting beat from everyone. I didn’t see any worry, or sadness, or any emotion- they were just like “dude that’s a crazy plan”. No reassurance either. It felt like they cut Carlos’ lines from a different take than everybody else’s or something, because it just didn’t jive. Also, if that’s for real their reaction, Barry and Caitlin and Julian and Harry can all go to hell, because it was like they didn’t even take him seriously. When Barry decided to give his speed to Zoom to save Wally- not only rendering himself powerless but enabling Zoom to terrorize the multiverse -the whole team let him do it. But Cisco’s idea was self-sacrificial, to save literally everybody else, and they just laughed it off. It’s like they have zero respect for him, which is completely out of character for all of them except maybe Julian. Also Harry? Why didn’t Harry say anything except “wait what headline cold powers what’d i miss”? We’ve seen that Harry cares for Cisco immensely, they have a special connection, but he said zilch. 

“I thought you weren’t into that”-mature Jason McCann

From near distance, I spot a sleek black convertible that parked outside of my school.

Jason and I rarely hung out at the mall but this time he insisted we went to the mall together today because of the many times i complained about not being able to go shopping.

I skip happily towards his car and open the passenger door. He flashes me with his pearly whites.

‘How’s school going?’ he asks me as he reverses out of the driveway.

“It’s good, i only have one final exam and I’m done!”

I didn’t realise how long i was blabbering on until i saw him light an infamous cigarette. I was about to ask him if he was bored but he suddenly parks the car.

We were here already.

The shopping mall was large and flashy. The clothes displayed behind the glass was so beautiful and sparkled in my direction. I smile as my eye catches at a red cami slip dress. I imagine it on myself.

“Try it on” he nods towards the dress.

I look at him as if he was delusional, would it even look nice on me? I check the price tag. My eyes drop out of their sockets as i realise the number.

“Just try it on.” Jason stuffs his hands into his sweatpants looking impatient and annoyed.

I look at him, his eyes stare back looking dead serious. I grab the dress and try it on.

The reflection of me in a expensive red dress makes me feel amazing but at the same time it made me feel insecure and out of place. I touch the dress and feel the material on my body. It was silky, thin and precious.

I dispatch myself from my thoughts and change back into my uniform. As I begin to walk out, i feel Jason tug on my forearm.

“I’ll buy it for you”

“It looked horrible on me” i reply as i look down, away from his face.

He ignores my comment. Grabbing the dress off my other arm and goes ahead to pay.

He walks out with a cute boxed shaped shopping bag and lightly shoves it to me. I look at the bag not wanting to to accept the fact he just bought me another expensive gift.

“I’ll pay you back” I said reassuringly.

“No need to” He declines and brushes it off.

In no time we reach back to home to his mansion.  

During the whole way back, i tried to persuade him to accept that i would pay him back but he just wont budge. I lay on his bed and began to scroll through my phone.

He walks in.

“What were you doing?” I ask curiously.

“Just sorting out business.” He shrugs.

He sits on the wooden tiled floor, his arm draped over the end of the bed as he begins to tap his phone screen with other.

My eyes are glued to my phone but still can see Jason as he turns his body towards my direction and keeps his stare evident.

“Yeah?” I ask him.

“I never knew you were the type to not wear shorts underneath their skirts.”

My eyes open wide as i heard his comment.

I began to cross my legs but i feel Jason grip my ankles.

“I know how you pay me back now.”

I shudder as i start to feel hot. “H-ow?”

He grins at my reaction and kisses my ankle before removing his t shirt. His bare upper body came into view.

I flick my eyes down at his hard chest before i look up again to meet his face. He stares at me, eyes filled with lust and hunger. He pushes me back onto the bed and begins to suck on my neck forcefully.

Not wasting a second, he begins to unbutton my school collared shirt. He lowers his head towards my chest and kisses. His lips begin to go lower.

He nips his way down just above my skirt.

My eyes continue to follow his movements as he continues to tease me at a slow pace.

I wasn’t able to contain myself as my hands flew to his golden locks. “P-lease.”

He hikes my skirt up around my waist and begins to kiss the inside of my thighs. The warm feeling of him breathing hits my core. The strange feelings suddenly starts in my lower stomach.

He uses his large hands to push my ankles back until they hit the back on my thighs. I began to feel uncomfortable and exposed. He kisses me through the thin lace. He purposely blows his hot breath against me.

I whine breathlessly.

He stares up at me and our eyes meet.

He repeats his action. I close my eyes and try to escape what was actually happening right now.

“Look at me.” He warns me. His voice rough and demanding.

I look down at him as he begins to nip my panties down my legs.

As soon as they’re off, the cold breeze hits my core. I close my legs as the feeling feels foreign. He turns back at me and grips my ankles hard and in one motion return my legs in the same position. My core is open for his lustful eyes.

He leans in and takes a lick. I quickly shut my eyes, unable to continue looking  at him.

The pressure of his lips start to build up, he continues to suck roughly on my clit. The pleasure i was feeling was so intense i wasn’t able to hold it in any longer.

“Ja-son” I moan his name loudly.

He mumbles against my clit. The vibrations, ecstatically bringing me closer.

“Cum for me baby.” He mumbles against me.

I jolt my hips closer and tug harshly on his soft locks.

“Oh my go-d” I breathe out.

My eyes are shut and my mouth unable to close. I wanted to scream his name but not a word came out. My legs started to shake uncontrollably. Jason gives me one final peck before raising his head up.

He looks at me directly with warm eyes. His lips and chin covered in my arousal. I lean forward to kiss him. He feels hesitant but kisses me back. I taste the familiar taste again.

“I thought you weren’t into that.” he smirks at me.

“I’m not” I tease as i grin back at him.

Long Way Home(Taeyong fanfic)


I skated the street alone. Car flashed and horned at me but i didn’t care,for once i didn’t . I died for this feeling since i don’t know when but once i felt it , there was no turning back . Wind blew through my hair as i stared at the view of my little town. i wish i came and knew this place before, it never crossed my mind that it would be such a peaceful place to clear my thoughts .

“What are you doing here?”

I turned abruptly.

A figure came in view from a shadow and there stood him . I rolled my eyes.

please be a dream like it was the third time that night i saw him and i already know he was annoying but sure hot enough and popular but also annoying.

No i blinked. “what are you doing here? ”

he rolled her eyes in annoyance.

“ well i followed you"he said as if it was obvious. "and you ?”

What was his fucking problem. Wasn’t he supposed to be with his new girlfriend or something??

“Well… "he said .

"Well firstly you are creepy and I come here often and weren’t you supposed to be with your… friend…? ”

I truly didn’t know how to put this…

“You still haven’t answer my question properly and weren’t you supposed to be home like i don’t know 30 minutes ago and - isn’t exactly my friend” he grimaced .

I nodded but didn’t response he was obviously waiting for an answer.

“I took the long way home to stop here and clear my mind a little bit”. I say with conviction though my voice was shaking, it was probably the cold ,I sure wasn’t afraid to speak..no I was .

“ Why? ” I knew he would ask this .nosy little fucker.

“There’s no reason…. that’s how i like it…i love taking the long way home ?”


“yeah…don’t you?”

He stared at me and i stared back waiting for him to say something, I sure didn’t say anything bad maybe it was weird to him as my mind drifted to how it all started… well that’s because my ability to forget thing wherever i go…but then if it didn’t happened I never would have ever talked to Lee Taeyong.

this was very short but this is the first time im writing something. I think i’ll write more, chapter two idk tho


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Snowballs really are the worse. Like, its already VERY suspect that you ship barry with EVERY white woman he comes into contact with but now they're celebrating the possible death of the ONLY leading black lady on the CW??? I can't wait to see all of them whining once they realize that Iris will never be killed cause she is the future of the flash lmao without her there is no flash

Me too. Like suffer, racists. They’re truly terrible.