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5 Reasons to go see Justice League (2017)

1)  Ezra Miller being fuckin’ adorable (I honestly could probably just do a 5 reasons to watch Ezra Miller in Justice League).

2)  Cyborg being a well-written and interesting character.

3)  Danny Elfman’s soundtrack that brought in themes from the previous movies (including Burton’s Batman, and Classic Superman) while still managing to have its own sound.

4)  Wonder Woman using the lasso on Aquaman.

5)  Grave-robbing accident bros.

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Gif reaction to them wanting sex really bad but you want to play hard to get.

Jimin: “Two can play that game.”

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Namjoon: “baby please.. Its been a long day.”

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Jungkook: “You smirk now but I’ll have you begging for me.”

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Hoseok: “Please Jagi-ah” “Why are you doing this to me” he’d whine lots, flashing you those puppy eyes.

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Yoongi: “I have porn anyways..”

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Taehyung: “you sure this is a good idea, princess/prince?”

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Seokjin: he’d pout and frown, desperately wanting you. “What did I ever do to you?” he’d whine under his breath, “please, Jagi.”

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PSA on the DCTV 2017 crossover:

Due to the antisemitic plot and imagery present, CCRogues will not be reblogging any content that includes the crossover antagonists, but will be reblogging content of the rogues from the episodes otherwise. The content will always be tagged with at least one of

  • #supergirl 3x08
  • #arrow 6x08
  • #the flash 4x08
  • #lot 3x08
  • as well as #nazi imagery /  for any blacklisting purposes.

We also encourage everyone who will be watching the episodes to only do so in a way that does not support the network’s rating numbers directly. 

  • Arrow writers: Ok guys for this new season I am thinking of something groundbreaking.Get this! Oliver Queen goes through an emotional crisis as something from his past comes back to haunt him! Let's make it dark! Also bonus points for screwing up a female character
  • Flash writers: Hey guys great to be back. So I am thinking for this new season Flash screws up and this comes back to haunt him! Also we could include an evil Speedster! Oh and of course the ban on female characters interacting with each other is still in effect.
  • Supergirl writers: Great to be back for another year guys. So we have two main topics as always. What guy should Kara's life a revolve around this season and how can we hurt her emotionally?
  • Legends of Tomorrow writers: Wasssssssup.? Anybody did something kinky this summer? I know I have! So my turtleducks let's drop some acid, blast some Bjork,turn on the History Chanel and come up with something groovy for this season! But first! Shots!

Error Lance? Error Lance. Error Lance!!


Kisses to wake up the sleeping (er, malfunctioning?) AI Prince :’)


I’ve been pretty busy lately so here’s a vent Taako I drew a few months ago that I never posted~ Back when the boys’ adventures were a lot less…heartbreaking…