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Every Life has a Moment ~ Olicity Fic

So this was written out of pure enjoyment. I have a prompt I need to finish but I’ve just been blocked. This I wrote for me and because I want to feel inspired to continuing writing. Thank you for everyone’s endless support I appreciate it more than I can possibly convey! 

P.S. I will be adding an additional chapter… If you want me too…

Every Life has a Moment

Every life has a moment… No everyone’s life has a key moment? Or should it be every person will experience a key moment?” 

Felicity dragged the graphite tip along the crinkled mass of paper beneath her tapping fingers then hovered over the illusive first line. She cocked her confused head while the curled brown tendrils fell freely over her bare left shoulder. The camisole strap slipped down the angled slope of her scapula when she moved the pencil back down to the second paragraph. “No…” she muttered lightly between clenched teeth, “It should stay here but then I would lose this line and then the bottom half won’t make any sense!” 

The indent in her furrowed brow grew as she sighed, “I’m never going to get this right…” 

The chuckle from the headboard of her cramped on leg room bed made her nearly snap the pencil in two. “No you’re never going to get to the point where you feel its perfect is what you should be muttering.” 

Felicity ran her nervous fingers through her maddening hair while growling, “This coming from the professional slacker…”  

Her best friend smirked, “I’m not the one who’s going to be bald by morning now am I?” 

Felicity’s fingers froze near the nape of her neck; she tapped along the taut skin before sighing in defeat, “Why can’t you just come with me? You know be my moral support while a crowd of eager minds laps up every stupid word I can hopefully deliver?” 

Those devious blue eyes slanted into two nearly invisible silts. The small worry lines near those fairly perfect lashes fluttered easily over the sharp contours of her favorite slacker’s cheek bones. Felicity crossed her legs at the ankles then flashed her sometimes roommate a dazzling grin. Her counterpart in turn huffed, “Felicity I’m not going to sit in a crowd filled with well wishers while you stand on a stage and nervously sweat.” 

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Here with Me

Genre: Angst
Words: 2,108
Pairings: Peter Parker x Reader
Warnings: Injuries, blood, death, vomiting
Summary: No matter what, you will always be here with me.

Peter’s hands stroked your own, your fingers playing nimbly with each others as you relaxed on your bed in the tower. Dull light from the far skyscrapers streamed through the window, illuminating the shadows off of his face at sharp angles. You felt as though you were in heaven, the atmosphere so calm and Peter’s hands so soft as the world froze around you.

“You know something?” His voice cracked as he broke the silence.

“Hm?” you replied, the soothing movements making your eyes flutter.

“I think I’ve always loved you, you know, subconsciously.” You gazed up at him through your lashes to see his eyes focused on the ceiling. “Even when I didn’t know, I think my heart always knew.”

Silence enveloped the room and you felt your heart pound a little harder. “Even when I made you want to pull your hair out?”

He chuckled, his eyes still unmoving but relaxed. “Even then.”

“It’s hard to point out the time when a ten year friendship turned into something more, but I can honestly say that you’ve always been the most important person in my life.” You tried to elaborate.

His gaze finally dropped to yours, the dark lighting making everything more serene and the city light flashing off of his lashes all the more angelic.

You could see his mind moving as his eyes swept over your face, but he kept silent. No response could give you a better feeling than the look on his face did. Love poured from underneath his gaze, pinning you to the spot and enveloping you in a warmth you could never get too familiar with.

“I like this.” Your voice was soft, almost too quiet to hear, but you knew he did when his eyes dropped to your lips as you talked and back up to your eyes again. “You. Here with me.”

He gently reached his hand up, brushing strands of hair out of your face as you looked up at him sleepily. “Me too.”

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Damn You- Bellamy Blake

Prompts: . “Make me.” & Angry Make-out

Pairings: Bellamy Blake/OC

Warnings: Just a little grabby making out.

I wiped the sweat from my forehead with the back of my hand, glaring up at that horrific, round yellow ball in the sky. I’d never been so hot in all my life. Until a few weeks ago, I had no idea what sunshine actually felt like. All I’d ever known was what I experienced in the Ark…and when you spend part of your life in a prison cell, you don’t experience much. Sun, fresh air, grass, trees…all of it was new. Sometimes I still caught myself just staring, caught up in the newness of the world that surrounded me. A world I’d only read about in books and never in a million years dreamt I’d be able to see for myself.

Damn, things had changed fast. My awe and wonder towards the sun was quickly fading, though, the longer I was forced to work in it. All thanks to slave driver Bellamy and his gang of merry followers. I was all for putting up a wall and finding a way to protect ourselves, but I wasn’t all about working non-stop for hours without food, water, or rest of any kind. I came to a halt trying to catch my breath. Across the camp, I could see Bellamy standing just near the door to the drop ship, surveying his little worker bees with an arrogant expression. What a tool. The more I watched him, the more annoyed I felt. Who voted him chancellor of the ground anyways?

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What Fairytales Don’t Tell You - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Jason / p. 2 / p. 3 Tim / p. 2 / p. 3  Dick / p. 2 / p. 3   Bruce   Damian /  p. 2 / p. 3

Prompt: (Props to the anon who gave me the inspiration for this) I’ve really fallen in love with this big and you’re gifted writing! I just finished reading the majority of the Soulmates AU and noticed that everyone but Bruce has a continuation. Are you planning to do a part 2 for him? I think there’s some good material to draw from because of how you wrote it. Like maybe the first time his s/o discovers he’s batman after patrolling around her neighborhood or something. Anyway! Just wanted to say I love the content you produce on here!! :)

The first time you saw yourself on the cover of a tabloid you had to do a double take. You quickly grabbed the paper and examined it, still convinced your eyes were deceiving you. ‘Who is the mystery woman?’ the headline read. The photo underneath the headline was of you and Bruce dancing at the gala in your borrowed dress. Shaking your head in shock you put the magazine down pulled up the hood on your hoodie and tried to get out of the grocery store without being noticed. You succeeded that time but as time passed you were recognized more and more around Gotham.

All of Gotham was speaking about you. Everyone and their mother wanted to know who the mystery woman was who stole Gotham’s top bachelor’s heart. Suddenly your name was on everyone’s lips. [Y/N] the woman who stole the Prince of Gotham’s heart, [Y/N] the real world Cinderella, [Y/N] Gotham’s future princess. You’d be lying if you said you weren’t intimidated by the sudden spotlight. You assumed it would blow over quickly and people would settle down but you were wrong.

You assumed it would blow over quickly and people would settle down but you were wrong. Word was on the streets that the papers would pay a pretty penny for a picture of the happy couple or even just you. That painted a target on your back.

A few weeks into dating Bruce the Paparazzi started getting relentless. When they swarmed the two of you when you were out on dates Bruce could easily shield you and guide you away but he couldn’t always be around you to protect you from them. Bruce wanted you to stay at the manor while the whole mess died down but you insisted on staying at your own place for now. You didn’t want to uproot your entire life because of some nosy photographers. You had absolutely no idea the lengths the Paparazzi would go to.

You were walking from where you parked you car on the street to your apartment when a swarm of photographers surrounded you and started hounding you with questions and bright flashing lashes. You tried getting away but they had you surrounded.

Suddenly a dark figure swooped in and lifted you away from the swarm. You scrunched your eyes as the mysterious figure soared with you across the city’s rooftops. You didn’t open your eyes again until you felt solid ground under your feet. You looked up at your mysterious savior to see that it was the fabled Batman. He looked so much more handsome than you imagined he would.

“Are you alright?” He asked in a deep modulated voice.

“I’m fine. Thank you for saving me.” You thanked your savior graciously. “You know, when my soulmate warned me that photographers can be vultures I didn’t believe him.” You said sitting down so that your shaking legs wouldn’t give out on you. Batman stayed silent and just looked at you. “My soulmate, he’s a wonderful man and I love him more than anything don’t get me wrong but this life of his, the spotlight, it’s a little overwhelming. For crying out loud just a couple months ago I was just some girl from the Gotham slums! This isn’t supposed to be me! I’m really not all this important, I swear.” You said gesturing back towards the direction of your apartment where no doubt the swarm of photographers were waiting for you to return.

“You’re wrong.” He spoke up suddenly. “You’re more than you believe yourself to be and you mean more to him than even he probably knows.” He advised sagely.

“Huh. Batman, the relationship councilor.” You laughed under your breath. “You probably have better things to be doing with your time than sitting here giving me relationship advice.”

“[Y/N].” He whispered your name with uncanny familiarity.

“How - How do you know my name?” You stuttered, a little bit surprised at the sound of your name on this mysterious man’s lips.

“There’s something you should know.” He said hesitantly, his hands moving underneath the edge of his cowl. He pulled away the mask from his face to reveal the someone you were all too familiar.

“Bruce?” You whispered in shock. Your hand subconsciously lifted to touch his cheek, as if you didn’t believe your eyes.

“I’ve been meaning to tell you for a while now but I couldn’t find the words. I’m sorry.” He apologized, his voice no longer altered by his cowl. He seemed genuinely apologetic and you were left feeling conflicted, your mind not quite sure what to make of realizing your boyfriend was Batman.

“Oh.” Was the only words that came to mind when you opened your mouth to speak.

Oh? Is that it?” He asked puzzled at your response.

“I - I don’t know. I’m not sure how to process all of this.” You blinked slowly your eyes racking down his form, landing on the black symbol across his chest.

“I suppose that’s understandable.” He said. You hands trailed downwards to rest against the bat symbol that you were so accustomed seeing in the Gotham night sky.

“Can I see it?” You asked suddenly, looking up at your soulmate with an enthusiastic smile.

“See what?” He wondered his hands moving to take hold of yours that was still resting on his chest.

“The fabled Batlair or whatever!” You said excitedly.

“You want to see the Batcave?” He clarified with a raised eyebrow.

“Of course! Can you show me, please?” You pleaded. “There’s no way I can go back to my place tonight anyway so instead you can spend the rest of the night explaining all this to me.” You said gesturing along his body. Bruce relented and for the rest of that night he showed you everything there was to this secret life of his.

When the two of you pulled into the Batcave in the Batmobile (the freaking Batmobile) you noticed Dick showing his girlfriend some self defense moves while Damian, Bruce’s teenage son who you had met some time ago, provided less than helpful colorful feedback. Jason and his girlfriend were sitting together in front of a large impressive monitor working on something that looked important and probably very much dangerous. Tim sat working in a corner fiddling with some piece of technology while his girlfriend sat next to him occasionally handing him tools and pieces.

“Is everyone involved?” You asked Bruce incredulously.

“Now that you are here, madam, yes. Tea?” Alfred asked appearing next to you. You were suddenly feeling a little bit faint. This was all so much so fast.

“No … I - I think I just need to sit down.” You say. Bruce procured you a seat and guided you to sit down. Once you were safely seated he crouched down in front of you and took your hands in his.

“Are you alright, [Y/N]?” He asked with concern. You gave him a reassuring smile and caressed his cheek with your hand.

“I will be eventually, just give me some time darling.” You swore gently. He softly squeezed your hand in his grasp and nodded.

“Take all the time you need.” He reassured in a gentle tone.

“I love you Bruce. This doesn’t change any of that. I hope you know that, right?” You whispered firmly. You leaned in a placed a soft kiss to his lips which he returned with equal tenderness.

“It doesn’t hurt to double check.” He said with a small smirk playing at his lips.

“Well I do love you, you giant lovable jerk.” You said and emphasized your words with another kiss to his lips.

“Good.” He said, suddenly scooping you up into his arms bridal style. “Let’s get you to bed. You’ve had quite the day.” He insisted walking you out of the cave and towards the entrance to the manor. You giggled at an absurd thought that occured to you as he walked you to the bedroom.

“I can see tomorrow’s papers now, darling. ‘Wayne girlfriend having an affair with Caped Crusader’. We’ll be the talk of the town again.” You laughed at the absurdity that one of the photographers from before might have caught a picture of Batman whisking you away into the night.

“As if we weren’t already.” He joked with a smirk as he placed you on the bed and crawled in after you. Bruce Wayne or Batman this was the man you loved and nothing on this Earth, not his secrets or the paparazzi or whatever else would be thrown your way would ever make you want to leave him.

GoM+Kuroko and Talents
  • Teacher: What are your talents?
  • Kise: I'm pretty. *flashes his long lashes*
  • Aomine: I can probably beat everyone's ass.
  • Midorima: I can piss everyone off, simply, by being with them.
  • Murasakibara: I can eat a lot without getting too fat.
  • Akashi: I can trigger emotional fear, and make everyone drop down to their knees just by looking at them.
  • Kuroko: I can disappear in the blink of an eye- I can disappear without you even blinking.
  • Teacher:
  • Teacher:
  • Teacher, asking to herself: What did I get myself into?

Wow, guess who has risen from the dead?!

Yeah, me.

A thousand apologies for all of those who have waited so long for this new part, but I honestly had like the worst writers block ever and I’m finally crawling out of it. I even have an angsty idea for the final part, but I’ll have to work it out a bit more.

(I really hope I have tagged everyone who wanted to be tagged, otherwise please let me know!)

You had no idea how much time had passed before you woke up once again, but what you did feel was the painful headache that came with it.

Grunting, you tried to escape the darkness that was surrounding you. You felt numb and sore, probably from almost dying at the hands of an animatronic, but your mind felt tired and exhausted. Slowly, you started to wake up, gasping slightly when you did.

“(Y/n)! Guys, she is awake! (Y/n), it is okay - GABE! She needs help-”

“Shut your cakehole and get out of my way, asshat. You are only going to make her faint again as she sees your face. (Y/n)? Wakey wakey, sweet cheeks. Don’t worry, I’ve got you…”

You grunted as you heard the familiar voice, slowly opening up your eyes. You still felt dizzy and the different voices surrounding you did not help. Much to your surprise, the darkness didn’t disappear much when you opened up your eyes and you were almost sure you were still dreaming. This did change though when you felt a hand on your burning forehead, before it moved to your cheek. Accompanied with the words:

“Morning, cupcake. How did your journey through la-la-land go?”

You blinked again at the familiar voice, blinking a few times to get rid of your blurry eyesight. Bit by bit, the silhouette in front of you started to sharpen until you could make out the contours of a very familiar angel.

“Gabe? What the hell happened- God, I felt like I got thrown into a wall…”

Much to your surprise, Gabriel chuckled slightly nervous at your words and scratched behind his head with one hand as his eyes suddenly didn’t look at yours. “Well, about that…”

Your own (e/c) eyes narrowed at his tone and words and slowly the memories came flooding back. The forest of Slenderman, the office of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria… It had all felt like one big, bad dream but now you had been pulled back into reality it turned out to be not so much of a dream after all. And of course, the sore feeling in your bones didn’t come because of some awkward sleeping position, but because…

“…I did get thrown into a wall, didn’t I?”

The archangel in front of you let out a sight as he gave you an apologic smile, his eyes twinkling with a bit of amusement which failed to cover his worried glance.

“Well, theoretically yes…”

You let out a grunt as you put your arms behind your back in a try to gain some stability. The world was still spinning, but you managed to register your surroundings a bit more. Suddenly, a memory of a while ago came flooding back, brining a flash of worry with it as it did.

“Oh god, the others! Sam, Dean, Cas…Are they alright? Where are they? You didn’t leave them, did you?”

Gabriel huffed slightly offended as he rolled with his eyes, motioning to a place behind him.

“Don’t worry, princess. Your pretty friends are perfectly save, I made sure of that.”

You quickly turned your head at your words, your eyes scanning the surroundings in order to find your friends. Luckily, you didn’t have to wait long, as an annoyed grunt broke the silence.

“Perfectly save? Maybe you should check your definition of the word ‘save’ once again, because that is not what any of this is!”

“Dean!” You smiled, your eyes locking with the green ones of the oldest Winchester. Dean’s annoyed glare, which was of course directed at the archangel in front of you, softened as he looked at you, a small smile appearing on his lips as he did.

“(Y/n), thank god you’re still in one piece. How are you feeling?”

You gave the hunter a small smile, which turned into a grimace as the dizziness took over once again. “Just wonderful,” You answered sarcastic, giving him an all knowing look to which he chuckled.

“Well, at least you’ve still got all your limbs. Hey Cas, Sam! Get your asses over here!”

You looked up at the sound of footsteps approaching as you noticed two figures coming closer, until they stepped out of the shadows and you recognised the youngest Winchester and the angel.

Sam’s expression lightened up when he saw you, awake and quite well, as he walked closer.

“(Y/n), you’re awake!”

You smiled in response, wanting to reassure him that you were fine. Afterwards, your eyes moved to the angel next to him, who gave you a relieved smile as he saw that you were awake.

“(Y/n), it is good to see you awake again. Are you alright?”

“I’m as alright as alright can be right now,” You answered and you shrugged, cringing as you felt a slight flash of pain lash through your arm as you did. You could see Cas’ expression darken once again, and you wondered why. You were save now, right? Gabriel had got you out of the crazy horror game experience, and everything was well…Or was it?

You frowned as your eyes started to take in your new surroundings, and suddenly your realised how uneasy this place made you feel. You were in a dark room, a storage room of sorts, and there was almost no source of light except the moon who’s light fell into the room through a broken window. It was also very chilly in the room, and suddenly you became aware of the strange sounds coming from all around you. And then there was the smell…It smelled disgusting, like something was decaying. Actually, you were quite save to say it smelled like death.

You shivered as you started to sit up straight, your eyes looking at your friends in concern.

“Guys, where are we?”

Dean snorted unamused, his eyes landing on Gabriel as they darkened. You could tell the oldest hunter was completely done with the archangel, and it almost seemed as if he was ready to end the archangel right here, if he could.

“Why don’t you ask him?”

‘Your eyes turned to Gabe’s once again, wanting to ask for an answer. The archangels eyes, however, looked anywhere but at you.

“Gabe…Where are we?”

Gabriel sighted as he looked at you, his eyes serious for once. You frowned, the uneasy feeling in your stomach only growing with every second passing. And Gabe’s next words surely didn’t help to make you feel any better:

“No place good.”

You shook your head, not completely understanding what was going on.

“Hold on. You saved us from the last game, right? You popped in and got us out. So we should be back into the real world.”

The silence that followed made your skin crawl as the realisation sunk in. Of course, you should have known. This whole place felt wrong, nothing like any familiar place in the real world had felt.

“We are still in a horror game, aren’t we?”

Gabriel sighted and you could hear Sam clear his throat as your eyes grew wide. They didn’t have to answer, you already could tell by their reactions that something wasn’t right.

“Guys, what is going on?”

This time it was surprisingly Cas who answered. The angel still wore a grave expression on his face as his eyes flicked to Gabriel a few times, an you could see the hidden anger beneath it. Cas seemed 200% done with this whole situation and you couldn’t blame him the slightest.

“It seems that we are still stuck in this series,” Cas’ started, his voice low and gruff. “When the animatronic fox attacked you in the last game, Gabriel indeed 'popped in’ and got us out. But while doing that, however, he used a lot of power which got us into trouble. As it turns out, even the Trickster can’t break the rules of his own game…”

“Okay, okay, alright. You’ve got me, no need to make this even more embarrassing,” Gabe scowled, interrupting Cas while rolling his eyes at his brother’s words. You, however, swallowed your dry throat in order to speak up again.

“Wait, I don’t get it. What do you mean with 'breaking the rules’?”

Gabriel sighted as his eyes looked up at you again, and something in his glare calmed you down slightly.

“That means, princess, that when I created this game I made a sort of…separate universe, completely for the four of you. As I told you, there were rules. In order to get out, you had to survive without cheating, that was the only way. But when you got attacked, I stepped in and broke the rules. And I guess that when I tried to get you out, I took the wrong direction and used too much of my juice to bring us back to the real world. So yes, I guess you could say I got beaten at my own game…”

You stared at the angel in silence as you tried to process his words. So you were stuck in this series with no way out? That was just…marvellous.

“What do we do now?” You asked silently, your voice small because of what you’d just realised. Gabe frowned at your defeated expression, rising his hand to cub your cheek despite Dean’s protests.

“Hey, lighten up sweet cheeks. We are not lost, there is still a way out. We only have to beat this last game, and when we get to the exit I can gather enough power to zap us out. But we have to follow the rules, so we have to survive.”

You swallowed and nodded, as you looked up at the archangel’s eyes, suddenly growing aware of how hand on your cheek and how close the two of you were. You groaned silently as a blush started to creep up to your cheeks and was grateful for once that the room was almost completely dark. Alright, so you had to survive. Easy much, right? If you only knew where you were…

“Gabe, could you help me up please?” You asked the angel in a quiet but calm voice, and luckily he did as you asked, his hand on your lower back to support you. The room was still slightly spinning as you stood up, and you had to lean a bit on Gabe in order not to fall.

'Now you were standing up once again, you let your eyes roam across the room once again and you frowned.

“But seriously, though. Where are we?”

This time it was Sam who spoke up. The youngest Winchester ruffled a hand through his dark locks as he answered, his eyes also gliding across the room as he did so.

“Cas and I just checked out the hallway for a bit. This place seems pretty big, and pretty…messed up. It reminds me a bit of a hospital, honestly, except it is way more creepier and damaged.”

You frowned at his words. A hospital? You hadn’t played any games concerning a hospital, as far as you knew. So where could you possibly be?

It were Cas’ words, however, that caused your blood to turn to ice in an instant.

“I thought it looked more like an asylum, to be honest.”

You swallowed as your throat turned dry, your eyes locking with the blue ones of the angel.

“Di-did you say asylum?” You stuttered, almost afraid of his confirmation. There was one game you’d played which took place in an asylum, but you didn’t want to think about that. It was a game that contained so much horror, gore and disturbing scenarios that you didn’t want to play it again. It was a game that you thought was one of the best horror games while playing it, but now you might be in it you wished it didn’t exist at all. Because slowly the realisation sunk in as you indeed recognised the design of the room you were in. You were, in fact, in the Mount Massive Asylum, also known as the asylum of…

“Outlast,” You mumbled slowly, as the eyes of the men in the room locked on your figure. Dean frowned at your words, as he opened his mouth to answer.

“Outlast, what is that?”

You swallowed. “Just one of the scariest horror games I’ve played up 'til now.”

Dean raised his eyebrows in a questioning way, and you could see Sam and Cas exchange a look.

“Want to elaborate that’?” Dean asked, spreading his arms in a questioning way as he started to notice how uneasy you suddenly looked.

“Well,” You said, carefully choosing your words while trying not to cringe at every creepy sound you heard. “We are practically in an Asylum, a nuthouse. The doctors here, they…experimented on the patients, turning them into terrifying monsters. Most of them are completely insane. They’ll want to kill you, stab you or torture you as they see you. They can do horrifying things, and to be honest killing you seems like the most merciful one…”

“Well, we won’t let that happen,” Gabe chirped up as he took a breath. “(Y/n), I need you to focus. Do you know how to survive this game?”

“Eh…” You swallowed, desperately trying to recall the last time you played this game. “…Yes, I believe I know. But in the original game, your character dies at the end. He gets…shot down by the police eventually. But I do know where the gate is. If we can get there, we might be able to get out.”

“Alright,” Gabriel answered, a small smirk appearing on his face. “Escaping an asylum, easy much. We should be golden.”

“Golden?” Dean snorted, as he took hold of a gun once again, quickly loading it. The sudden sound caused you to flinch and you surely hoped no unwanted guests had heard it.

“Sure, escaping an asylum full of  crazy people, sounds great. Listen man, just give me a ghost or vampire, that I can handle. But this? This is freakin’ nuts!”

“Great choice of words,” Gabriel muttered and you smiled slightly, before answering:

“Well, if I’m not mistaken I believe that there is also a vengeful ghost in here somewhere.”

Gabe snorted at your commend as Dean closed his eyes for a minute, wondering how in the world he even ended up here.

“Great, crazy people, vengeful spirit…What else, is Shrek going to turn up too?”

You almost opened up your mouth to inform him about the huge, ogre like Chris Walker who roamed the halls here somewhere, but thought it’d be better to hold it for you. No need to stress out the oldest Winchester even more.

“Alright then,” Gabriel commented, looking at the four of you. “I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for some adventure. Let’s go, folks!”

You merely rolled your eyes at the archangel’s words, giving Dean a thankful nod as he handed you a gun which you firmly held in your hands. You felt sore, tired and close to fainting again but if you ever wanted to see the real world again you only had to survive a haunted asylum with dangers around every corner. What could possibly go wrong?

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December 12th

Pairing: Dean x Reader, brief Sam x Reader
Summary: On December 12th, 2005, the reader’s fianceé, Sam, is killed in a car crash.  Every year on the anniversary of his death, she visits his grave, where she’s slowly starting to fall for his older brother.
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 5,690
Warnings: ANGST ANGST ANGST ANGST and some fluff
A/N: Ayyyyeeeee felt like being depressing so here you go
Gif credits: (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x)


“What the hell?” Someone said, startling you out of your vision.  “What are you doing?” He sounded unbelievably angry.

Turning to look at the stranger, you frowned.  “I should be asking you that.  What are you creeping up on random people at night in a cemetery?”

The guy scoffed, obviously pissed.  “I’m visiting my brother’s grave and I don’t appreciate that you’re sitting on top of him.  So, move.”

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The Devil Has Horns

This started out as a drabble for episode 11 that spiralled out of control. Beware, for there is angst aplenty, as well as Adam being incredibly creepy. I’m still a little miffed about how he and the White Fang have been portrayed. 

Anyhow, enjoy! I may or may not continue this depending on this week’s episode.

Amidst the death and destruction that ran rampant through Beacon’s grounds, the fires that burned and Grimm prowling the wreckage, Blake hadn’t thought she would run into him. Hadn’t even entertained the thought that he might have been there, unable to stomach the idea of it. But now, standing frozen in front of the broken window, seeing his face…

She felt sick.

“No.. Adam..?” His name left her lips unbidden, a choked whisper.

“Hello, my darling.”

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Smutty Song Drabbles 03 [OnJongTae, French JongHo, etc; NC-17]

1. Rimi - In Da Kitchen [OnJongTae, requested by shitfics]

Jonghyun gasps and chokes, his chest pressed flat to the gleaming wood of the kitchen island, which has been cleared for this purpose. His body jars with every movement Jinki makes to push into him. His eyes flutter, caught between staring at the grain of the blonde wood and at Taemin, sitting on the edge of the counter, his pants down at mid-thigh, his hand busy as he watches, lip caught between his teeth.

“Faster,” he says to Jinki, whose fingers are so tight, and who’s making noises in the back of his throat as he moves, deeper than Jonghyun had thought he could get from this angle. Really. Baking. He can’t believe he fell for that line, especially coming from Taemin–

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Can you right an imagine were you were taken and brain washed with some other mutants by apocalypse. Peter your boyfriend was worried about you and so were the others. You come back to the xmansion and everyone thinks you ok once you show up but your brain washed team start to fight them. And you start to fight your boyfriend. After all the fighting you and the other mutants left. The professors and Peter try to get you back but have to make a plan to save you and the others.

First of all, I am so sorry for replying to you and writing this so late but I’ve been swarmed with school work and the muse has been actively avoiding me for the past month or so. But I finally managed to write it, yay! I hope this satisfies your prompt. I only didn’t make you brainwashed by Apocalypse and I hope you don’t mind that little change. So, here it is:

No, no, no… This wasn’t supposed to happen.

Everything was routine, the results were basically in the bag – how could everything go so wrong in such little time?

You and a group of fellow mutants were at the finale phase of your X-Men training. You had passed all exams and exercises and this final mission was going to determine which one of you would join the official X-Men. The others would be divided in other teams, but they only got easy missions – nothing like what Mystique’s team handled. It had been your dream to join them ever since you arrived at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. Your boyfriend Peter, better known as Quicksilver now, was a part of the X-Men and he always came back with amazing stories from missions which you listened to attentively, wishing you could be there with him – not only to experience what it meant to actually fight and help people but also to be sure that Peter was okay. There were times when he would be gone for a long time on a mission and there would be no communication due to discretion purposes. These were the worst periods of time for you – you worried constantly about your boyfriend, he was in life or death situations almost daily and no matter how skilled a fighter he was, there was always a chance he wouldn’t come back from a mission one day. You shoved those thoughts deep to the back of your mind most days but they couldn’t help but resurface every now and again.

Your throat burned painfully all of a sudden and you coughed violently.

This was supposed to be routine.

It was a simple enough mission – there was a package of chemicals which increased mutants’ powers for a limited time but it also caused death with extensive use. You were sent to destroy these packages and make arrests if necessary but that wasn’t a definite possibility at the time – you and the others thought it near impossible to happen. Needless to say you were wrong. The rogue mutants had been already prepared and waiting for you – if you weren’t tied up at the moment, you would admit that it was a cleverly planned ambush but you were and those thoughts were the least of your worries.

“That one’s awake. What should we do?”

Your head throbbed at the high volume of the voice, coming off from somewhere to the left of you. Your eyes couldn’t focus properly and your vision was blurry – all you could see was dull colors which told you nothing and made you even more frustrated. You yelped suddenly – someone had yanked your head back and you were forced to look up. You couldn’t talk, you couldn’t move – they had done something to you but you couldn’t figure out what.

“She’s recovering…” the same voice said, this time even closer to you. There was a beat of tension filled silence, during which you desperately tried to will your body to move or at least open your mouth or something but your efforts were meaningless. You wanted to scream, to cry but you couldn’t even feel if you already were.

“Inject her with a full dose. She’ll be a fine addition to the squad.”

Before you could process what was happening, you were being restrained and a needle was forcefully shoved into your vein. You felt the liquid’s effects almost suddenly – at first there was pain, so much pain. You felt like your insides were on fire and you wanted to die, just so it could stop but then warm brown eyes and silver hair invaded your consciousness and you wanted to be strong and go back to him but the pain was so blinding that all coherent thoughts were wiped cleanly from your brain. The last thought flashing through your mind was Peter. For a while all you felt, all you knew was pain.

And then the pain stopped and all you knew was power.

Peter wanted to throw up.

Ever since he got the news, he had a permanent lump in his throat and he could feel bile rise up in his throat every few minutes. They had somehow managed to keep him from destroying every single thing in the mansion from frustration and worry but they hadn’t been able to stop him from pacing at hyper speeds. The Professor had effectively grounded him – “You can’t go after her, Peter, we don’t know where she is. We have to find out where and then we’ll all go and save her.”

Bullshit, he could go around the world in minutes and find out exactly where she and the other students were, save them and still have time to hustle Scott into betting his money on something stupid but no, he had to wait and be patient because they had no jurisdiction to send him to do his job.

Screw jurisdiction, the girl he was in love with was probably in a ditch somewhere, tortured and hurt or probably dead and he couldn’t breathe


The speedster flinched, nearly jumping out of his skin.

“Professor, I told you not to talk in my mind right now, it freaks me out,” he gritted through his teeth, anger boiling up inside him which he had trouble quelling.

“Peter, you need to calm down. You are of no use to Y/N in this state.”

“Yeah well, I’m of no use to her sitting around here waiting for something to happen, so…”

“Raven and Hank are working on locating her right now, you needn’t worry—“

Peter’s eyes flashed and he swore all he could see was red.

“I needn’t worry?! Are you serious right now, Professor? This is the girl I love; if it were Moira, how the hell would you react?”

Quicksilver knew somewhere at the back of his mind that he would regret treating the Professor this way and that he would probably get a punishment for it but he didn’t care for propriety – his girlfriend was in danger and Xavier dared to tell him to calm down.

His mind was blissfully quiet for a moment and Peter thought the Professor had finally left him alone. He ran his hand over his face, sighing heavily. Mindlessly, he plopped down on something soft and took his head in his face, desperately trying to force back the tears threatening to spill over his cheeks. He loved you, he loved you so much and he couldn’t bear the thought of ever losing you, so he refused to believe that there was nothing that could be done immediately.

“I can’t believe it…”

Peter raised his head at the disbelieving tone of the Professor. He had never heard him be so taken aback – frankly it threw him off a little.

“What, what is it?”

“You need to come outside. Now.”

The urgent and no-nonsense way these words were uttered from Charles’ mouth made Peter’s heart drop to his stomach and he was in front of the manor in a second. Hank, Raven, Xavier, Scott, Ororo, Jean, Jubilee and Kurt were all there, slack-jawed, staring ahead. Just as he was about to open his mouth and impatiently ask them what was so urgent, Peter turned his head and immediately mirrored his teammates’ expressions at the sight before him.

There you were, in all your beautiful glory, walking calmly towards Peter. You had a purple bruise beneath your eye and your lip was cut which made his heart hurt but other than that it seemed like you were fine. He started walking enthusiastically towards you but just as he was about to say ‘screw it’ and zoom in front of you, a hand quickly snaked around his lower arm, holding him back. Whipping his head around angrily, Peter was faced with a worried Hank who silenced him with his gaze. Quicksilver furrowed his brow and Hank only nodded uncertainly behind him.

“Something’s wrong,” the scientist muttered.

Peter turned back and focused once more on you and the other missing students walking with you. At first everything seemed normal and he was just about to say to Hank that he was being ridiculous but Peter’s gaze lingered on you and he noticed that you were walking a lot more stiffly than before and not just because of injuries. Your eyes were guarded, full of cold steel and your lips were downturned in an almost angry frown. The whole group walked with purpose and none of them seemed to be happy to see their teachers and friends with whom they had been separated with.

“Maybe they’re just traumatized,” Jean said uncertainly and Kurt was quick to agree with her.

Peter yanked Hank’s hand off his arm and started walking towards you, determined that whatever was wrong with you, he could fix because you loved each other and you always had each other’s backs.

“No, wait, Peter…”

Ignoring the alarmed Professor, he continued walking and with each step he became more and more discouraged because you were staring right at him and your expression never wavered.

“Y/N,” he said when you were close enough to hear him. Instead of smiling and running into his arms like he had hoped, your eyes flashed and you lashed towards him. Shocked from this outcome he couldn’t duck in time, so he fell backwards on the hard ground, hearing a scary crack from his spine. Distantly, he heard the X-Men spring into action to defend him and themselves from the oncoming attacks of the abducted students, but all Peter could focus on was how there was no love left in your eyes – only anger and coldness. He got on his feet and immediately you attacked again, only this time he was ready and ducked in time.

“Wait, Y/N, it’s me – Peter. You know, your boyfriend, that silly guy you said you love?” He tried smiling, hoping against all odds that you were going to remember but no such luck. Your attack only became more vicious and Peter was forced to fight back. Circling around each other he managed to see that one by one the students fell unconscious by his teammates which calmed him a little but freaked him out because it meant he would have to knock you out cold which he wasn’t sure he could do. Deciding it was worth a punch, he tried getting through to you again.

“Y/N, come on, please, just remember. Remember our first date, you how I took you on the roof of the mansion and you pretended to slip and almost fall so I would hug you? Remember that?” While he was saying this with a slightly breathy voice (he was getting tired, you were a good fighter), he managed to get close to you and really try to convene what he was saying with his expression and his eyes. After he was done with his little speech, you ceased with your attacks and you stayed in a battle embrace, just looking into each other’s eyes. Your eyes weren’t so steely anymore – doubt was nestled in them and your expression softened just a fraction which gave Peter some hope to continue: “We’ve been together for six months and man, I love you so much and you said you loved me, too. You have to remember, babe, please.”

You bit your lip – one of your nervous habits – which made Peter think that he could actually do this. You were about to say something when your expression contorted into one of pain. Peter quickly supported you but when you raised your head, the thunderous and cold look was back and he realized he needed to do a lot more than this and he couldn’t do it alone. Swallowing against the lump in his throat, which hadn’t gone away ever since he found out you were captured, he tried convincing himself that it was necessary in order to save you and you would understand and forgive him once you were back to your old self, before using his speed to knock you at the back of the head which immediately rendered you unconscious. Falling limp into his arms, Peter picked you up easily bridal style, constantly muttering ‘I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, babe’ and walked back to the manor. Some of the X-Men were still fighting but the brunt of the group had been defeated and Charles stood back, coordinating where to put the unconscious students.

Just as Peter approached him, the Professor noticed him and his face softened into concern and pity.

“Peter, I’m so sorry,” he said.

Quicksilver shook his head.

“No, don’t be sorry. She’s not gone, none of them are. We gotta save them, Professor. I mean, that’s what you do, right? Saving people?”

Noticing that the silver-haired boy was on the brink of hysteria, Charles nodded encouragingly, his stomach twisting at the sight of you unconscious in his arms.

“Of course, Peter. We’ll save her, I promise.”

The speedster clenched his jaw, once again looking down at you in his arms, silent for a moment. The Professor could sense all the feelings flowing through his student and they nearly overwhelmed him but he stayed silent, not wanting to push further. Peter looked back at Charles, his mouth set in a hard line.

“You better keep that promise, Professor,” he muttered, his voice rough, and started walking inside. He was going to find a way to save you and he was going to bring you back to him, no matter what it took.

He just hoped that deep down, you would be willing to remember.