Name: Flashby
Flash, Flashy, Twinkletoes, Steam Train
: 30 in human years
Gender: Male
Height: 6ft 8
Weight: 180lbs or 81kg
Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationships: N/A Single like a pringle
Occupation: Animator
Hobbies: Sports, particularly dodgeball, though he adores athletic running - often racing people to the finish and high stamina.
Personality: Laid back, very gentle, doesn’t really enjoy hurting people, even when he has to fight - though there isn’t much that can sway the guy.
Fun Fact: He wears baggier clothing in order to hide the pudge on his stomach, due to his unhealthy diet of potato chisps and pinecones - however he can literally burn it off if he wants to. Though this does make him very self conscious around people he likes, and can be rather bed shy.

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