My night, has been alright, almost got into a fight, with the light, coz it gave me a fright, when I had dinner and took a bite, my heart took flight, first left then right, my chest felt tight, as high as a kite, I think I just might, give up rhyming, coz I’m a broom.


To the best friend, Asian wannabe, basketball pro, ambidextrous weirdo, gen sci buddy, all night Skyper, not so closet Janoskians fan, some random, the apple to my pie and every analogy in Perfect Two, the plum to my rice ball, the Spongebob to my Patrick, the Mickey to my Minnie, the one who's full of surprises, the one who knows me best, some top bloke, my superhero Batman, literal tree hugger, car stopper inventor, the Pon to my Zi, best mate, the Chris to my Lucy, and everything else.

I didn’t realize I had so many names to call you >“< You’re all of that^ and more to me :’) Happy eleventh, baby!