DSC Christmas Meme Day 2.

Damon + Christmas’ flashback : It’s Christmas Eve, Damon is finally with Elena, and it’s the perfect time to tell her one of his dearest memories : Christmas with his family when he was a kid. He used to play in the snow with Stefan and their friends & cousins. He loved listening to the Christmas carols in every street of the little town.

Later, they would come back home with a huge Christmas tree, while their mother was waiting for them to decorate it. Then, all together, by the fireplace, some cookies were eaten and their mother’s hot chocolate was the most delicious one they ever drank. It was the most wonderful time of the year for Damon & Stefan…


"A win’s a win"

Damon won and saved his life in 1958, but had to let Enzo die. He failed Enzo and had to turn his humanity off to survive the guilt. This is haunting him since that day. So when in 3x15, even tho he wins again and could let Stefan turn Abby into a vampire, take the blame and lose Elena for good, this time, for Stefan’s sake, Damon changes the rules & will turn Abby, because he’s “better at being the bad guy anyway”. What happened in 1958 made Damon who he is now, it reinforced the idea that he’s monster and doesn’t deserve happiness. And so many of his actions since 1x01 can be related to these 5 years spent next to Enzo, in those cells, and the guilt that he lives with everyday since then.