flashbacks to ep 3

I’m not the man my father thinks I am, even if I was, I should be alone…I need to be alone

Oliver Queen says good bye to Katana in Hong Kong| Ep 3x23 Season Finale


With all this Season 4 “mysticism” talk going on  [x],  I am starting to think Oliver will end on the ASHRAM. He wants to be alone and that would be the perfect place to gather his toughts and learn more things…(mystical and spiritual?) …Too much?…Please, keep reading…

The Ashram is located in California [x] close to Coast City so that will explain the ship at the end of ep 3x23…Also Katana mentioned a Monastery in Japan (a tease?)

In the comics, when GREEN ARROW had accidentally killed a man named Richard Hollinger, he ended his hero career. Flying to a solitary place in the mountains, he crashed his Arrow-Plane and ejected himself with a parachute, then walked by foot to a monastery called the SANCTUARY or ASHRAM, where he lived and studied Zen and Kyudo discipline for several months. Finally, his friend Hal Jordan persuaded him to return to help a troubled Black Canary. The monk named MASTER JANSEN (There was an Easter egg of him in Arrow episode 3x04 “The Magician”) taught Oliver to accept his destiny as Green Arrow. [source: dcguide.com x]

We know Oliver practices meditation. Katana started teaching him in Hong Kong (ep 3x15). I am almost sure, he did not have time to practice that much there…We also saw Oliver at the end of that episode helping Roy remember in that curious and awkward scene… #foreshadowing?

One last thing…

Unknown to Green Arrow, his son CONNOR HAWKE was later brought to the Monastery and grew up to become a peaceful child and skilled martial artist. As a young adult, Connor joined his father in crime-fighting as the second Green Arrow. [source: dcguide.com x]


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What do you think?

yes-everhopeful  asked:

There was another discussion yesterday about Abby going to Jaha and trusting him about Jake when he wasn't the person to trust. And this morning, I got the David, Uriah, and Bathsheba vibe that makes some sense! Jake died for no reason, Jaha had a crush on Abby and etc.. What do you think?

Hey there! Yeah I totally thought that when I was first watching the show! I thought Jaha “got rid of Jake” because he wanted Abby. It seems that way in the ep 1.3 flashback with them, Jaha seems jealous.

But that was the shows early days. I think they kinda changed their ideas around & didn’t pursue to “tell that story” and set up Kabby instead. But the implications are definitely there. & the 100 loves their biblical parallels! & Jaha in particular always has a biblical edge (Moses in S2, a false Messiah in S3 etc.)

Do you have any thoughts to add? I can go on for days about this lol