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Hi! Thanks for all your wonderful meta, first of all :) I was wondering if you have any thoughts on the scene in HLV when Sherlock wills himself back to life after getting shot: near the end of that sequence, his hand brushes against 221B's wallpaper during the ASIP staircase climb. This leads to a series of flashbacks surrounding 221B that end up with a close up on the door, which is the last thing Sherlock sees in his mind palace before he wakes up. Why do you think that was put into focus?

Hi Lovely! Thank you for the kind comments! Ahhh, okay, I’ve lots of thoughts about this, specifically Sherlock coming back to life. I discuss it a little bit in my Mind Palace Theories meta that Sherlock uses the images of familiarity to bring himself back. 

Alright, this one is REALLY intimate to me. Just prior to this scene, Sherlock is crying out John’s name. He needs to return to John… he wants to get to him and save him. Sherlock feels that John is not safe unless Sherlock is alive. Given that I believe that Sherlock’s mind palace is modelled as a “John” manifestation – where John represents companionship, love, home, and safety – I actually interpret this blink-and-you-miss-it moment as Sherlock thinking about touching John. I’ve actually slowed that gif down a bit, and WOW. Just LOOK. Just LOOK how sensual that touch is. Just… this is so ridiculous. Sherlock has, just before this moment, used his love for John to restart his heart, and as his first level mind palace is coming back online and the walls are being rebuilt, Sherlock’s mind has slipped for a split second and had a minor fantasy of sensually touching John. This gif is borderline porn, I can’t seriously get over it. Sherlock, my smoll pining son. THIS SHOW IS SO BEAUTIFUL IN IT’S SUBTLETY.

So, in my MP Theories meta, I proposed that Sherlock’s climbing of the stairs is him returning to the upper-most part of his brain mind palace, the one that had shut off when he was dying. Then the following scene, which I also slowed down so you can see everything:

… is Sherlock’s brain and heart coming back online, remembering all the circumstances that got him where he currently is, finally ending and holding onto the thing that keeps Sherlock going… Home, AKA John.

TL;DR: The ENTIRE SCENE is about John, and the thought of John brings Sherlock comfort and peace.

[Flashback 2] Falling

Falling was not a new sensation.

When he was born, he fell from an uncaring womb. When he was young, he fell from the strikes of his tutors. When he was a youth, he fell to his knees before the Allfather. When he was upon Asgard, he routinely fell in defeat to Lady Sif’s blades. But those were the physical falls.

In his mind, his first fall was when he realized Laufey did care, but it was far too late. The second was when he watched Helblindi fly overhead and crash against the wall of their castle, having been backhanded by his enraged father for blocking his way to Loki. The third was when he first arrived at Asgard and was shunned, suspected, or hated by all.

The list could go on and on, be it the sewing of his lips, the price he paid for distracting Svadilfari, the stealing of Idunn’s apples, or even when he allowed Sigyn into his frozen heart.

He let his eyes slide shut, taking in the silence, the darkness as he continued to fall. With each passing moment, though he truly had long since lost sense of time, he could feel another layer of himself ripping away.

It did not hurt. It only numbed.

It numbed as his armor, piece by piece, pulled lose. As his frustration and anger struggled out with each breath he took. As his tears slid away from his pale face. As warmth was ripped from his very fingertips. As all his memories grew distant and were fast unraveling in his mind.

Washes of color he could not see. Voices that he could not hear. Touches he could not have.

All of it was falling, tearing, ripping from him until he was certain he no longer knew himself.

And then all of it returned as he found himself suddenly falling through air and then plunging into the briny depths of the sea.

He opened his eyes then and surged upward without a second thought. Survival instinct. He had forgotten he still had that.

Survival. Flight.

He found himself coughing, vomiting water and sand upon the coast of New Mexico moments later with the hot, hot sun beating down upon his drenched form.

He struggled to his knees and squinted upward, startled by the sudden ability to see, to hear, to feel.

Funny that. To fall onto Midgard of all places. To want to live even after all of that.

He got to his feet, whipping his damp hair out of his eyes as he took in the empty shores and smiled.

He had fallen with the expectation to die, but had risen with the expectation to live.

His smile grew into a grin.

It was not his time yet.

The beginnings of a laugh was struggling up his throat.

But had he truly stopped falling yet?

He covered his mouth with his hand.

No, there was still more he could do. So much more.

He gave up and threw his head back and laughed.

Falling was not a new sensation, no, but there were many more ways to fall that he’d yet to try.

Finished the coloring on this one! :)

I wasn’t really fond of the full-eye-yellow look you see in the flashback during the series so I just added it to the pupils. Also improvised and added some “Haggar” stripes to sort of show that he might be under her brainwashing mojo? Definitely looking forward to season 2! 

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i wanna see new parallels from the previous seasons and the revival. i want rory and jess talking on the phone. "hi" "hi" and cute luke and lorelai ones. like "luke can waltz" since i bet we are totes going to see their wedding! and paris referring to stars hollow as a strange cornfield ridden mindless town.

Yes! If you haven’t seen, Lauren Graham actually said there are going to be flashbacks to the series (which I was really surprised to hear) so I’m really interested to see how they’ll fit that in. I’d love to see some Luke/Lorelai and Rory/Jess parallels :)

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So in my story, J has a series of flashbacks provoked by what he see’s-everyday things-which remind him of his old lover-the flashbacks tell the story/plot, and why their relationship is currently dead. Is it okay to tell a story in this format?

Sure! Never say never, right? :) 

Normally we want to avoid the overuse of flashbacks in a story, but when they are an inherent part of the story’s format, that’s a little bit different. Just make sure you use them effectively and not in a way that becomes formulaic or predictable, and you should be good to go!

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Nothing Less than Everything Ch. 2

Okay, here’s part two. There will be flashbacks in this series, but I’ll have them in italics. I’ll try to make them obvious. Also, possible trigger warning for attempt non-consensual/rape. This is rated Mature so read…responsibly? I don’t know. But you know whether or not your old enough for these things so no jumping the gun! Anyways, enjoy!

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