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Hi !! i added Benjarvis and his friends on snapchat and they added me back and we're friends now.. aww I'm so happy and i want to tell you that.

…hi dear anonymous…:D…awwww…that’s pretty good!!!….;D..tbh….i rly lost track of Benjamin Jarvis….but i think he’s a rly nice GOD!!…*screams*….he was very friendly…..and i rly soz for the extremely delay on post ur message!!!!!!!!!!…..*silent tears*……;D….and i’m very happy 4 u!!!…HUGE THANKS 4 this lovely msg and have an incredible day and life!!!….;D!!!

Gear Love at Converse Rubber Tracks Boston

More killer pedals from our Converse Rubber Tracks pop-up in Boston. Top row (L to R): Catalinbread “Belle Epoch” (delay), Electro-Harmonix “Sovtek Big Muff” (fuzz), Boss “DD-7 Digital Delay”, Pedalmasters “Klon Klone” (overdrive) & a Wren & Cuff “The Caprid” (distortion). Bottom row: Mr. Black “Eterna” (reverb), TC Electronic “Flashback” (delay), Mr. Black “Supermoon” (reverb), Electro-Harmonix “Big Muff” & a Morley “ABC” (3-way selector).

Also, people need to stop being rude about Terri

Don’t like For Better or Worse? Fine. But here’s a little list of her other episodes:

Vampire Weekend
A Rose For Everafter
Food to Die For (Maddie anyone?)
Pretty Dead
Poof Your Dead (I want Magic, the Castle/Gina breakup?)
The Lives of Others
Time Will Tell
The Good, the Bad, and the Baby

So you have a few to you don’t like? That’s fine. That’s true of everybody. I kind a like Rob Hanning’s work, I’m not wild about the episode Nikki Heat. Many fans are, but I’m not. I love Terrance Paul Winter, but could take or leave Secrets Safe With Me. That’s life.

But Terri is not only the writer of many a fan favorite episode, she’s the one person that nearly everyone on the cast and crew has said has done so much tireless work, much of it uncredited behind-the-scenes - that without her Castle would not exist at all.

So I’m going to say something a bit stronger than is my norm, because seeing people circulate that idea, that Terri should not be involved with Castle attached to my post is upsetting. (not the least little bit because the person who said it is the subject of my last post, there I said it out loud.)

But honestly? If you believe that? That’s crazy. It’s childish, petty, and ignorant of everything about the show you claim to love. Yes we all get opinions, but not all opinions are based on anything more than a desire to hear yourself talk, and when that’s true it should be said.

Before people go suggesting they think people should be kicked out of their jobs because they were dissatisfied with one episode, maybe they should see more than just their present dissatisfaction.

I think there’s going to be a lot of queue today, I’m going for a nice proverbial walk after this one. Which delays the flashback review. Sorry, blame the crazy.

(and yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m going to lose followers for this. But I’m also pretty sure it’s worth it.)