“I just feel so bad. He looked so sad.” Sabrina said, she was hyper aware of Ingrid’s hand touching her lightly on the arm.

“He’ll be okay. It’s better that you did it now. It wasn’t fair to him.” Ingrid reassured Sabrina well reassuring herself too. She knew what she had done wasn’t right, but she didn’t feel bad. She was happy, that’s all that mattered.

“I just. It feels shitty you know? I didn’t want to hurt him.” Sabrina said softly. Ingrid laced her fingers with Sabrina’s, her finger tips running over Sabrina’s knuckles.  

“I know my brother, he’ll be upset for a week at most before he’s in bed with someone else.”


Okay so I’ve seen the theory floating around about how Steven’s shield is reflective thus Rose’s shield is also reflective

And White Diamond being the leader she is, shields Yellow and Blue. Causing her to lose her eyesight from the blast. (Makes sense why we haven’t seen her around nor mentioned)

That’s why her pupils are white and not black. I doubt this is “because she is White Diamond” because Blue and Yellow do indeed have eyes of their own colors, but the actual pupil itself is indeed black as shown below:

And as I was pondering about this, I wondered “Hey! Can’t Steven heal gems and people? Maybe season six will have Steven somehow healing White’s eyesight.

Then it finally hit me.

That wouldn’t be the first time Steven magically fixed someone’s eyesight now has it ?

This healing could be the key to getting White to believe he is truly is Pink’s reincarnation and getting her on our side.

Reasons you should go watch Over the garden wall right fucking now

-The aesthetic™ 

-If you love Halloween, like hell you’re gonna love this

-Spooky scary skeletons

-There’s a shit ton of hidden messages

-The fan theories are as good as the show itself

-It’s so short you couldn’t even consider it time consuming

-The characters, the story, the place, everything in there is so well developed you are going to fucking CRY

-The character design is a work of art

-So is the background

-Everything in this show is a work of art, really

-Ships galore

-Some good sibling content there

-If you like Gravity Falls, well, you’re gonna die for this one

-The nostalgia™

-Potpurri of historical eras

-The soundtrack fucking ROCKS 

-No, but really, the soundtrack is the best thing is ever going to get near your ears. Ever

(Feel free to add more)


The Grimm Reaper

“I based my weapon off yours. I wanted to be as good as The Grimm Reaper.”-Qrow Branwen

Please, let Maria redeem herself through the guidance of Ruby Rose. Let her become the Master of the last Silver-Eyed Warrior.

  • Creeping Renaissance (9th Level, Necromancy)

    • Casting Time: 1 action

    • Range: Self

    • Components: V, S, M (a sliver from a tombstone  that is at least 50 years old)

    • Duration: 1 hr.

    • Classes: Druid

      • You reach out with dual tendrils of necromantic and nature magic to bring back life to where it was lost. Roll 2d4, the total is how many corpses this spell can affect. Plant growth quickly rises to cover a number of dead bodies within a 30-foot radius of yourself, animating them in a mockery of life. The corpses must be of a humanoid or Large or smaller beast, and rise as spore servants under your control in ascending order of CR (the DM has the template for the spore servant.) The spore servants act at the end of your turn, and you can use a bonus action on your turn to verbally command any number of spore servants under you control within 60 ft. If given no commands, the spore servants take no action. The corpses stay animated for the duration of the spell or until destroyed, and can’t be animated again in this way.

      • Flashback. If you’ve already cast this spell once since the end of your last long rest, you can instead choose to cast it as a Flashback spell. If you do so, you can instead affect up to 4d4 corpses with the spell, and the affected radius doubles to 60 feet. After doing so, you can’t cast this spell again until the end of your next long rest.

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