It’s about time I updated this~ The prices are higher now since I’m a little bit better at drawing than before.

I can make pixel art, portraits or ‘starscapes’/landscapes. Depending on the size/complexity, I can do them pretty quick like maybe an hour or so! Though the bigger the size, the longer I take. The prices are not by the canvas size anymore for the set sizes below, with the extras for gifs (15¢) or extra characters (30¢). But the price for sizes are in betweens are sized by their ending pixel (The Jakku gif is 150x75 so 150+75 = $2.25)

  • 50x50 - $2.00
  • 100x100 - $3.00
  • 250x250 - $5.00
  • 100x100 - $5.00
  • 250x250 - $7.25
  • 500x500 - $9.00 (only starscapes*)

For my hand drawn art pieces, I’m getting better with my tablet, and at drawing and stuff. But still, I’m only doing people and no gifs. The prices aren’t by the size, but by what I’m drawing, but still with the extra for extra characters (30¢)

  • Sketches - $5.50 (no coloring)
  • Flat -Colored - $6.50
  • Detailed - $10.00

New~!! (not really) Since I’m getting a hang of drawing in the comic book style, you can now commission me to do the close ups I’ve done before. Also like before, you can get the redraws as well. These however get the 30 cent charge for extra characters.

  • Close Ups - $15.00 (no extra characters)
  • Redraw - $20.00

here’s my commission page with more info and updated pricing! Hmu if interested!

At #parisccomicon2016 I wanna thank my table neighbor Bruno Maio (BrunoMaioart.blogspot.pt) for the wonderful Flash drawing he did for me. It was great meeting you and hanging out with your family (at Comic Con Paris)

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Flying with Supergirl is always so great… for most people.


Finally finished this Gen 2 Pokemon flash set 🍃💦💥 Prints available at https://www.etsy.com/shop/DavisRiderPrints