This rare beautiful sunny weather in England is giving me major summer feelings… Flash back to this strawberry meringue pie I made last year 😍. Sweet pastry tart filled with a strawberry egg custard and topped with the fluffiest Italian meringue and fresh strawberries🍓. I can’t wait for it to be summer so more pastries with fresh fruits are more prominent.

Flash Back Friday with the lovely Alycia Debnam Carey and her Mom in the audience of ELLEN SHOW, like when Alycia was 18 years old! CUTE!💓✨
Sure anytime soon she will be seating in the other side of the studio, just there beside Ellen talking about her success growing carrer!🌟👍🏼

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Cat’s puppy eyes & Vincent pretending to be mad 😍😍😍😍

These two are simply too adorable for words and so in love ❤️😊❤️‍😈❤️‍

- Oh, thank God you’re OK

- No, I’m not OK you locked me in a cage!!!

- Yeah you’re mad


- Please, forgive me….

(part 2 of 2)

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Flashback Friday XI!

Written by: JoJo

We finally have done it. It’s been 5 weeks since I started the Star Ocean Flash Back Saga. We have finally reached the finally entry in the series. Today we cover the last Star Ocean game eligible for Flash Back Friday, that being Star Ocean 3: Til The End of Time. The very game that got me into Star Ocean, the very game that really hooked me into RPG games. Don’t get me wrong, I was into RPGs prior to Star Ocean, but this is the game that was hook, line, and sinker into the genre of Role-Playing Games. So let’s dive right into this masterpiece.

Developer: tri-Ace
Publisher: Square Enix (Director’s cut world wide) – Enix (Original Version)
Writers: Yoshitaru Gotanda and Hiroshi Ogawa
Artists: Jun Sato and Keiichi Asai
Composers: Motoi Sakuraba
Series: Star Ocean
Platforms: Playstation 2
Release Dates:
Original Version: Feb. 27th, 2003 (JP)
Director’s Cut: Jan. 22nd, 2004 (JP), Aug. 31st, 2004 (NA), Sept. 30th, 2004 (AUS), Oct. 1st, 2004 (EU)
Genre: Action role-playing
Mode: Single-Player
Distribution: 2 Disc (DVD)

Star Ocean 3 is more commonly known as Star Ocean: Til The End of Time and begins on a common vacation planet called Hyda IV. Here you are introduced to not only main protagonist, Fayt Leingod but also his childhood friend, Sophia Esteed. Both are currently on vacation with Fayt’s family, featuring Fayt’s father… a famous scientist in symbology, Robert Leingod. Suddenly ALIENS when the Vendeeni suddenly attack the planet for currently unknown reasons using their high-tech weapons never before seen because it only exists on a single planet. Due to this unprovoked attack on Hyda IV, the Pangalatic Federation makes a decleration of war against the Vendeeni. Fayt and Sophia escape as Fayt manages to battle the highly advanced aliens with nothing more than an almighty godsent weapon, a metal pipe, on the starship called Helre. In the chaos they are separated from Fayt’s parents however. Luck would not be on the two’s side this day as their starship, too, is attacked and they are separated as well.

Luckily for Fayt, his escape pod lands on a relatively undeveloped planet (it’s described as 16th century Earth), Vanguard III. Here he finds out of an off-world criminal called “Rezerbian Norton, who is plotting to take over the world. Fayt meets Cliff Fittir, who can go on… and on… and on… seemngly forever. Cliff is a member of Quark (chocobos reference?), which is an anti-federation organization who helps Fayt. Fayt is then told that Quark’s leader wishes to speak to him, however Cliff isn’t about to give any details as to why that is, all he tells Fayt is that the leader has a plan on rescuing his father, Robert. Cliff, Fayt and Cliff’s assistant, Mirage, all get off of Vanguard III but are yet again attacked and crash-land into the planet Elicoor II. Elicoor is a bit more advanced than Vanguard III but still only that of 17th Century Earth. Low and behold, they actually crash-land into the planet’s capital, Airyglyph, which is no bueno because the people now believe that the spaceship is a highly developed weapon created by a nation they are at war with, Aquaria. This leads to the imprisonment of Cliff and Fayt, but Mirage manages to escape (because that doesn’t raise even more suspicions). An assassin like woman named Nel Zelpher comes to their rescue and breaks them out because she mistakes them for engineers from the continent Greeton, who are allegedly far more technologically advanced. The only condition to the rescue is that Fayt and Cliff will help Nel aid her country… Aquaria, develop technology of their own. Somehow, Fayt and Cliff’s day went from bad to worse as now they find themselves in the middle of two warring nations.

SUDDENLY ALIENS PART 2. The Vendeeni appear yet again to attack, however this time Fayt destroys the ship with a weird power he had never seen before. However, despite destroying the ship, there is another currently lingering in the planets orbit. In the midst of the battle, Quark leader, Maria Traydor arrives on Elicoor. She let’s it known that her and the Vendeeni both knew about Fayt’s magical powers that he himself didn’t know about and that the attacks are no coincidence and the Vendeeni are currently after him. You search for a weird out of place artifact while doing battle with the Vendeeni yet again, and unfortunately Fayt’s father is killed. This leads the game jumping around again, as Fayt and crew find themselves space-borne yet again, they soon find out that an even more powerful force than the Vendeeni are out to destroy the world, they are called the Executioners, the Vendeeni and the Federation kind of team up but are ultimately overwhelmed by these new creatures, they are forced to retreat. Acting on a hint left behind by Fayt’s father, the party heads to the Moonbase research station where Fayt is reunited with childhood lover… I mean friend… Sophia. Here they are attacked by an angelic formed Executioner called the "Proclaimer” (I’m not 100% sure on this, remember, I do this mostly from memory). It tells them they MUST be destroyed but you beat it so egg on it’s face. Investigating the moonbaseshows the truth behind the executioners and their sudden appearance, during the charting of the planet Styx, explorers encountered an extremely advanced Time Gate. It was activated and informed them that they would begin to discover “symbology” and continue to make advancements in the field which would anger the “Creator’ and that they would ultimately be destroyed. They were told even if they gave up the symbology know, someone would eventually inherit the genetics, so that’s why they must be destroyed.

These explorers made a quick retreat and tell the federation of their findngs, through some studying, they find out the warning of their destruction came from a completely different plane of existence and that the creator wasn’t even of this universe, it is also found that the reason the creator detest the the symbology is because it has the power to open the rift between the two worlds. This led to scientist modifying three young subjects which turned out to be Fayt, Sophia and Maria, it’s no coincidence they’ve all ran into one another afterall. Through symbological alteration, these three together form a key to open the rift to the other world and would be able to open the time gate. Maria held the power of Alteration which would allow her and those with her to remain in a physical world between world. Fayt was given the power of Destruction, as it was assumed they’d need to defend themselves in the new world, and Sophia was give the power of Connection, which would be essential to make contact with "4D space.” Keep in mind this is very similar to the creation of the “Ten wise Men” from Star Ocean 2. It is also learned the Vendeeni wanted to capture Fayt to hopefully hand over to the executioners and end their attacks.

Now the party finally heads to Styx to open the time gate, but the planet is swarming with Executioners trying to stop them, they reach the gate and enter “4D Space” which is a dimension higher than their own and that the world Fayt and co are form is simply a computer generated simulation created by Luther Lansfield (so this whole time you’ve been essentially playing a video game that was a video game itself…. INCEPTION!!!) It is also revealed that the computer simulation is actually an MMO game for the inhabitant of this “4D Space” aka the real world. You learn that the executioners are actually an anti-virus program installed to delete anomalies in the Milky Way section of the Eternal Sphere (the name of the computer sim you were previously in). With the help of Blair Lansfield, lead programmer and sister of Luther, you are led to Luther himself, they explain that the residents of Eternal Sphere have reached a level of intelligence equal to the 4D citizens, Luther still is not convinced and sees them as mere data, which leads to him deciding due to their rebelion, he’s simply going to delete the entire universe (which is weird… because he forgets he’s actually in the Eternal Sphere himself at this point.) They defeat him which leads to his deletion, but they fail to stop the deletion engagement, but for unknown reasons, the deletion doesn’t occur. This is because of something Blair mentions earlier about a backup system, but there was no signification it was ever activated. Here you have a seen about the characters being self aware about their existence and because of this they should be allowed to develop as they please and not have anything intefere, such as Luther or executioners, it’s because of this consciousness, that they can not be deleted anymore, they are not “mere data.” Or maybe it was Maria’s power that altered their overall existence from data to real living organisms (DIGIMON!)… but we’ll never know. We have a few ending scenarios based on character affection and private actions.

Whew, there you have it, the longest synopsis in BSG FBF history! But it’s worth it for one of my favorite games in history. Much like other star ocean games, this game follows the same Action Battle style, where it’s essentially open floormat. You can only control 3 characters in this game, and like previous games there are a bunch of characters to choose from, but keep in mind some are missable and even lose-able you are forced to make choices (research how to get albel, you’ll want him). There’s also an amazing scene involved a great dragon called the Marquis, Crossell, who is sent to fire a huge light arrow created by Aquaria that I just couldn’t find a spot to slip in the synopsis (I know it’s main story related, but I kept rambling about it so I had to continuously stop and cut it out… I’m sorry, that dragons fricken awesome though!)

As with any of the game, this game has a compelling story, a secret battle mode, a ton of unlockables, a bunch of hair rippingly hard post game dungeons, and surprisingly high replay value. I rate it overall a 9.8/10. It’s not perfect but in my opinion, it’s damn close.
This compares to other ratings from these sites…

Gamerankings: 81%
Metacritic: 80/100
GameInformer: 8.25/10
Gamespot: 7.9/10
IGN: 9/10

The game did initially receive a negative reception in Japan because some part’s were buggy in the original version and some copies didn’t even work on older PS2s. Enix quoted this as an issue on Sony’s end and not one of their own, this is because there were some aspects of the game that were apparently not backwards compatible? I don’t know what they mean by that but regardless Sony denied those claims. The fixes came in the director’s cut which led to much higher praise from critics and players and SO 3 is the 96th best seller among console games in the PS2/Gamecube/Xbox generation (2006) selling 630,000 copies in the US alone. in 2008 it was announced the original version sold over 500k copies in Japan

fun fact, my ex gf messages me the other day asking if I wanted my very old copy of this game back… I thought we’d never talk again after breaking up like 5 years ago, so I havew a new copy xD