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Ok I was gonna do a Throwback last night but my computer (and still is sort of) being an asshole so I decided to do more a Flashback Friday type thing.

Was thinking about this scene actually.. when after Daryl reunited with Carol (with that memorable hug of course) he took watch with her that night..

Daryl Dixon is not a man who wastes his words. He has no need to fill the air with useless bullshit. And at this point he is just content to sit with her in silence. No badgering no nothing. Just companionable silence. Which as Mia so eloquently put in Pulp Fiction is ‘how you know you’ve found someone special, when you can just shut the fuck and enjoy a comfortable silence..’(paraphrasing) .

He just simply looks at her with, an example of that non-verbal communication that do so well. But it is as if he did ask..

“I don’t want to talk about it, I just want to forget..”

Daryl’s response is not to badger her with more questions. His answers is simple..


And that’s it. He respects her and her space the way she has always done for him. She will talk when she is ready to talk.

That’s room and the space they give each other to breathe  With no demands or expectations. Trust and understanding. And love. Wherther you think its romantic or not. it’s there there is no doubt about that.

That scene always makes think about that. How wonderful it has to be to know that you have someone like that. Even if sometimes it scares you enough to hide or run from them. In the end they are there. To just respect and understand. To give you the time to ready to talk. In your own time.

That is a truly special bond and that is one of the man reasons I ship it and will ship it no matter what happens.

keep Caryling on everyone.. we have much to look forward to :)


Since I will be running 26.2 miles for the SECOND time this Sunday I wanted to share a little recap from my last experience!!! I was blogging elsewhere then so I copied everything I wrote 2 years ago!

“Philadelphia Marathon Race Recap

4 months and 485 miles later.

Sunday Morning I ran 26.5 miles (looks like I didn’t stick to the tangents) .

What an incredibly brutal and amazing experience.

I have literally been eat, sleep and breathing this marathon since July, and it just feels so strange that its done!

Lets get to it…

My alarm went off at 5:00am, and after a ROUGH nights sleep, I prepared to RUN.

My sister literally brought her coffee pot and almond milk to the hotel room so we could have coffee the way we wanted it in the morning. I ate 2 pieces of raisin bread smothered in peanut butter.

I got dressed, and we were off. I still wasn’t nervous at this point which really surprised me.

We got through security and waited in the bathroom line for AN ENTIRE HOUR. I am not even kidding. By the time we finally got to go, we walked out to the corrals and MY CORRAL WAS LINING UP.. WHAT!!! THAT IS WHEN THE NERVES SET IN.

I was anticipating another 30 minutes or so to mentally prepare standing in my corral, but it was time to rock!

The plan was to see my family at miles 1,6,13 and 26! The first mile came FAST and there was my mom, dad, husband and brother in law cheering me on! Having spectators there just for you really is amazing!!

Sarah and I stayed together until about mile 2 and then split.

I saw my cheerleaders at mile 6 as planned. I put my hand out to grab everyone but I ended up knocking my moms phone out of her hand.. WHOOPS! Thankfully it didn’t break :)

At miles 7 and 9 we had some seriously HILLAGE. I thought 7 was bad, until I got to 9 and we neared the Philadelphia Zoo. UGH! KILLER!

I powered through knowing I would see everyone in a few miles.

Then I reached the split. marathon left, Half marathon right… LEFT I WENT!

I gave everyone a quick kiss and kept powering through, and then I realized I was only HALF WAY THROUGH!

Eventually I got to mile 15… and then 16 I saw my sister on the out and back, she was KICKING ASS! A quick high 5 and we kept going. I felt my Calves start to seize a bit so I ran off to the side to stretch and kept going.

I saw my brother in law running the sides trying to catch my sister, it was nice to see someone out there!

Everything after 15 was tough, and got tougher. I struggled significantly, any sort of possible time goal I predicted I threw out and I was just ready to cross the finish line and put food in my belly.

At mile 22 a woman had pretzels and I grabbed a handful and kept moving.

There was walking, a lot of it. I would see a water station in the distance and then make myself run to it before I was able to walk again.

I ate 2 watermelon GU chomps at miles 4,8,12,16,20 and 24. I hated them by 24 but I knew I needed them.

When I FINALLY REACHED 25 I knew I needed to push it!

At this point I was certain I never needed to run another marathon ever again 😛

Then I grabbed water at the final water stop and ran, when I finally got to 26 My husband and Sarah were there screaming and cheering me on, I pushed, I passed a lot of people. I heard the guy at the finish line saying my name and then I SPRINTED, at least it felt like I was sprinting.


The finishers shoot was SO LONG, I grabbed water and more pretzels and immediately. devoured.

After what seemed like a mile walk I found my family. I got up on my toes and hugged my dad and my calves completely seized and I almost fell over. yikes. I walked in small circles for a little bit while I hugged everyone else.

The official pictures were posted today and I have to say, the photographers caught me in the hight of my misery and the height of my happiness! How amazing is that scowl on the bridge! They belong in a frame side my side haha!!

Incredible. What a crazy mix of emotions.”