Things girls want in a guy

•A Chemistry nerd

Peter Parker

•A guy who wears cool T-Shirt

Peter Parker

•Someone who looks out for other people

Peter Parker

•Someone who cares about his family and friends

Peter Parker

•Someone who loves Star Wars

Peter Parker

•An all around selfless, honest, funny, and loyal good guy

Peter Parker

Basically girls just want Peter Parker, is that too much to ask?

Ok but imagine Shuri being an extremely protective friend to Peter, she must to look out for the Reckless White Boy™️.


  • S: *charging repulsers* “so who’s the kid that keeps harassing you at school, Peter?”
  • P: “Shuri nO YOU CANT JUST SHOOT-“
  • S: “Shuri Y E S”

feel free to add on.

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Peter Parker is a 15 year old boy who should be worrying about homework and homecoming but worries about keeping people safe and protecting his Aunt. HE IS JUST A CHILD WHO DESERVES SO MUCH AND NEEDS TO BE PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS. DID YOU SEE THAT RUBBLE SCENE? DID YOU SEE HOW MUCH THAT BROKE ME? DID YOU SEE HOW MUCH THAT BROKE PETER? I'M DONE™ AND AM GOING TO GO CRY IN A CORNER NOW.

Peter: You beat people up and charge money?

Bucky: Yeah.

Tony: Sad, isn’t it?

Peter: How much would you charge to beat up Flash?

Tony: [horrified] What?

Bucky: How much you got?

Peter: Thirty bucks.

[Bucky nods in acceptance]

Tony: That’s good, this conversation is over.