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[11/100 days of productivity]

I am done with 273 cards for my final which is on Monday! I’ve already gone through 80% of it and I’m gonna ace it!

Feels like I improved myself in comparison to me two weeks ago. But on the other hand I know that I’d been more productive. Mixed feelings: I am better, but not good enough. Success and depression lol.
That means only one: keep going!

I changed my table’s location and now I am completely satisfied with my place <3

I also got a forest app today. Add me if you want: idocerra@gmail.com

Hopefully I won’t forget about this app as I paid for it.


I will be using Word on Mac, it should be similar on Windows or using Pages.

Level of difficulty will depend if you have a lined card(hard/medium) or a blank one(easy). 


I hope it was easy to understand, if not, like always feel free to ask any questions!

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-Love, Eve~


08.21.2018 // 08:55 PM

I’ve finally made my way through the DSM-5 and even though it took me about a month to finish, I feel much better now! when my boyfriend quizzes me with my flashcards, he says, “wow babe! you know more than you say you do; give yourself more credit!” and that makes me feel confident :’)

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Comms flash cards to inform me terminology to use in my exam essays. With new flash cards and a pair of left handed scissors (got sick and tired of struggling with right handed scissors at college so bought my own pair of leftie ones.) The struggle of being left handed…

P.S what on  earth is ‘Bardic Function’ and ‘Ethnocentrism’…


早上好 - good morning!
28.8.17 | 8:24am | i’m making some progress with mandarin since i’m also learning phrases/expressions now and not just the radicals because i feel like i would not get there soon. Also, planning on buying books to learn the language today. I’m excited! 🤗🤗

So you see, when two androids love each other very much...
  • Simon: So you see, when two androids love each other very much...
  • Connor: Uh-huh.
  • Simon: And then a third android appears that is very attractive...
  • Connor: Yes?
  • Simon: And apparently very naive...
  • Connor: Okay.
  • Simon: Then the two androids in love create a not-so-secret plan to seduce the new android.
  • Connor: Alright.
  • Simon: ...
  • Markus: ...
  • Connor: Is that the end of the story?
  • Markus: ...
  • Simon: I was fairly certain this would work.
  • Connor: So, this was more of a short story?
  • Markus: I'm pretty sure it went right over his head.
  • Connor: It is very reminiscent of Hemmingway's style. Good job, Simon. I am proud of you.
  • Simon: 😅
  • Markus: 🤦