flash tracing

The Huntress (Part 2/2)

Summary: You are a vigilante that meets Arrow one night. Silliness and fluff ensues.

A/N: (Set in Season 3) This is badly written and idk I just kinda went let’s make this silly and weird because that’s how I’m feeling right now

Word Count: 1792

Warnings: none

Part 1 (x)

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Nothing’s our fault anymore other than historically everything is still fundamentally our fault… almost every global flash point can be traced back to a mustachioed British man drawing a straight line on a map going ‘There we go, learn to live with it.’

a half life in lost dreams
a living breathing ghost of glass
closing your eyes comes to you as breathing,
walking through your sleep
drifting away always and never

banging your feet on the ground
it doesn’t feel like you’re connected
any more than your lucid dreaming
i just want to feel the nature
grow out my branches and feel what i touch,
i want it to hit me hard

like i’m breathing in laughing gas
and banging on the walls
no power, so weak, restricted in a blue haze
slipping through the universe
coming and going
like a flash of daydreams
a trace on someone’s mind, a thought
a premature re-awakening

january 2017

In lesson today, we used flash to create a rotoscope. A rotoscope is where you get a video clip and animate over the top of it to make animating easier and faster.
I did this because it is another way of animating, and it furthers my knowledge on the broad topic of animation. I did this by finding a short video online, opening it in Flash and tracing over it in a different layer. I made the decision to make everything red because it was easier to see over the original video than the default black.
I believe that this worked very well for the tools that I used. I completely animated this with a mouse, which makes the lines much more wobbly than if I was using it with a graphics tablet.
I plan on using rotoscoping in my final project, so doing this has helped me understand how I would do this in flash, which will make me much more productive when it comes to actually making my real animation.
I plan to rotoscope human walk cycles and lip syncing to see how it will turn out.

Welp. Looks like it’s time to get me a big fat new watermark, as the kids are out and nicking stuff again.

So for those not in the know: my work is not to be used in any way that could be construed as plagiarism. This means no tracing, no re-coloring, no cropping or re-purposing. Using my work for profit is an enormous no. I do not sell licenses to use my work in any way. Please do not even ask me.

Also, please do not use my work for tattoos. It makes me very uncomfortable, and it’s not unreasonable for me to feel that way: if it’s work I’ve done for myself, then it’s intensely personal, and all other works are commissioned by clients. 

In short: The presence of art on the internet does not give you licence to use it however you see fit. Why isn’t this common knowledge yet?


Tea time was in a few minutes and Remilia had since excused herself to go to one of her many tea time spots, this time being the roof of the mansion. Walking up the stairs she would see a flash of red tracing her every few steps. There was only one person in red besides a shrine maiden that she knew of. “Sister…are you wanting to join me today?”