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Ahsoka/Anakin Feels


Yes, it’s me back again with the Star Wars crap. 

If Star Wars the Clone Wars or Rebels ain’t your thing, then completely ignore me if you wish. If you loved the shows as much as I did and still do, then tune in for just a second of your time if you are equally as obsessed with Ahoska and Anakin’s relationship as I am. 

This scene. 

I am going to talk about THIS SCENE. 

Because watching it as a fangirl and lover of Ahsoka and Ani’s relationship as not only Padawan and Master but also brother and sister (ish), this was huge for me. Finally, they meet again, and honestly, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. 

True, I would much rather had Ahsoka be able to persuade Anakin back to the the light, but we all knew that wasn’t going to happen. 

I want to talk about the eyes. In this scene the eyes of both characters were featured very prominatnly, and I do NOT thing that was a mistake of any kind.

Ths is Ahsoka, after years of thinking him dead  or worse, then having doubts on if he was this Sith Lord, firm vertainty of the opposite, and now her fears are coming true. But maybe for just a moment she was filled with filled with a different emotion. A happier one. Maybe for just a milisecond she was relieved because he’s back.


Yes, I’m calling him Anakin, not Vader, fight me.

Ahsoka says his name and he stops. He halts for a moment and he looks down. He looks away from his opponent as if he’s remembering something. Remembering better times, times when this foe in front of him wasn’t that. Remembering when she was still so small, too small to be fighting in a war. 

Maybe he’s remembering his little Snips and it makes him stop. 

And there’s doubt. Doubt about what the he’s been taught and what the Empire is telling him to think. Doubt because he loved this kid once. Why would he want to kill her? 

And it makes him stop

And then there’s silence. 

It’s only for a moment, but there’s seilcne. Silence for Anakin to think, and silence for Ahsoka to see that there’s still a piece of her old master left in there. 

But ten his eyes narrow again and turn angry. Anger at himself for his weakness and anger at Ahsoka for causing these old feelings to erupt. And maybe there’s some anger at the Empire too. He knows what he has to do, and maybe a tiny peice of him is screaming no

His pupils shrink again and his eyes widen with fury. Anakin is pushed back under the thousands of layers of anger and hate, kept locked away so no one can see him. Because Anakin is weak and weakness can not be allowed in the Empire. 

He readies his lightsaber, prepared to do what he has to. 

Ahsoka stays. She won’t leave him, not this time. 

And she saw it too, the part of her master that no one had seen in years. The small part of Anakin Skywalker that still remained. 

She sees in his eyes the man who she loved once, who treated her like his own child, took care of her and trained her. Taught her all she knows. She saw the man who she looked up to and respected above everyone else. 

And there is a glimmer of hope. 

She will not levee him. Not this time. 

Not again

And then they fight again, and the door closes on their battle, and we assume that Ahsoka dies, killed by her former master. 

But maybe, for just a milisecond, the light that never really left Anakin Skywalker shines through.

Gone in a flash, disappeared without a trace, but I think that Ahsoka sees it too.

Alright, I know that I’m babbling know. I just have a lot of feelings about these two, okay? Sue me. 

The Volskaya Incident (Part 1)

Hoo! This is a long one! Decided to split it into three parts!


Mercy was shaken from a nap by a slight jostling of the Orca. Her eyes flicked to the viewport, where they were still heading through a gray, pre-dawn sky. She heard chattering and glanced up into the cockpit at Tracer, who had Emily on a voice channel. She then glanced across the Orca at Genji, whom she was pretty sure had just been asleep himself but was now sitting up in his seat and gauging his environment. He glanced over at her, gave a small wave, then moved to settle back into his seat to rest more when the orca shook again.

Tracer could be heard from the cockpit, saying, “Hang on, Em. We’re hitting turbulence. I’m going to need to call you back.”

Angela then heard a soft metallic sound, and glanced back at Genji, whose wrist plate was clicking back into place. She looked to his hand to see that he had only drawn one shuriken from his wrist, which he held between the tips of his fore and middle fingers. She watched as with a slight tilt of the wrist, he let the shuriken roll back to his knuckles. He then let the shrunken drop and flip over his knuckles with the shifting of his fingers. Down, then up, then down again. She snickered a little, and he glanced up from his hand.

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Only Us (Part 1/2), Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: Reader owns a bookstore that Lin often frequents.

Words: 1,301

Author’s Note: I’m about…¼ of the way into my next fic (An Alex Lacamoire fic! What? Turns out I can write something that isn’t Lin!). This came from me having ‘Only Us’ from Dear Evan Hansen on repeat for the past few weeks.

Warnings: Cursing, obviously.

Askbox | Masterlist | Part 2

The look your employee gave you as she walked by said one thing.

He’s back.

You rolled your eyes at the ideas that must have been going through her head.

She had this little fantasy built up. He was a regular customer whose name you never were able to catch because his head was always tucked too deeply into a book. You were a little bookshop owner. It all made sense to her.

“Why would he pick this bookshop out of all the ones in New York? It’s fate.” She’d whisper the last word ominously, disappearing behind a shelf.

You’d huff in response, barely catching the flash of grey that was his jacket as he retreated out the door.

He never spoke unless spoken to (something you weren’t exactly inclined to do), he was always helped by whoever was working with you. You severely wanted to save yourself from the embarrassment that was your co-worker’s intense questioning about relationship statuses and whether or not he believed in fate.

You’d peek at the register through stacks of books, never getting a good look at his face from the angle you picked. He’d be gone in another flash, no trace left behind.

“He’s very cute!” Your co-worker would promise as you sheepishly continued with work, ashamed to be pining off a man you’ve never even seen.

One slow afternoon found you alone in the store, having sent home your co-worker so she could get ready for a date. You considered closing a little early; the sun had already set and the streets were no longer littered with tourists looking to score authentic New York knick-knacks.

Just as you settled on closing up shop, the familiar bell above the door rang happily - cutting you off from turning down the lights.

“Welcome in!” You immediately greeted, your customer service grin already spreading across your face.

Oh, shit.” The customer said, making you whip around. “You talk!” He grinned, brushing the snow that had collected on his shoulders off.

“It’s you.” You bit the inside of your cheek, wincing at the tone you had used, “Sorry! I just wasn’t really expecting anyone else to come in tonight.” Your eyes shot to the light blizzard outside, fighting the instinct to investigate the stranger you saw on a daily basis.

“Right, well. I have some specific requests. I feel like you of all places should have it.” He reached into his jacket to fish out a little torn up notebook. He started listing off a few books - flipping through his notes as he went off about the respective authors.

As he babbled away, you finally found it in yourself to take him in. He held a slight grin as his eyes stayed trained on the notebook in his hands. His brow was strong as he concentrated, eyes dark - especially in the dim lights of your store.

You connected the pieces in your mind - right down to that all familiar voice.

Do I know you?” You blurted, cutting off the little tangent he had gone on.

“I don’t think so.” He brushed you off, suddenly nervous. “Anyways-”

“No, you look really familiar to me.” You insisted, taking a step closer in order to investigate further.

“Well, I come here almost everyday-”

Lin?” Your face brightened as it dawned on you. “Lin from Mr. Wallace’s English class?”

“Yeah.” He grunted, “How do you-” He took you in for a moment, the first time he had really inspected your face closely, “Y/N?” He gasped, moving to embrace you tightly.

It had been years, but you could identify his babbling from anywhere. He was just as lanky as he was then, but taller. His face was rounder and he now sported a little goatee that complimented his long hair well.

“You look good.” You told him honestly, breathing in his scent as he tucked you close.

“And you-” He pulled you back to an arm’s length, “-wow.” He breathed, “I can’t believe it’s you - I’ve been coming to this place for what? A year now?”

You nodded, still remembering the rainstorm that forced him in the door. He was soaked from head to toe without a coat on. Your co-worker had made quick work or getting him something warm to drink and a towel as you sorted books in the back, oblivious that your high school crush had stormed in.

You sprang into action, flipping the sign on the door and starting a fresh pot of coffee in the back. Tugging on his arm, you ushered him to two armchairs in the back. He shed his jacket and slung it across the back. His shirt read ‘Mr. Write’, and you found yourself grinning.

He was still as passionate about writing as he was back then. You remembered overhearing talks about the next one act he had written, what the musical was going to be that year.

So-” You started, “Interesting selection you’ve got here.” You pointed to his list, a mixture of musically driven books, historical biographies, and - for some reason - a book on the Polynesian islands.

“Some projects.” He shrugged. “You own this place?”

You blushed as he looked around, taking in the worn and mismatching shelves.

“That’s pretty fucking awesome.” He admitted, laughing just to laugh.

You hadn’t really seen each other since high school, sharing a few classes but never making the trek past ‘we know each other’s names’ when it comes to the path of friendship.

Lin was certainly a memorable high school student. He was loud, he was opinionated, he had friends everywhere but he still wanted to partner with you when it came to projects in English.

“You’re the smartest.” He’d say, “Besides me, obviously.”

You both passed the class, leaning on each other for support against the inevitable senioritis that struck both of you midway through the semester.

He was always a very infectious person, someone who made you laugh when you wanted to do anything but. Deeply philosophical at the ripe age of seventeen, asking questions that made your teachers roll their eyes.

As you sat across from him for the first time in nearly twenty years, every silly hope that he would ask you to prom rushed back.

What was the adult equivalent to prom?

He avoided the topic of his career like a champ, overly bashful and deflective which had you slightly on edge. You couldn’t - even with your extensive brain - imagine him at an office desk. He had to be out there, creating something amazing.

His phone buzzed, and he jumped at the time.

“Holy shit, it is very late.”

You had been talking for four hours, and you wanted nothing more than to continue.

“I really need to go.” He slung his jacket back on, zipping it to brace himself against the cold, “But-” He quickly tore a page from his notebook, scribbling away. “Here is my number, I really want to keep talking to you.”

He rushed a goodbye and was gone in a flurry, leaving you dumbstruck with a scrap of paper in the middle of your store. You turned the paper over in your hand to see that, yes, it was a legitimate number.

You floated home in a cloud that can only be described as a contact high from Lin’s presence. After a quick shower, you slipped into bed to review orders and to edit your employee’s schedule for the next month. Your fingers lingered as you opened a new tab.

Before you could stop yourself, you were typing Lin Manuel Miranda into the search bar.

Expecting nothing but a few Facebook pages, you were surprised to see article upon article containing his name somewhere. You settled on a random article by the New York Times.

Hamilton to Extend Run at Public Theater.



finally got around to writing part of a Hitachiin smutfic I’ve been thinking about for the last few days. 

Ill make you a deal, if enough people like this extract, Ill finish writing it soon. 

Without thinking, Kaoru lifted his head to face his brother, and lost his breath because of it. Hikarus bright golden eyes were mere inches from his, his beautiful face set in a mask of soft confusion, a sight Kaoru was unprepared for. His mouth ran dry as he struggled to keep a hold of himself, while every thought of his brother he had had over the past few weeks bombarded his mind. Looking at Hikaru like this, it was hard to believe they were even twins. Of course it wasn’t like looking into a mirror, how could it be, when Hikaru was so utterly perfect, and he was… just not?

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The Huntress (Part 2/2)

Summary: You are a vigilante that meets Arrow one night. Silliness and fluff ensues.

A/N: (Set in Season 3) This is badly written and idk I just kinda went let’s make this silly and weird because that’s how I’m feeling right now

Word Count: 1792

Warnings: none

Part 1 (x)

Female Reader!

Check my bio for the inbox status.Rules and fandoms I do and don’t do!


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Over the Years

Dean X reader

A/N : just a little fic. Sorry. I kind of got carried away here. I don’t know why, but I just couldn’t shake this idea. Sorry if it’s horrible.

Warnings: cursing, angst. Talk of death

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(11 years ago)

“Hey? It’s going to be okay.” A man spoke. “My name is Bobby, Bobby singer.” He flashed a smile crouching down to you.

Your eyes stung from crying so much, your throat thickening making it hard to breathe. You are were on the floor, with your knees up to your chest, looking at your lifeless father on the floor beside you.

“Hey-” Bobby muttered, “nothing is going to happen to you, okay?”

He slowly propped up to his feet, and helped you up as well. His face softening as he gazed at you. “You have anywhere you can go? Any family?”

You shook your head, breathing slowly, as you felt your mind numb.

Bobby didn’t want to leave you there. He couldn’t, and the more he looked at you, helpless and alone, the more he thought it over.

“Hey, idjits! Get ya butts in here!” He called.

Two boys strode into the room. One was tall and lanky, with shaggy brown hair. A cut forming by his eye. The other was a little shorter, with a few wounds himself.

“These are my boys. Sam and Dean.” Bobby smiled. “You can stay with us if you’d like.”

You looked at the boys, they had soft smirks lingering on their lips, and though they were scuffed up and bloody, you somehow felt safe around them.

Glancing at Bobby, you shrugged. “Okay.” You whispered.

He let out a huff and nodded. “You heard the lady. Go put her stuff in the car. We got a long way back home.”

The boys listened and followed you to your room. The shorter one stayed at your pace, nudging your side. “Sorry about your dad.” He exclaimed. “I know how it is to lose a parent to one of those asshats.”

You swallowed hard, meeting his gaze. “You lost your dad too?”

“Mom.” He corrected.

You gave him a sympathetic look, until he shook his head. “I was 5. Barely remember it.” He exhaled. Though deep down, he remembered every detail clearly. “How about after this, you and I–you know? Have some fun?” He winked.

All the sympathy you had for him faded in that moment. You rolled your eyes and huffed. “In your dreams.” You groaned.

(6 years ago)

“Why don’t you go home, we don’t need you.” Dean groaned, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Well obviously you do since I just saved your ass.” You exclaimed. “Again!”

He propped up to his feet, anger boiling inside of him. “I wouldn’t have needed your help if you didn’t distract me in the first place! Your damn phone went off-” he paused scrunching his face. “What dumbass leaves their phone on when they are sneaking into a vamp nest?”

That was it, you felt yourself snap in that moment. “Fuck you! I made a damn mistake! At least I’m not the one who released lucifer and started the damn apocalypse!”

Sam intervened, his hands out to separate you two. “Stop! Both of you!” He roared. “I am tired of hearing your crap. Dean and I can take it from here. Maybe you should just go home and-”

“Fine. I’ll leave. I don’t need you guys anyways.” You spewed.

You threw your stuff into your bag, and made your way out to your car. Anger boiling deep inside. You didn’t even dare look back.

You and Dean have never seen eye to eye. We’re always at each other’s throats. But even though you two hated each other, you two would have died for each other. That was your relationship.

“Dean, she’s family.” Sam exhaled.

The older Winchester crossed his arms over his chest, and shrugged. “So? That don’t mean I got to like her.” He grunted. “Y/N, she’s crazy. I feel sorry for the guy she ends up with.”

(3 years ago)

“Well I’ll be damned.” You muttered. “It’s Dean and Sam. In the flesh.”

Sam gave you a big hug, holding you close to him as he pressed his lips to your head.

It had been a couple years since you last seen them, and it was somehow relieving. Mainly knowing that you were all still alive and well put you all at ease.

Dean gave you a quick side hug, still holding the grudge he had years ago.

“So how’ve you been?” Sam asked.

“I’ve been good. Just keeping busy with cases.” You smiled. “What about you guys? I’m surprised you two are still going.”

They glanced at one another, reminiscing everything they had been through since you left.

“Yea, we’re just as surprised as you are.” Sam chuckled.

You looked up at Dean, immediately felt a flutter in your stomach as your eyes met.

“Do you have any leads on this case yet?” Sam asked, grabbing your attention.

You quickly focused your eyes on him, and shrugged. “I just got here last night, haven’t really had the chance to talk to anyone.”

“Maybe Dean and I could-”

“No. She’s got it. We can find something else.” Dean interrupted.

Sam shot him a look, pursing his lips. “Dean, were already here. Might as well help.”

“Or we can just get on the road now, be home in two days.” He smirked. “Besides, I’d rather lick the dirt off my shoes than work with her again.”

You scrunched your face at him, crossing your arms over your chest. “I guess some things didn’t change-” you let out a breath. “Didn’t grow up. Let me guess, Winchester, balls haven’t dropped yet?”

He clenched his jaw tight, rolling his eyes as he shook his head. He didn’t want to admit it, but he missed arguing with you. Actually, Dean just missed you.

“Whatever, fine. We’ll help.” He groaned. “But you are getting your own room. And once this is over, we go out separate ways.”

You shrugged your shoulders. “Deal.”

(2 years ago)

“And I need tampons.” You exhaled.

Sam awkwardly nodded. He cleared his throat, and opened the door. “I’ll be back in an hour.” He looked at Dean then back at you. “Try not to rip each other’s heads off until I get back. Okay?”

“As long as she keeps her mouth shut, we’re good.” Dean exclaimed.

You glared at him, pursing your lips. “Fuck you!”

“When and where, sweetheart?” He flashed a cheeky grin.

You rolled your eyes and huffed. “In your dreams.”

Sam let out a chuckle, shaking his head. “You two fight like a married couple.”

“Shut up, moose!” You both exclaimed.

Without a word, he left, leaving you with the older Winchester. You locked the door, then made your way to the table to continue your research.

Dean had his lips kicked up on the couch, drinking a cold beer as he watched tv. He kept turning it up slowly, only because he knew it pissed you off.

You tried to ignore it. Even placed your head phones in and played your music. You didn’t snap until the sound of the tv drowned out the song.

“Dammit Dean! Turn that shit down!” You groaned.

“Why don’t you come and make me?” He spewed. “You should have gotten your own damn room and you wouldn’t have to worry about this.”

“I already told you three times, we can’t afford two rooms!” You yelled. “Now turn that shit off or I am going to kick your ass.”

He took that as a challenge, and like the little shit he is, he turned it up to the max. A cynical smile plastering his face.

You clenched your jaw tight as you shut your laptop. Storming over there, you smacked his head and quickly grabbed the remote from his hand, turning the tv off.

“Hey! What the hell, I was watching that.”

“Yea, well I was actually doing something about this damn case. If you got off your lazy ass, maybe we could be done with this!”

You walked over to the kitchen again, slipping the remote in your back pocket.

Dean propped up to his feet, pursing his lips. “Give it back.” He demanded.

“No.” You hissed. “Now grab a book and be useful.”

He strode over to you, making him only inches away from you. His breath hitting your cheek as he glared. “Give me the damn remote.” He groaned.

You shook your head, crossing your arms over your chest. “No.”

You both stood there quietly for a moment. Not once tearing your eyes away. The tension in the air thickened. So much, you could cut it with a knife.

The longer you two stared. Glancing at each other’s lips, feeling a pull. You were gravitating to him, as he was to you. Until there was no room left.

It didn’t take much, just a single breath before you both snapped and crashed your lips to each other.

His hands clutching your waist lifting you up off the ground as your wrapped your legs around him.

You could feel the years of tension in the kiss.

(1 year ago)

“Good morning, sleeping beauty.” Dean whispered, laying on his side as he gazed over every feature of your face.

You fluttered your eyes open, and the moment you saw him, your lips curved. “What time is it?”

“Six. Sammy said he found a case.” He exhaled. “So we have to get ready and hit the road soon.”

You let out a huff, a frown forming. “Can’t we just stay here? Stay in bed all day and just cuddle and watch movies?”

Dean pressed his lips to yours, “I wish we could sweetheart.” He muttered. “But in this life, we can’t.”

He was right. There was barely any time to sleep, it would be impossible to have a lazy day. Of course, you did get a break, but that only lasted a little while. Before something else happens.

Dean heard this little sigh escape you, and he hated knowing he had disappointed you. He flashed a smile, before tracing his lips down your body.

“Dean! Stop, what if Sammy comes in?” You muttered.

“Don’t worry, I locked it. After what happened last time, I don’t want to take that chance again.” He chuckled. “Just relax, we have about an hour to spare. So how about we spend it wisely?” He winked.

You lightly bit your lower lip, feeling a warmth pooling in your core.

He didn’t give you a chance to answer, his lips were against your inner thigh. Lightly grazing his tongue on your skin. He slowly made his way to your panties, his hot breath hitting against you.

You could feel yourself grow wet, your walls clenching as you began to crave him. You shook your head, and pushed him down onto his back, hovering over him.

“This time, I’m in control.” You muttered.

(7 months ago)

“Y/N, she can, and she will kill you.” He exclaimed. “Amara is God’s sister for crying out loud. She can kill you in a second.”

You shook your head, eyes welling with tears. “I don’t care! I’m not leaving you.” You stated. “I can’t. I can’t lose you!”

He dropped his head, his chest aching as the pain in your words lingered. “Babe, I can’t lose you either.” He whispered. “That’s why I am begging you, please, go. Don’t tell me where you’re going. Just get away from here, from me. Until we find a way to kill Amara.”

You couldn’t control your emotions. You were angry, tired and hurt. Knowing he was right, you just didn’t want to admit it.

“Please Y/N? Can you do this for me?”

Tears began to flow down your cheeks. Slightly blurring your sight, as you nodded. Dean pulled you into him, his embrace tightening as he felt the same pain you did.

“Don’t give up.” You weeped. “Come back to me.”

A tear shed from his eye, and he pressed his lips to your head. “I’ll find you. I promise.” His voice trembled. “I love you.”

You looked up at him, gazing deeply into his eyes. This was the first time he had ever said that, and you couldn’t help but weep even more. “I want to say it-” you paused, throat knotting up. “But I won’t. Not until we are together again.”

Dean nodded.

“Y/N, you have to board your flight.” Sam exhaled.

Dean pressed his lips to yours, kissing you as if he would never see you again. It was hard yet soft, feeling it down to your toes.

Every part of you ached, and didn’t want to leave, but you knew you had too.

He cupped your face, locking his gaze with yours. “I’ll find you.”


“I can’t do this!” You screamed, panting and screeching at the top of your lungs.

“Yes you can. Just breathe.”

You shook your head, tears falling everywhere as pain coursed through out your entire body. “No, I can’t! I can’t!”

“Y/N, just one more push. Come on, you can do it!” The doctor exclaimed. “I can see the head.”

You looked up at her, lips quivering.

“Just one more push, okay? You can do this!”

You slowly nodded, and positioned yourself up a bit. Your legs were spread, bent to you and you began to push once again. Sweat trickled down your face, as your body grew hot.

You were doing it, pushing with all your might, screaming as loud as your could.

Until you heard the faint cry, and felt a slight release.

“There she is!” Your doctor yelled. “You did it!”

She held the baby in her hands as the nurse quickly clamped the umbilical cord. She examined the body, before handing it off to the nurse to get all the blood and gunk off it.

You were trying to look, crying harder than ever. “I want to see my baby.” You weeped.

The nurse wrapped the baby up into a thin blanket and placed a pink beanie over her head. She turned on her heels, and flashed you a soft smile. “Here she is. You’re beautiful baby girl, weighing at 6 pounds nine ounces.”

She gently handed you the baby, your arms hugging your babies curves. The moment you laid your eyes on her, you felt like everything was whole. All the bad in your life, all the terror and heart break had disappeared in that moment.

Because looking at her face, you felt alive.

“Hey baby.” Your voice trembled, gently grazing her little cheek. Her cry had stopped as she heard your voice. Her eyes glancing all around the room. “Hey baby girl.” You muttered again.

If I Lose Myself 

Ao3 link

Synopsis: If Lucifer’s fall from Heaven was a tragedy, then falling for Chloe was a goddamn sin.

Rating: G

Notes: So this prompt has been bouncing around in my head for a few days now and I want to give a big thank you to my beta! I pestered her for like three days to edit this; go follow her on tumblr at go-away-dan! Also if any of you found the Spiderman easter egg: good job! This title comes from the One Republic song by the same name. I thought a song about going down in a plane crash was fitting for this, no? And a big hooray for the cast and crew of Lucifer for getting renewed; I’m super excited for season two! Lastly, I’m surrendering this for Luciferbl00dymorningstar’s fic of the week because why not? You guys should too, it gives the rest of us something to do over hiatus!

“ Chloe!”

Lucifer barely registered the scream that ripped from his throat as he watched her fall off the edge of the building. His mind went blank with fear, replaying the scene over and over again like a broken record. She’d fallen so gracefully and so painfully slow. He’d seen the way time had froze as her eyes widened the moment her fingertips left the cement.

A pang of agony raced through Lucifer when he realized it was exactly like his fall. He remembered traces of flashing eyes and desperate screams. Now Chloe was the one falling.

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Winchester Jr.: Part II

Prompt: Heyy could you do fanfic where the reader is Dean’s daughter from the future and she somehow end up in the past and meets Dean and Sam?

Word count: 2,160

Warnings: None

Author’s Note: A huge thank you to everyone who sent me feedback yesterday, whether through a message or through a like – you guys rock. This one was a bit harder to write, seeing I know the general direction and the general theme but not the moments I should include, so if you have anything in mind, let me know – and let me know what you think of this one!

(and yes, at the beginning, I’ll always include a snippet from her original timeline)

Part 1

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This is a small fic for @mx-bones to just thank them for their hard work and to hopefully make them feel a little happier. 

I’ve been wondering how it went down when Yesman removed Hocus’ control chip. I assumed it happened shortly after “Guilty” Rogue because I recall seeing this and it seemed like his emotions were pretty intact. 

So, this is a fic of Yesman removing Hocus’ control chip. It includes Hocus, Yesman, Night, and Light. 

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Welp. Looks like it’s time to get me a big fat new watermark, as the kids are out and nicking stuff again.

So for those not in the know: my work is not to be used in any way that could be construed as plagiarism. This means no tracing, no re-coloring, no cropping or re-purposing. Using my work for profit is an enormous no. I do not sell licenses to use my work in any way. Please do not even ask me.

Also, please do not use my work for tattoos. It makes me very uncomfortable, and it’s not unreasonable for me to feel that way: if it’s work I’ve done for myself, then it’s intensely personal, and all other works are commissioned by clients. 

In short: The presence of art on the internet does not give you licence to use it however you see fit. Why isn’t this common knowledge yet?

anonymous asked:

Blaine reads a book out loud to Kurt and Kurt falls asleep (bonus points if Kurt wakes up and Blaine tries to convince him that there was a crazy plot twist that Kurt missed out on during his slumber uwu)

i went with the first book i saw near me

“Are you sure you still want to do this? You look like you’re about to pass out any second.”

“‘M fine Blaine, just read,” Kurt mumbles, edging closer to Blaine’s side where they’re lying on the bed together, Blaine scooted up against the headboard a bit with the book open in his hands and a pair of reading glasses on his nose. “Wanna find out what happens.”

“I’m telling you, you’re just gonna fall asleep and miss something important.”

Kurt tilts his head up to glare sleepily at Blaine. “Read.”

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It’s 3am and everyone has migrated to their rooms. The band and DJ have called it a night and they bare a farewell to their final guest.
Kate finds a chair to sit down on amd castle joins her.

“You tired?” He asks.
“Just a little,it’s been a long day,” She rests her head against the back of the chair and strokes the side of his arm. “I’m usually tucked up by now.”

“I somehow don’t want it to end..” he squeezes the top of her knee.

“Me neither babe.” She flashes a smile and traces circles around his chin with her thumb.

“So, you know i only got to have one dance with you all night? I was wondering if you’d like one more to conclude tonight.” He wiggles his eye brows at her.

She furrowed hers and said,
“But there’s no music castle?”

“So, we’ll make our own.” He rises from his chair and holds out his hand.

She takes it and they trail to the deserted dance floor and their only source of light is from the candle lit lanterns hanging from the canopy above them.
He hooks his arm around her waist and hold her agaisnt his chest.

“I dont have the best voice Mrs Castle, but allow me my five minutes of fame..”

She huffs a laugh into the crook of his neck because she knows in 50 years when they’re old and grey, they’ll be bickering about something stupid and she’ll look back to this very moment as they slowly sway on the varnished dancefloor just her and him under the stars and she’ll be reminded it was one of the happiest moments of her life with the man she can now call her husband.

And so he began..

Oh you dream maker, you heart breaker, where ever you’re going, im going your way

Two drifters off to see the world, there’s such a lot of world to see. Oh we’re after the same rainbows end. Waiting ‘round the bend, my huckleberry friend. Moon river and me…

Hmmm hmmm hm hm .. “

“You make it so easy to love you.” She whispers. “There is no where on earth i’d rather be right now, "she lifts her head from his chest and gazes into his blue eyes. "Other than your arms.”

They both smile in sync.

“We’ve got the stars above us, and the world at our feet.” He bows his head down and nudges his nose with hers.

“Yes we do Mr castle.” She plants a tiny kiss on the tip of his nose and returns to her resting spot against his chest.

This time he holds her a little tighter. He never wants to let her go.

Captains of Light and Shadow - Chapter Six

After training together in Royal Naval Academy, Emma “Swan” and Killian Jones are separated by fate. Now ten years later, they meet on the deck of her ship as opposing captains.

Author’s Note: Thank you for continuing along with this fic! I’m really enjoying writing it. Thanks to scheherezade06 and zengoalie for the beta work!

Chapter One || Chapter Two || Chapter Three || Chapter Four || Chapter Five

Again, this chapter was inspired by the lovely artwork of eatencrow!


Emma watched the ocean from her vantage point in Killian’s cabin, idly counting birds to pass the time. She knew the time it would take him to make his rounds of the ship, checking to see if everyone was completing their assigned duties.

Pirate or Royal Navy, captaining a ship still needed a diligent hand.

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Tea time was in a few minutes and Remilia had since excused herself to go to one of her many tea time spots, this time being the roof of the mansion. Walking up the stairs she would see a flash of red tracing her every few steps. There was only one person in red besides a shrine maiden that she knew of. “Sister…are you wanting to join me today?”


So someone on MMO Central, put all of the pieces of Surlee’s blueprints together to reveal a robot that looks more than vaguely familiar to the robot on the original Toontown flash intro. I then traced that blueprint, colored it, and shaded it to the exact color of the robot from that intro.

And since TTR’s story-line is going along with that of the flash opening, and it has been said that the legendary Chairman has snuck in to Surlee’s lab, I presume these images to be none other than the design of the Chairman. Although, I may be wrong… But really, who else would it be? The robot in these blueprints do look quite similar to the robot in the video that lead, and produced all of the cogs.

This is just so interesting to me!