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Something quick I will finish later today.

Also I’ve been researching the adobe CS2 suite, if it’s compatible with windows 8, if I had to have bought anything CS 2 in the first place, etc. I don’t want to pay monthly for CC but would like to keep using After Effects and Premiere.

I have the Adobe CS5 Standard and Flash CS6 purchased but don’t know if I qualify. Supposedly they work in Windows 8. Supposedly they do or something. Hope so because I don’t have a copy of Windows 7.


Launching Is Like An Open House Party

Launching a start-up is like having an open house and not knowing who will show up and how they will behave at the party!

As a user-driven platform, that’s part of the fun! It is entirely up to our users how the website will function best!  As much as we planned for our Flash Purchase launch, the way users interact with the site is always a mystery which makes it very challenging and hopefully very rewarding.

To get our guest list better acquainted with the figurative Flash Purchase party, we are featuring some of our most important frequently asked questions.

How is Flash Purchase different from other online shopping websites?

Flash Purchase was created to empower buyers to create their own deals, join other deals and share them with anyone they wished to help build consumers with like-minded interest to band together to get great deals based on the volume associated with group purchasing. Sellers can bid on these deals or create deals of their own that can have prices vary depending upon the number of buyers in a deal.

How do I join a deal?

If you are interested in purchasing a product, simply click “Join” and the deal will be added to the “Joined Deals” section on your dashboard. You will be asked to fill out or confirm payment information upon joining a deal, but you will not be charged until a seller meets the Target Deal Price. If the deal is completed, you will be notified via email and charged the final price of the product.

What does it mean when I join a deal?

When you join a deal, you agree to buy the deal if and only if, a seller offers the Target Deal Price or lower. A deal will not be transacted unless a seller meets its Target Deal Price or lower when it expires.   If a seller doesn’t offer the Target Deal Price or lower, you will not be charged if you have previously joined that deal.

Can I create my own deal?

Yes. A unique feature at Flash Purchase is that you can create your own deal and name your own price. After creating your own deal, Flash Purchase makes it easy to share so that you can increase participation in your deal which will help get even better prices than the target deal price you set.

Where can I view deals that are created by myself?

You can view deals that are created by yourself in the “Deals I Created” section under your account. After your deal is approved by Flash Purchase, you will receive an email that asks you to activate the deal. It will then show up the “Joined Deals” section on your dashboard.

Can Sellers Create Deals that I can join?

Yes! Sellers can create tiered deals where they can vary prices by the number of buyers that join the deals. You can join these deals and share them too to help build the purchasing group that will result in lower prices for all.