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Ouran High School Host Club
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Yuri!!! On ICE
The Devil is a Part-Timer!
We Know It Was You
Superheroes (Batman, Black Panther, Flash)
Writing/Short Stories
Mystic Messenger

I love my mom so much for sitting and listening to me ramble on about how hype I am for the upcoming Marvel and D.C. movies for over 2 hours. She listened to an explanation of every character and storyline, comic book and onscreen, with no complaints. She thoughtfully looked at every promo and cast picture I pulled up. She listened to me read articles and squeal in excitement and watched me flail around like a fish out of water every time the urge came over me. And at the end she said, “I’m so happy for you but I no longer want to hear your voice.“ And I just 😍😍😍. Wow I love this woman.

Here’s the full flash sheet! Prints soon. Reblog if you dig

Happy Birthday, Kevin Kline!

Yesterday, October 24, 2015 was Kevin Kline’s Birthday!

These are just some of characters he’s played/voiced from only some of the movies and tv shows he has been in/provided voices for!

(I meant to post this yesterday, sorry!)

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