flash of green

Fresh Start - Part 15

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Featuring: Oliver Queen, Iris West, Joe West, Caitlin Snow

Words: 1780

Warnings: Arrow, Flash, Supergirl and Legends spoiler! Some swearing, some angst and fighting.

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Oliver knew he had screwed it up again when you took a step back, looking at him with anger and disbelief but you didn’t get it. He wouldn’t be able to focus knowing you were close to the danger while he was fighting it. It was a huge distraction, one he just couldn’t afford.

“What?” You asked, giving him the chance to take it back. Although, you knew him better than that.

“It’s just… I need you to be protected, away from here” he tried to explain.

“You think I’m not protected here?” You questioned raising an eyebrow. He sighed knowing you wasn’t going to make it easier.

“That’s not what I meant” he said but you interrupted him before he could say anything else.

“Yes it is. This is not about my protection Oliver. This is about your consciousness being calmed” you told him. “You never wanted to come here in the first place and this is just your best excuse to take me back to a place where I don’t want to be” you added.

“That’s not true!” He frowned. “This is not about me!” He exclaimed.

“It’s always about you! You kept this vigilante thing from me because you thought it would be better for me, did you ever think how I would feel about it?” You said louder. “This thing about going back to Star City is not even about protection, is about me dating Barry because you’re so arrogant you think he’s not good enough for me!”

“Of course he’s not good enough for you! He’s just a kid playing to be a hero for fuck’s sake!” You raised an eyebrow at his words and then shook your head.

“At least he hasn’t killed anyone” you replied coldly.

You weren’t an idiot, you knew how much those words were to hurt him but at that point you didn’t care anymore. You wanted your brother out of your apartment and if you had to do it by hurting him then you would, just like he had hurt you.

“What?” He whispered.

“Do you think I don’t remember all the people the Arrow killed when he first appeared in Star City?” You asked. “I was afraid of him. Really afraid” you told him. He gulped.

“I’m not that guy anymore” he said shaking his head.

“So?” You crossed your arms looking at him death serious. He closed his eyes and looked down. “Leave” you told him simply. He looked at you surprised. “I’m not repeating myself, Oliver” you added.

He bite his lip and took a deep breath before walking to the door. You didn’t even more from where you were.

“This is not about me” he whispered before walking out and closing the door.

When you were left alone you leaned against the table and let out a shaky breath. You never thought you would be so mad at Oliver, you never thought you would tell him such things knowing it would hurt him but there you were. You had just kicked your brother out of the apartment, the person you had always looked up to and, at the moment, you just didn’t want to see him.

Eventually, you forced yourself to go to your room. It was getting late and you had the feeling it was going to be a long night so you climbed onto your bed and laid down, looking at the ceiling, waiting for the sleep to come and get you.

Next day when you woke up you considered your options. You could go to STAR Labs and see how everything was going, spend the day there helping as much as you could and, most important, knowing what was going on. But Oliver and Thea would be there and you didn’t really feel like seeing them. You could also stay at home the whole day, driving yourself crazy imagining the worst and torturing yourself. It looked like the choice was obvious.

So you took a shower and in less than thirty minutes you were already in your car, on your way to the Labs. Usually the parking lot was empty except for Caitlin’s car but this time you saw also Joe’s and even Iris’. You frowned worried. If everyone was there it meant that something had happened so you hurried inside after locking your car.

“But where are they?” You heard Iris asking.

“Up there in their ship” Barry replied.

“And where are Felicity and Cisco? I think they could be useful here”, Joe asked. You stopped before walking into the cortex, listening to their conversation.

“They’re in Star City, trying to find a way to get them back” Caitlin sighed. “Have you told (Y/N)?” She asked. Told you what?

“No” Barry sighed. “I know I should but…how do you tell someone her brother and sister have been abducted by aliens?”

You gasped as you heard that and covered your mouth for a moment, trying to calm down but you knew it was impossible. Immediately you walked into the cortex and everyone turned to look at you.

“What did you just say?” You asked Barry.

Everyone looked at you surprised, obviously not expecting that you would just appear out of nowhere. No one said a thing, which just made you feel more anxious.

“Barry for fuck’s sake!” You exclaimed.

“Sorry! Sorry!” He finally reacted and hurried over you and placing his hands on your shoulders. “Sorry I didn’t tell you but…yeah, the Dominators have them along with Digg and some of the others” he sighed.

“But…how?” You mumbled trying not to panic. “I was with Oliver just last night! When did this happen?” You asked.

“I guess afterwards” Barry sighed. You took a deep breath and closed your eyes. Barry bite his lip and pulled you in for a hug. “We will get them back, I swear. Felicity and Cisco are working on it in Star City” he said stroking your hair.

“What can I do?” You asked pulling away.

“What?” Barry chuckled nervous now. “No-nothing really…” he mumbled.

“Do you really expect to sit here while my brother and sister are God’s knows where with some aliens who want to destroy us all?” You asked crossing your arms.

“If you put it like that…” he mumbled looking around for help.

“There’s no other way to put it, Barry” you shrugged.

He was about to say something when Caitlin’s phone started ringing. You all looked at her while she picked it up. Apparently, it was Cisco from Star City. They needed Barry and Kara to steal something that would help them locate the space ship.

“I’ll be there in ten” Barry said putting on the suit in a second.

“I want to go” you told him.

“You can’t. I need you here, where I know you’re safe” he replied walking over you. “I’ll be back as soon as possible. I swear” he said kissing you slowly for a few seconds before speeding out of there.

“Damn it” you mumbled.

“He’s right, (Y/N)”, Iris said with a sad smile. “I know you want to be there and help but you will be more helpful here” she added.

“How?” You asked taking a sit on the stairs leading the medical room.

“Letting Barry know you’re safe” she replied. “Plus, we’re the coms remember?” She added with a smile.

“I guess you’re right” you sighed getting up.

“I think I leave this in good hands” Joe said. He had been listening the whole time without doing any intervention. “Call me if something happens, alright?” He told Iris. She nodded and he walked out of the cortex leaving the three of you alone.

You spent the whole day there at the cortex, without any news from Barry, Kara or anyone. As long as you knew, they could be dead but you tried not to think about it and stay positive, which was hard taking into account your past. Caitlin kept you occupied the whole time since she knew how worried you were. It wasn’t just your family, also Barry was taking a huge risk and you couldn’t do much to help him. You felt so powerless and useless.

“Anything?” You asked coming back from the bathroom.

“Nothing” Caitlin said with a sigh.

“Fuck…” you mumbled sitting next to her.

Desperation was starting to be a thing by then. It was already night, you had been without news the whole day, nor good or bad. And when that happened, bad things tended to take place.

“I brought dinner” Iris said walking in with two pizzas.

“I’m not hungry” you said simply.

“I know you’re not but none of us have eaten anything today so…” she placed the boxes in front of the computers and opened them. “Bon appetite!” she exclaimed.

You looked at the pizzas before taking a slice. Maybe you were a bit hungry and not eating wasn’t going to help anyone so you just started eating in silence. By the time you were finishing one of the pizzas, your phone rang. Since you didn’t expect it, it even scared you a little but immediately you dropped the pizza and took out the phone.

“It’s Barry!” You exclaimed.

“Put it on speaker” Iris said anxious. You nodded and picked it up, putting it on speaker immediately.

“Barry?” You asked. “Are you okay? What’s going on? What happened?”

“We know where they are” he said. You looked at Caitlin and Iris with a smile of relief. “They’re okay, at the Waverider”

“The what?” You asked confused.

“I’ll explain later” Caitlin told you. You nodded and looked down at the phone again.

“But there are bad news” he said.

“Of course there are” Iris mumbled. “What is it?”

“The Dominators are building a weapon and coming to Earth. We don’t know how far they are but their intentions are obviously not good” he told you. “Please, stay there and don’t do anything stupid. I will be there as soon as I can with everyone. I love you (Y/N)” he said quickly and hung up, not giving you any time to answer.

You two stayed in silent, trying to process what Barry had just told you. Oliver, Thea, Digg and everyone else were okay but your planet was about to be attacked by some evil aliens. The best of it? There was nothing you could do. Biting your lip, you looked around at Caitlin and Iris worried.

“I always thought an alien invasion would be more like E.T. and less like Alien” was all you were able to say. They nodded in agreement but not saying a word. “We’re fucked, right?”

“We’re so fucked” Caitlin replied with a nod.

Black Superheroes of the DCU.
A couple commissioned me to do this piece as a gift of inspiration and empowerment for their daughter. Loved drawing it :)

*Una pareja me encargó esta imagen como un regalo de inspiración y empoderamiento para su hija. Disfruté mucho dibujándola :)

the first few weeks of the justice league actually being a team are probably a fucking nightmare. superman keeps using midwestern expressions. you’re not going to need paper towels to clean this up, you’re gonna need an irrigation system, he says. nobody is entirely sure what that means. aquaman keeps leaving in the middle of fights to go save lobsters from restaurants, because he can’t just let them get eaten, y'know? wonder woman quickly figures out that there’s maybe three people here with any serious combat experience. the flash is just a police officer, man. that’s all he knows. she’s in despair. speaking of the flash, someone made the mistake of giving him caffienated coffee, and now the power’s out. someone tell green lantern that he can’t wear the same gross jacket to every meeting. shouldn’t his space cop uniform keep him warm. who keeps playing ‘mmm whatcha say’ over the speakers. batman keeps disappearing during after battles, and it turns out he’s at the daycare down the street hanging out with the babies. he got bored