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NaKniCroMo Day 12

Ooh, I’ve been looking forward to this one! Day 12 of the photo challenge tells me to show my stash! 

I took this photo for a flash your stash challenge a short while ago. There’s a couple of items missing from this: The two skeins of Wol met Verve that I bought at the handwerkbeurs in February. And the two balls of cotton I got from my sister for my birthday.
But yea, this is all my yarn that’s not currently tied up in a project, most things there have projects for them already, but I’ve just not yet had the time to make them.

thezerogomez13  asked:

Could you write a Hanzo and Gabe drabble (separate) where they find their future s/o extremely annoying upon first meeting them, until one day they find them indulging in something they enjoy or like (maybe their s/o is really good with a bow and make really good ramen or they have an impressive collection of beanies and is a really good cumbia dancer) and they slowly start realizing they have a lot in common and end up developing a crush on them? 💕


He sighed as he walked into the community kitchen, reluctantly as he knew you were there. He abhorred your easygoing nature, thinking that you were childish and not able to take things seriously. He expected dinner would be tossed together and he would eat the bare minimum before scrambling off to find his own meal.

He was not expecting to see a pot of broth simmering on the stove, a familiar scent coming to mind. Your eyebrows were furrowed as you quickly chopped some leafy vegetables quickly and deftly, tossing it into a smaller pot of simmering water. 

“Vegetarian,” you explained at his raised eyebrow, “For Satya and Winston, or anyone who wants it really.”

“Is that…?” he peered into the other pot and saw a familiar white liquid bubbling within.

“Tonkotsu broth,” you said, “My own recipe.”

“How?” he asked and you smiled, unwrapping a towel and showing a ball of dough.

“I used to be a chef,” you said, he was taken back by how confident and serious you were cooking, “Worked in a ramen bar for a while.”

You grabbed the rolling pin and quickly made it into a rectangle before looking at him, “I know you don’t like me but you don’t need to be so surprised.”

“I don’t..” he started and you just turned away, resignation on your face.

“Don’t lie,” you said and he felt something prickle at his chest, not realising that you were aware of his feelings.

His opinion changed, as an epiphany spread through him, your casual easy-going nature was a protection to stress. Used to the high-stress situation of a kitchen you adapted a way to treat problems like nothing, so they wouldn’t hurt when you made a mistake, instead just moving on and fixing the next problem.

He left that meal full of ramen that was as good as he had eaten in Japan and a newfound respect for you, perhaps even the beginnings of something more.


You were worse than Sombra to him, not taking missions seriously and goofing off. You finished the missions but it always seemed by the skin of your teeth, just barely managing to do it.

He growled as you smiled at him, absentmindedly filling out a report. You just ignored his grouchiness and pulled out a ball of yarn with two knitting needles stuck into it. You pulled it out, the flop of already knitted material stuck to the wood.

He couldn’t help but look over as you quickly knitted a beanie, goofy smiley face in it. You finished it and put it on your head, making your eyebrows raise as he stared intently at you.

“Do you want one?” you asked and he didn’t respond, but you were already pulling a ball of black yarn out.

“Gimme twenty minutes,” you said, needles clicking together as you started the first row.

He just sat there and quickly was amazed by quick you were, clearly having a lot of practice. He kept an eye on the clock and you were actually early, making a tightly knit beanie for him. 

You finished it off and tossed it to him, standing up and leaving the room. His claws tenderly stroked the soft knit. Flashes of his past life cross before his eyes and for the first time he didn’t feel a sense of rage.

Something else was growing as well, seeing talent in you made his chest ache with something unfamiliar now.

He shook it aside, quickly drifting to his room to shed the leather hood and slid the beanie over his greying hair. He smoothed it out and he made a resolve to thank you, or at least treat you a little nicer.

Spiderman: Bad Breath and Bad at keeping Secrets

Peter Parker x Michelle (MJ) …. sort of

@tomllholland Thank you for the amazing prompts!!! :D I hope you enjoy this piece as much as I enjoyed writing it!!

Was too excited/lazy to edit please excuse grammatical and spelling errors.

1. we have to stop meeting like this.

7. there’s only room for one hero in this city and it’s not you

24. I just have to outrun you

Peter loved being Spiderman- why wouldn’t he? The chance to be the hero was almost too good to pass up. Other than the late nights, and the lies, and the inconvenient scheduling of criminal activity, Spiderman hardly ever interfered with his school life. Peter was confident he could keep the two lives separate, after all he had Ned and Tony Stark to help him. The more Peter thought about it the more he thought that he had it all together- what could go wrong?

“Alright everyone, we’re going to be running laps around the gym. Now I don’t want to hear any whining- it is a requirement for this course to be able to run the mile in under twelve minutes,” The gym coach was going over the agenda for the day, much to everyone’s dismay it required a lot of running. Peter looked towards Michelle who was happily (he assumed) reading at the back of the bleachers. He idly wondered what she was reading this time. Last week it had been the Feminine Mystique.

“Now pair up we are going to start with the relay!” The groups organized themselves for the race. Peter wasn’t particularly worried about gym class anymore. Since becoming Spiderman gym class was a cake walk for him. He knew he was stronger and faster than everyone else there. Of course just because he had special abilities didn’t mean he could be out showing them off, his sudden athleticism might look a tad suspicious, so instead he just skated by with ease putting almost no effort into the class.

The whistle sounded and the relay started. Peter was in the last group of the relay standing next to his ‘biggest fan’- Flash.

“You scared Parker,” Flash taunted. Peter knit his brows together as he looked at Flash.

“Scared? Why would I be scared?” Peter asked.

“Scared I’m going to beat you Parker! Let’s face it you’re not the athletic type.” Flash smirked. Peter simply rolled his eyes- he had no idea who he was dealing with.

“Flash why does it ma—“ a loud rumbling erupted from behind the bleachers effectively cutting Peter off and silencing the rest of the students. All was still for a moment. A roar tore through the air as a giant golden dragon man came crashing through the bleachers slicing them into silver shards (Thank goodness no one was sitting on them). Immediately people began screaming as they ran from the field back towards the gymnasium. Bad this is very very bad, Peter thought as he remembered his spidey suit was still in his bag in the locker room. Flash and Peter turned on a dime as they began running for their lives. They had been the closest to the dragon man unfortunately and due to his large size he was gaining on them quickly.

“He’s too fast,” Peter shouted. Even if Peter were to run at full speed (and leave flash behind) it still wouldn’t be fast enough.

“I don’t have to outrun that thing,” Flash huffed.

“Huh?” Peter glanced back his way and was unnerved by the look in Flash’s eyes. Uh-oh.

“I just have to outrun you! (24.)” With those words Flash stuck his foot out and sent Peter stumbling to the ground. “Nothing personal Parker! Just survival of the fittest ya’know!” Flash called back to him as he ran for his own life. Typical, Peter thought bitterly. A low growl and a hot swoosh of air reminded him of where he was. Slowly Peter turned to come face to face with Dragon Breath himself. Foul air assaulted his nose as the beast breathed on him.

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Cross stitch

  They were listening to Hermione read from the front page of the Sunday Prophet. Ginny […] was curled up at the foot of Hermione’s bed. || Hermione was sitting with Crookshanks on her lap and chatting merrily to Ginny as a pair of knitting needles flashed in midair in front of her. 

    ginny/hermione for @clara-the-slytherin-graduate​~

Not the Enemy ~ Barry Allen

Request: An imagine where the reader is another speedster and when her and Barry cross paths, he thinks she’s a threat.

Pairing: None? Maybe a little Barry x reader

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 1,859

Author’s Note: I kind of went rogue with this request. I made it more playful than serious, I hope that’s okay. Again thank you for the positive feedback on my last imagine. I really love knowing that you all enjoy what I write. 

To say the past year was crazy would be an understatement. Twelve months ago, the night that the particle accelerator exploded, your life turned upside down. You were being transferred from Central City for your work and were loading your moving van when it happened. 

You were stuck by lightning, just like Barry Allen. Not that you knew who he was, or that he would end up being just like you. The only difference was that you weren’t actually struck by the lightning, the puddle you were standing in was. 

Luckily, your friend was there and immediately rushed you to the hospital.By some miracle, you had only sustained minor injuries and were released from the hospital days later. 

The man in the room next to you wasn’t as lucky. He was in a coma for months. Two lightning strike victims, two different outcomes. Or the same outcomes, just delayed effects. 

Days after your accident, you began to feel different. It was like the world slowed down around you. You just thought the lightning had messed with your head or something, and you shook it off. 

Once you were cleared, you took a flight to California. The job required you to live there for about a year. You graciously took it, even though it would mean leaving you friends and family for awhile. 

You were more than qualified for some time off, but there were still bills to pay. It was a brand new job too, and you intended to keep it. What message would you send if you missed your first day?

Because life loved you, your first day, your alarm decided to not go off. “Oh that’s just great.” You sighed to yourself. You quickly dressed yourself and headed out the door. 

You looked at the time and realized that you only had five minutes. You stared running. The whole world blurred behind you, and before you knew it, you were at the office building. 

“How the hell?” You question to yourself, walking into the building. Your boss walks over to greet you. “You’re early, Ms. Y/L/N. I like you already.” Your boss announces. 

“Thank you. I’m ready to get started now if you’d like.” You reply calmly. Inside you were freaking out, because when you looked at the clock, you were three minutes early. 

The second you were allowed to clock out, you were ready to investigate this incident further. You exited the building and took a deep breath. You concentrated on the route to your house and ran, full speed. 

Not even seconds later, you were at your doorstep. “This is really cool and conf- holy I’m on fire!” You yell to no one in particular. At the speeds you were traveling, your blouse caught fire. 

You immediately ripped it off and stomped the fire out. “Note to self, don’t wear flammable clothes when testing out spontaneous super speed.” You say to yourself. 

You talk to yourself, a lot. Not anything crazy, just little notes, or inner monologue projected out of your mouth. It was how you remember things. 

You worked for a fashion company, had been in love with the idea of design since you were a little girl. That is why you were able to make yourself an outfit to run in out of fire retardant material.

The next twelve months were full of working late hours, making new friends, and testing your new abilities. You actually managed to not just control your abilities, but thrive with them. 

That brings you to today. Corporate had allowed you to move back to Central City for the manager position. The wind was whipping through your hair as you sprinted, trying to re-memorize the streets of the city you love. 

Running made you free, it was the only time your mind could be blank. You didn’t have to concentrate. Well, that’s not entirely true. You had to be conscious about avoiding citizens, cars, and buildings. 

As the images of buildings blurred by, you saw something hues of red and orange. You stopped running and saw that a building was on fire. 

It wasn’t normal for you to rush into a burning building, but when you heard that there was a little girl in there, you couldn’t just leave her there. You whoosh into the house and search each room. 

She was huddled in the corner of the upstairs bedroom. There were flames licking at her curtains. “Sweetie, I’m gonna get you out of here.” You say, coaxing the girl out of the corner. 

You pick her up and let her latch onto you. You see a flash of red, but don’t pay attention to it. You just get the girl out of there. You put the girl in her mother’s arms and are out of there in an instant.

You stop in an alley a few blocks away to catch your breath. It was completely empty, until you saw that flash of red again. In its place, there was a man. There wasn’t much you could inspect about him, other than the red leather suit and the mask. 

Although most would be freaking out in your situation, you weren’t worried. You could be out of there if you really wanted to be. He seemed harmless and you’d read rumors about The Flash. This must be him and must not be a rumor. 

 “Who are you? How are you like me?” He asks. “You do know Halloween isn’t for another few months right?” You question. 

In any other situation, Barry might have cracked a smile at your comment. Hell, you were beautiful, he might have asked you out. Right here and now, he took your playful demeanor as stalling, because you needed to come up with a plausible answer. 

Barry needed to protect his city, so if there was someone just as fast as him, or faster, it could be terrible for the city if you fell on the wrong side. At that moment, he realized you could run away at any moment, and he might not be able to catch you. 

To keep you from leaving, and show his hand, he pinned you to the wall, holding your hands above your head. Your faces are inches from each other. From that close, you could see that he has piercing green eyes. 

“At least buy me dinner first.” You comment, with a smirk. His face flushes for a second, because he’s still Barry, but then he becomes stern again. “I’m not messing around here.” The Flash states. 

You have been at this longer than him, so he was at a disadvantage. You used your speed to flip yourselves over. “That’s better, I like to be on top.” You announce. 

You were going to willingly answer his questions, you just wanted to get a rise out of him. You let him go. “Okay, I’m sorry, totally going to comply now.” You state, holding up your hands. 

“I’m Y/F/N Y/L/N, and you are?” You ask, not really expecting an answer. This time you were the one caught off guard as you were charged into some sort of prison. Glass doors closed around you and The Flash stood on the other side, smirk evident on his face. 

“And to think we were just starting to get along.” You state. “I don’t play well with the bad guys.” The Flash replies. Your eyebrows knit together in confusion. 

“How is saving a little girl and one sided banter, the trademark signs of a ‘bad guy’?” You ask, and yes you used air quotes. “Could be a ploy to lure me into a false sense of security.” The Flash answers, arms crossed. 

Just like that, he starts walking away. “Where are you going?” You ask. “Research.” He answers, not looking back. “You do realize this is like ten kinds of illegal?” You question, arms flailing.

The Flash just keeps walking until he disappears from your sight completely. You slump against the wall and wait for him to come back. 

Up in the cortex, Cisco and Caitlin are giving Barry their input on the situation. “So you just locked her down there with no evidence?” Caitlin asks. “She’s a speedster, that’s all the evidence I need. She made me feel off.” Barry argues. 

“How did she make you feel off?” Cisco asks. “I don’t know, she just seemed to confident to be normal. She was so sure of herself, and she overpowered me.” Barry answers. 

“Sounds like you’re jealous more than anything.” Cisco comments. “I’m not jealous, she’s evil.” Barry replies. “We’ll just have to wait for the background check Felicity is doing right now.” Caitlin states. 

Barry’s phone rings and he picks it up and puts it on speaker. “What did you get Felicity?” Barry asks. “This girl is as clean as a whistle. Y/F/N Y/L/N, zero priors, Central City native, works for a fashion company, had to move for said fashion company about a year ago, just moved back a few days ago. Not evil, Barry’s just jealous.” Felicity states. 

“I’m not- okay, maybe I’m a little jealous.” Barry admits. “My work here is done.” Felicity says, and then hangs up the phone. 

“If she is better at controlling your powers than you, why don’t you just ask her to join the team? She already seems to have that ‘It’s my job to save people’ complex.” Cisco suggests. “Either way, you should probably let that poor girl out of that cell.” Caitlin states. 

Barry sighs, knowing that they’re both right. He puts his suit back on and heads down back to you. When you see him, you stand up from the wall and are ready to bitch him out. 

“Finally done with your ‘research’?” You ask. “Yes.” The Flash answers. “All I wanted to do today was binge watch Netflix, not rob a bank. Instead I’ve been stuck here for no reason.” You state. 

“If I let you out, how do I know you won’t run away?” The Flash asks. “You’re the one with the mask, dude. No mask, nothing to hide.” You answer, pointing to your mask-less face. 

“I’m not taking off my mask.” The Flash announces. “Come on, I already know where your secret hideout is. What’s a secret identity?” You question. “Fine, you’ll porbably have to know anyway.” The Flash states. 

He opens to doors to your cell and then takes off his mask. “I knew there had to be something attractive to go with those eyes.” You shamelessly announce. Barry’s cheeks tint a slight pink. 

“Let’s try this again, I’m Y/F/N Y/L/N.” You state, holding out your hand. “Barry Allen.” Barry replies, shaking your hand. “Well, it’s nice to meet you Barry. You seem nice, The Flash on the other hand, seems to kind of be a dick.” You joke. 

“I think he will make it up to you.” Barry states. “I’ll be looking forward to seeing him try.” You reply. 

“Feel free to say no, but how would you feel about joining ‘Team Flash’?” Barry asks. “I feel that we might have to rename it to sound less Flash centered, because I’d be up for it.” You answer. 

Would you want a part 2?

it was hidden in the fall (waiting on love to call) 
part one

a/n: for bellamlyblake ; late congrats on 1.6k allie! special thanks to clarkeskyeprincess for being my beta; love you saakshi ♥  inspired by this post

wc: 645

Bellamy Blake hates Clarke Griffin.

Okay, so it’s not so much hate as it is deep abhorrence for her, since all she’s done ever since she’s landed this job at the Ark as a barista is ask him to cover her shifts.

(So maybe it’s more like 3-4 shifts every two weeks, but for a struggling history major living on instant ramen, it feels like an eternity.)

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Snow Day [A Reigisa Fanfiction]

SO IT’S SNOWING HERE AND IT NEVER SNOWS HERE AND I WAS SO EXCITED SO GUESS WHAT I DID I stayed inside and wrote snowy Reigisa smoochies here goes.

2700 words
No warnings except for cheese, so if you are lactose intolerant, it’s okay, that’s just a metaphor.


            "Hurry up, Rei, It’s gonna melt before you find the perfect pair of gloves.“

            "But I’ll require sleek enough gloves,” Rei stamped his boots onto his heels securely, “in order to obliterate you with my superior snowball technique.”

            Nagisa threw open the front door of their flat.

            “Ohhhhhhh myyyy goooooood LOOOOOOOOOOOOOK AAAAAAAAT AAAAAALLLLLL OF IIIIIT!!!!” he yanked Rei out the door by the arm just as he, luckily, had swiped the proper purple pair. Nagisa was too ecstatic to notice the evil grin behind his glasses.


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